Colloidal Polymerization of Core-Shell Dipolar Monomers
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Polystyene coated Au-Co NP Monomers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Colloidal Polymerization of Core-Shell Dipolar Monomers Jeffrey Pyun, University of Arizona, DMR 0645618. Polystyene coated Au-Co NP Monomers. DCB, O 2 T = 175 C. HCl Etching O 2 Plasma. O 2 , T = 600 C. PS Au-Co 3 O 4 NWs. Aligned Au NPs. Au-Co 3 O 4 Heterodimer NWs.

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Colloidal Polymerization of Core-Shell Dipolar MonomersJeffrey Pyun, University of Arizona, DMR 0645618

Polystyene coated

Au-Co NP Monomers


T = 175C

HCl Etching

O2 Plasma

O2, T = 600C

PS Au-Co3O4 NWs

Aligned Au NPs

Au-Co3O4 Heterodimer NWs

Pyun et al., JACS 2010, 132, 3234

Pyun et al., J. Mater. Chem. 2011


Pyun et al., Chem. Commun. 2011, 47, 890

We demonstrate the ability to prepare and utilize novel core-shell colloids composed of polystyrene capped [email protected] nanoparticles as monomers for Colloidal Polymerization. By using three different processing and polymerization conditions, 1-D nanoparticle chains of core-shell, beaded and isolated NPs were prepared.

Colloidal Polymerization of Core-Shell Dipolar Monomers

Jeffrey Pyun, University of Arizona, DMR 0645618

International Impact:


Funding from this NSF-CAREER award has enabled support of four graduate students, Pei Keng (PhD 2011) Bo Yun Kim (PhD. 2011), Larry Hill (3rd yr), Sarah Rasmussen (MS-2009) and entering of undergraduates, Sean Derosa, Jon Ji, and Kyle Arrigton.


Continued outreach efforts with Tucson High School in Tucson, has focused on a joint research class with Max Jones (senior, Tucson HS) has been conducting research with Pyun on polymer and magnetic nanoparticles for culturing of bacteria. Max has presented this research at several science fairs in Arizona and nationally, winning numerous awards from this research: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Certificate, Medal & Letter, United States Navy HM – Certificate, SciEnTeK-12 Foundation 2nd Place

SciEnTeK-12 Foundation Genius Olympiad Award

SciEnTeK-12 Foundation Mulcahy Foundation Scholarship, Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Honorable Mention. Max will be attending the University of Arizona in Fall 2011. Pyun has also been working with Ms Jennifer Miller at the Thornydale Elementary School

Pyun recently granted joint appointment in Chemical Engineering at Seoul National University as Associate Professor for work in Energy storage and conversion enabled by NSF-CAREER funded work on polymers.

Pyun at Thornydale ES