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About us

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About us

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  1. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change”

  2. NagjibhaiTidabhai & Company also widely known as NTC is a 100+ years old company; built on core value of integrity. We produce exuberant and high quality shawls, stoles, scarves and blankets with each product closely monitored under the surveillance of experts and individuals who have vast experience in this field. Providing supreme quality, better finish and variety in designs is the reason we have sustained in this competitive market for over 100 years now. • NTC has a team of experts for all the major business processes viz. manufacturing, quality check, local marketing, global marketing and customer care. Each team is highly qualified and has immense experience to resolve any issues pertaining to their department. Apart from this, our urge to provide the customers with products as per latest fashion trends, always gives us an edge over our competitors. • Unlike most companies in this industry we have a dedicated customer grievance cell to ensure that no misunderstandings lead to any kind of trouble to any of our clients. About us

  3. Our Vision: To expand its horizons from a manufacturing and exporting company to a global brand known for its quality and client orientation. • Our Mission: To build strong and profitable relationships with a broad spectrum of customers and organizations through innovation, quality, commitment and superior customer service. Vision and mission

  4. Integrity: Integrity is one of the core values of our company which we inculcate in our day to day life by doing the right thing in the right manner. We take our work passionately and stand to be morally correct in all our endeavors. Through our actions, we nurture fairness, trust, and transparency. • Priority to customers: Our mission is to build strong and profitable relationships with a broad spectrum of customers and organizations through innovation, quality, commitment and superior customer service. • Quality Focus: Quality is the key to delivering value for money to our customers.  We make quality a driving value in our work, in our products and in our interactions with customers. • Commitment: Our commitment towards timely delivery and prompt solutions is embedded in who we are and everything we do. Values

  5. Shawls: Our collection Antique Shawl Border Embroidered Shawl Jacquard Shawl Kashmiri Shawl Hand Embroidered Shawl Printed Shawl

  6. Shawls: Our collection Pashmina Shawl Machine Embroidered Shawl Plain Shawl Wool Boil Shawl

  7. Stoles: Our collection Antique Stole Check Design Stole Jacquard Stole Kashmiri Stole Hand Embroidered Stole Lining Stole

  8. Stoles: Our collection Pashmina Stole Silk Stole Plain Stole Digital Printed Stole Machine Embroidered Stole Wool Boil Stole

  9. Scarves: Our collection Muffler Scarf Square Scarf Plain Scarf Stretchable Scarf Wool Boil Scarf Poncho

  10. Blankets: Our collection Fleez Blanket Mink Blanket Polo Blanket Woolen Blanket Woolen Mix Blanket SolapuriChaddar

  11. Company profile

  12. Company profile

  13. Quality driven • Competent team • Timely delivery • Client specific packaging • Prompt solutions • Approachable • Transparent deals • Any time service • Separate customer grievance team Why us

  14. Thank you NagjibhaiTidabhai & Company Vicky Dholakia 55-59, Champagali, M.J.Market, Mumbai – 02, Maharashtra, India. +9199301 95588