Kanye west 3 z you
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Kanye west <3’z you. The unbridled hatred must cease. . Re: the birth of jesus.

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Kanye west 3 z you

Kanye west <3’z you

The unbridled hatred must cease.

Re the birth of jesus
Re: the birth of jesus

  • Kanye commonly refers to himself as a deity of sorts. If you recall, Jeebus said he was fixing to come back in ~2K years. It isn’t coincidence that Mr. West showed up around 2003-2004. Let’s be serious, Jeebus was black. Kanye is black. Do the math.

Blue collar gangster
Blue collar gangster

  • Below you’ll find the best of Yeezy’s earlier works. This is before us peons knew of his omnipotence. We would soon be enlightened.

    School Spirit

    Two Words Fucking seriously.


    Late Smooth as doo doo brown. With orchestral assistance? BRO.

Mid career crisis
Mid career crisis

  • I don’t know the plural of crisis off the top of my head. Get off my back.

  • Is it crises? Cryseas? Cri-cz? Who cares.

  • Now his holiness decided to release (yes, even deities make mistakes) a steaming pile of shit excuse for an album, “Graduation”

  • Give him a break.The world’s utmost genius was simply overdoing it. Even the album cover sucked. Hard to follow up two classics.

  • Flashing Lights The lone good track.

Cryseas continued stoic pictures
Cryseas continued; stoic pictures

  • But this time he delves into R&B and does it phenomenally well. His mom passed away and the relationship with the woman he imagined was the one ended. I mean, wouldn’t you want to make an R&B record? Example festival:

  • Say You Will Sexy time music. Also, check out this creepy outfit he’s wearing in a live performance of this track: That's not real snow. Duh.

  • Bad News Listen only through something with tremendous bass capability.

Masterpiece after disasterpiece
Masterpiece after disasterpiece

  • There is no other way to regard My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as anything less than the new standard for what hip hop would evolve into. I’ve listened to the genre since 8 years old and nothing has ever hit with such a visceral power. These are the best beats I’ve ever heard. Best production I’ve ever heard. Not the best lyrics, but they aren’t anything close to shabby. If you listen to ANYTHING by this human, let it be this album front to back. You’re welcome. If you haven’t already.

Best of the best
Best of the best

  • Every track on this thing is a 10, but here are the handful that transcend a rating.

  • All of the Lights Tell me you’ve heard a better beat than this.

  • So Appalled I feel like King Kong or something when I listen to this. KNOCKING OVER BUILDINGS and shit.

  • Runaway is easily Kanye’s best song. My favorite. What rapper keeps shit interesting for 9 minutes? I could do without Pusha T but golly from 6:05- end. Whoa whoawhoa.

  • Lost in the World with your boy Justin Vernon

Abrasive fartknocker isms
Abrasive fartknocker-isms

  • Yeezus is a blip next to …Fantasy but it’s still terribly solid. Prime of examples of why he’s an asshole:

  • ON SIGHT Pretty sure this beat made me come in my pants a couple times. Brbgunna change muh shorts. The lyrics suck bu… shit it happened again. Bye.

  • I Am A God Kind of just confirming what we already knew. Thanks for clearing that up, Yeezy.

  • Blood On The Leaves UGHHHH trap shit. The people that made this crazy fucking song helped with this beat. You know this song blows yrr mind.

Final notez
Final notez

  • Hi.

  • For the majority of these links, I chose a version that wasn’t the official video because they were still explicit and I love me some swears.

  • So do you.

  • You’re right. I did it for me.

  • I liked it. I was good at it and I was really…

  • I felt alive.