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FISTULA TREATMENT Now In Nashik, Pune & Mumbai PowerPoint Presentation
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FISTULA TREATMENT Now In Nashik, Pune & Mumbai

FISTULA TREATMENT Now In Nashik, Pune & Mumbai

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FISTULA TREATMENT Now In Nashik, Pune & Mumbai

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  1. FI FISTULA STULA ( (B BHAGAN HAGANDAR DAR) ) TREATME TREATMENT NT N Now ow In In N Nash ashik ik, , P Pune une & & Mumb Mumba ai i An anal fistula ( Bhagandar / Fistula in ano ) is a small channel that develops between the end of the bowel and the skin around the anus. It frequently is the result of a previous or current anal abscess. Fistula has a tract with two openings - Internal opening into the rectum or anal canal and External opening through the skin of the buttocks. Causes Of Fistula Anorectal abcess - Almost all anal fistulas are a result of a preceding anorectal abcess. An anorectal abcess begins as an Page 1

  2. infection of one of the anal glands. The infection soon forms a pool of pus - abcess. An anal fistula results when the abcess fails to heal completely with/without treatment. Cond dit iti io on ns s th tha at t c ca au us se e in infl fla ammat mmation ion of the intestines like Crohn's disease, Diverticulitis. Mali lig gn na an nc cy y in the anorectal region. fections ions - Tuberculosis, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases Con Ma In Infect Ia Iatr tro og ge en nic ic - As a complication of a previous surgery in the region. Sy Sympto mptoms ms O Of f Fistula Fistula Throbbing pain that worsens on sitting Swelling, tenderness, itching or redness around the anus Discharge of pus, blood and debris which is usually foul smelling Pain associated with bowel movements Fever Di Dia agnos gnosi is s O Of f Fis Fist tul ula a Usually a brief history followed by clinical evaluation - including a digital rectal examination is enough to diagnose an anal fistula. At the same time Proctoscopy (a minor inspection of the rectum using a Page 2

  3. small tube like scope) is also done to check for any concomitant condition in the rectum. An MRI Fistulogram may be needed for complicated fistulas in which the tract is difficult to delineate. Fistulography, an X-Ray of the fistula after injecting a contrast solution is not done any longer as it may lead to the formation of a false tract due to forceful injection of the dye. T Trea reatment tment of fi of fis st tul ula a Very few anal fistulas heal by themselves and the only effective cure for a persistent anal fistula is surgery. Why get your Fistula (Bhagandar) treated at Healing Hands Clinic?? Being a 'Proctosurgeon', Dr. Ashwin Porwal has treated a large number of fistula cases. His expertise is evident from the fact that he has efficiently managed extremely difficult cases of Complex fistulas and Recurrent fistulas (those that have been unsuccessfully operated upon before). He has successfully cured rare cases of fistula, like those extending from rectum to abdomen (Recto-abdominal), rectum Page 3

  4. to groin (Recto-inguinal), rectum to tailbone (Recto-nidal). Giving an impetus to the existing armamentarium for treating fistulas, Dr. Porwal has introduced the Laser surgery FiLaC ( Fistula-tract Laser Closure ), the first of its kind in India. His keenness in research and continual lookout for progress enabled him to devise a treatment he has labelled Distal Ligation Proximal Laser ( DLPL ) . This treatment is an innovation of Dr. Porwal himself and is a sphincter-saving procedure with negligible recurrence rate compared to all other techniques. Page 4

  5. LEA LEARN M RN MO ORE A RE AB BO OU UT Y T YO OUR UR TREA TREATMEN TMENT T I. I. FIST FISTULEC ULECT TO OMY MY This is a surgical procedure in which the fistula tract is completely excised. Done under General anaesthesia, the fistula tract is removed and the groove that is formed is left behind to heal. This procedure carries with it the risk of damage to the sphincter muscle resulting in fecal incontinence and is usually reserved as a treatment option for Complex fistula. At Healing Hands Clinic, Laser is used as an adjunct to Fistulectomy to minimize the risk of damage to the sphincter muscle. Thus, with the added advantage of Laser the chances of post- operative incontinence are negligible. II. KS II. KSHARS HARSUTRA UTRA This is an ancient Ayurvedic technique in which a special thread is used to treat the fistula. This thread is coated with Ayurvedic preparations and is inserted into the fistula tract. Page 5

  6. The local irritation caused by the alkaline thread causes chemical cauterisation leading to inflammation within the tract. As a result the tract begins to debride. An important action of the Ksharsutra is that it allows continuous drainage of pus and debris from the tract. As all the infected material is drained, healing begins in a clean environment. III. III. VA VAAF AFT ( T ( Vi Video A deo As ss si is sted A ted Anal nal Fis Fistul tula a Tr Treatmen eatment t ) ) The VAAFT technique is used for the surgical treatment of Complex fistulas. It is performed with the use of a fistuloscope. The procedure consists of 2 phases. Page 6

  7. 1. 1.Di Dia agnos gnosti tic c s stage tage In this phase your surgeon will identify the external opening of the tract through which the scope is introduced. Once this is done, the entire tract and any accessory tracts are delineated. 2. 2.T Trea reatment s tment sta tage ge Page 7

  8. During this phase the inner side of the tract is fulgurated from the internal opening towards the external opening. This is followed by cleaning of the tract and closing the external opening. IV. IV. LIF LIFT ( T ( Li Ligati gation on of Inte of Interspi rspinc ncteric teric Fis Fistul tula T a Tract ) ract ) This procedure is usually performed for Complex or Deep fistulas. A seton is first placed in the fistula tract, forcing it to widen over time. A few weeks later, the surgeon removes the infected tissue and closes the internal fistula opening. The advantage of this procedure is that the fistula is accessed between the sphincter muscles thus avoiding cutting them. However, the success rate of LIFT is ~70% with an impaired healing in 20-30% cases. T To o W H Heal eali ing Ha ng Hands Watc atch h Rec Recu urr rre ent nt Ano nds Cl Cli ini nic c Ano- -ni nidal dal Fis Fistul tula a Tr Treated eated by by DLPL DLPL at at T To Le o Learn M arn More ore Abo About Fis ut Fistul tula a Tr Treatm eatment ent Cl Cli ic ck k Belo Below w Page 8

  9. To Book an Appointment at He Heal ali ing H ng Hands ands Cl Cli ini nic c C Cont ontac act us t us t toda oday y – – 8888288884 8888288884 Vis Visit it us us - - http http:// ://ww www.hea w.heali lingh nghand andsc sclinic linic.c .co.i n/ Page 9