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Norco College Classes & Webadvisor PowerPoint Presentation
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Norco College Classes & Webadvisor

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Norco College Classes & Webadvisor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Norco College Classes & Webadvisor

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  1. Norco College Classes & Webadvisor WWW.NORCOCOLLEGE.EDU

  2. Login Login to Webadvisor using the login information Norco College sent you in your email. User ID: first initial, last initial, Norco College id# (jd########) Password: birthdate with 2 digit year (062797)

  3. Login Login to Webadvisor using the login information Norco College sent you in your email. User ID: first initial, last initial, Norco College id# (jd########) Password: birthdate with 2 digit year (062797)

  4. Login Once you are logged in, click on the Students button. This is the Main Menu that you will always return to. ***Webadvisor will log you out often for security purposes.

  5. Check Your Registration Date In the Students Menu, under Registration, click on “Check my Registration Dates/Holds” to check your registration date.

  6. Check Your Registration Date Select the term that you are registering for and hit submit. Your registration date and time should appear as well as any holds that you may have. You can not register for classes until this particular date and time.

  7. Registering for Classes Register and Drop Classes In the Students Menu, under Registration, click on “Register and Drop Classes.” **If you don’t know what classes to take, we recommend that you start with classes off of the IGETC sheet.

  8. Registering for Classes There are many different ways to register for classes, but one easy option is to “Search and Register for Classes.” This option allows you to search for all types of classes on specific days.

  9. Registering for Classes Term Location ** You can also click on specific days to help limit your search to classes held during the week. We recommend that you do not take a Friday class because usually it covers more than one period at JFK. Days Make sure you pick the correct term you are registering for and Norco College as the location. Pick the subject of the course you are interested in registering for.

  10. Registering for Classes Available/Capacity/ Waitlist Status A list of all the classes for that subject will be created. You can see which classes are open, waitlisted, or closed in the “Status” section. You can also see how many spots are available and how many people are on the waitlist before you register for the class. Select the class you wish to register or waitlist for and hit submit.

  11. Registering for Classes (Class Info) You can also click on the class you are interested in to view all information about the class including the class times and professor.

  12. Registering for Classes Make sure that you “Register” or “Waitlist” for the class and hit submit. Once this step in completed, you can check “My Class Schedule” to make sure the process was successful. **You will use this screen as well to add a class that you have an authorization code for. Type it in the right hand side before submitting.

  13. My Class Schedule Go back to the Main Menu to the Registration section. Once you have picked your classes, you can view “My Class Schedule” under the Registration section.Click on “All Class Activity” to view all of your courses that you have added, waitlisted, or dropped.

  14. My Class Schedule Verify that the status says “Added” for the course that you registered for. If you waitlisted for a course, it will be listed at the bottom and say “Active” in the status.

  15. My Class Schedule • If you have officially been “Added” into a class, please print your class schedule and attach it to a green schedule change form so the counselor can adjust your schedule to accommodate your college course. Turn these forms in to the bins outside Mrs. Kretz’s (non-AVID students) and Mrs. Leigh’s (AVID students) offices. • Keep in mind that a schedule change form should only be submitted if you are “Added” not “Active.” If you are waitlisted for a class, your schedule can not be changed until you are officially added. • Please pay attention to the time frame of the class you signed up for and see how many periods at JFK that it may cover. It is easier to pick a college course that only goes through 1 period rather than 2 or more. This doesn’t mean that it cannot be done, but it is just harder to fit in your schedule. • Friday courses are not recommended unless they are after school hours!

  16. Pay Your Health Fees Go back to the Main Menu to the Registration section “Make a Payment” Make sure that you pay your health fees otherwise you are unable to look at your grades and print your unofficial transcripts. This is the only fee that JFK students will have to pay besides purchasing books.

  17. View Your Grades & Transcripts Go back to the Main Menu to the Academic Profile section “Grades by Term” You may select the term you wish to view grades for. Grades will not be posted until the term is completed. If you want to check your progress in a class, you will need to speak to the professor.

  18. Submitting Your Norco College Grades to JFK Go back to the Main Menu to the Academic Profile section “View/Print my Unofficial Transcript” After every term is completed, please print your unofficial transcript and turn in to our registrar, Mrs. Schlopy. She will transcribe your classes onto your JFK transcript. This process takes a few weeks and will not take effect immediately.

  19. Your Unofficial Transcript ID: 0000111 Doe, John Your unofficial transcript will look like this. Make sure that your name is visible on the transcript when you turn it in to the registrar.

  20. Withdrawing From A Classvs. Earning a D or F. • While we usually do not recommend a student withdrawing from a class, sometimes it is a better option than earning a D or F on your transcript. • Please pay attention to the dates to “Withdraw” from a class without a W and “Withdraw” from a class with a W. • If you think that you are not doing well in a class and may not pass it, you can withdraw from the class to avoid earning a D or F grade. However, we hope that you would do your best to try to pass a class. Having multiple Ws (3 or more) on your transcript will affect your GPA. • If you are struggling in a class and think that you may not pass, please see Mrs. Kretz or Mrs. Leigh ASAP to help in your decision process of whether to withdraw.

  21. Success at Norco College • Please do not forget to fill out your Norco College registration form for every term and turn it in by the deadline. We will make numerous announcements reminding you of this deadline. Don’t procrastinate! • Make sure that you turn in the form yourself to Norco College Student Services. • Ask for a receipt once this form is turned in and make sure you hold on to your receipt. If there is a discrepancy, this is the only proof that you have that this form was turned in. • Take advantage of your free education while you have it. Taking Norco College classes is a privilege, so make sure that you keep your grades up at JFK and Norco College to ensure that you can keep taking classes.

  22. Success at Norco College • A friendly reminder to parents: • Norco College will only speak to the student. Parents are not allowed to contact student services or professors on behalf of the student. • If you need any assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Mrs. Kretz, Mrs. Leigh, or any of our Administrative Team. We are happy to help! 