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HealthCare 21 Tom Peters/03.28.2002 PowerPoint Presentation
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HealthCare 21 Tom Peters/03.28.2002

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HealthCare 21 Tom Peters/03.28.2002.

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HealthCare21: 21 Ideas for Century211. Hospitals kill people. (And many of those they don’t kill, they wound.) (And they deny it.) (ERRORS RULE!) And: Hustling ambulances kill pedestrians—and don’t save patients.2. Doctors are spoiled brats—who don’t like measurements. Or any form of “interference.” Docs are also cover-up artists. The REAL Hippocratic Oath: “DON’T RAT ON A FELLOW DOC”. 3. Most prescription drugs don’t work—for a PARTICULAR patient. Current drugs = Blunderbusses.4. Think … WELLNESS. Think … PREVENTION.5. THERE IS LITTLE “SCIENCE” IN “MEDICINE.” (See state to state variations … country to country variations … the general lack of agreed-upon treatments.)6. You could save thousands of lives (think Schindler)—if you just outlawed handwritten prescriptions.7. “Detailers” will disappear … when GenX docs arrive.


HealthCare21 (Cont.)8. IS/IT in hospitals is sub-primitive (despite enormous expenditures). 9. Systemic IS/IT is worse—links between docs, insurers, providers, patients.10. ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS …TO UNIFORM STANDARDS. (NOW.) (PLEASE.) 11. THE WEB WILL LIBERATE. (Info = Power.) (BELIEVE IT.) 12. 80M BOOMERS RULE. ($$$$$. Desire for c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e CONTROL. NOW. “LEADERSHIP” OF AGING PROCESS.)13. “Drug Discovery” processes at Big Pharma are … hopelessly over-complicated. (???: Bye-Bye … Big Pharma.)14. 90% of the “healthcare fix”: HARVEST THE LOW-HANGING FRUIT. “They” are … NOT … the Enemy. “I have seen the enemy … and it am me.” Damn it.


HealthCare21 (Cont.)15. The number of U.S. un-insured is the nation’s #1 disgrace. That said, insured “consumers” are spoiled brats. They/we/me act as if healthcare were a free good … and believe that an incipient hangnail calls for at least a CAT scan … or two. ANSWER: MAKE US FEEL THE PAIN.16. Genetic engineering & biotech change … EVERYTHING. (Within 15 years.)17. New Medical Devices change … EVERYTHING. (Within 15 years.)18. IS/IT changes … EVERYTHING. (Within 10 years.)19. New Docs change … EVERYTHING. (Within 10 years.)20. New Patients change … EVERYTHING. (Within 5 years.) * *


HealthCare21 (Cont.)21. ALL THIS = ENORMOUS OPPORTUNITY.The Opportunity of Several Lifetimes. (For the Bold & Brave.) H’Care WILL be … TOTALLY … re-invented in the next two decades. (And, hey, it is our largest “industry.”)