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  1. “ANDRES BONIFACIO DAY” IN MARAGONDON, CAVITE-PH (2010)December 3, 2010To Bucal National High School, It was a pleasure to work with your best and brightest students in the presentation of “Ang Paglilitis Kina Andres Bonifacio”. Their cooperation, willingness, and enthusiasm to do the play and the goal to give tribute to our one of the National Heroes proved so powerful, with a self-strong-creating initiative that moved the heart and spirit of everyone who participated in the stage play from start to finish. I had the opportunity to meet parents, teachers, and officials that created an intellectual alliance that established rapport to accomplish this one mission; to dedicate a short and simple but memorable dramatization that will be imbedded in the memory of us for many years to come. The applause and acceptance of the audience at the Town Plaza of Maragondon, Cavite last Tuesday showed that each individual deserved a worthy praise of congratulation and appreciation. The performers high level of energy and creative ability carried them through in completing the tasks that they committed themselves to do.

  2. The objective of this project inspired me deeply and gave me focus and direction since I committed myself to it. In the course of fulfilling this project, I developed a strong group bondage of a fantastic team between the members of the Andres Bonifacio Trial House staffs, Bucal National High School and PUP students. We worked together always into an agreement to facilitate every practice even in a very limited timeframe of preparation. The value and quality of work, dedication and responsiveness of our Director, Jojo Mendoza is very commendable. All of them who participated to make this happen shows that there are still group of people willing to put their time and effort to accomplish something for a valuable cause; like this tribute to Andres Bonifacio. I am very proud and dignified to be a part of them in this small, but yet, significant presentation.

  3. Right after the stage play in the assembly room we were greeted and congratulated by Mayor Anthony Andaman, handshake with Crismar Maravilla, who played the starring role. I had a chance to meet him too. I also had an opportunity to meet and talk to the Representative of National Historical Administration who have seen the play and read my proposal letter about this dramatization project. In our conversation I have mentioned to him some ideas that may open a window of new perspective to help students in doing volunteer work in Bonifacio Trial House. He liked my brief suggestion and I do hope that someday the National Historical Administration will place an “On the Job Training (OJT)” of college students in the Trial House to learn and study more of our Philippines history and culture, to cultivate to the young generation’s mind to uphold, preserve and treasure the value and importance of our historical passage. There is a lot to learn and discover; there is always a way to lead and inspire this generation and the next to always give our love to our beloved native land; the home and country of many heroes.

  4. There are more chances to challenge the talent and ability of our young ones in school. In the following year as we celebrate the life and time of our national heroes, they will create a different way, a new paradigm of ideas to do another unique dramatization. The “Ang Paglilitis Kina Andres Bonifacio” today will serve as a model to the next to do an even better presentation. It will give other aspiring students to show their skills and creativity. It will help them to grow their potential in many aspects. It can elevate their self ambition and interest overall to prepare their persona as they chose their career and profession. We can all help each, young and old, because change is eminent The movement of time increments is unstoppable. We can continue to work together to build a good foundation and show good ideal examples to the community we lived in. Every year, let us give encouragement and advice to our neighboring school to present this kind of dramatization once again. Even greater, if we can do it for all of our national heroes.

  5. As for the next future project, I’d like to see a group of articulate bright students that can manifest in their own perception to recite one of many poems of our greatest heroes. Some of the thoughts and the minds of our heroes left us with manuals and original manuscript about their life and struggles, their experience, encounter, hope and dream. Based on many published novels, written poetry and article, one can imagine their way of life in portraying their personality, traits and character. The performing artist doing the recital of a particular hero can join together with other performers on one stage; wearing and identifying the attire of the person they are representing; while each of them take their time to read or recite the excerpt from the manuscript that they choose to present.

  6. Thank God first of all, and also the member of Andres Bonifacio Trial House for providing their hospitality and facility during practices, the Municipality of Tourism - Maragondon for featuring the stage play with the Mayor’s Inauguration Program, the Dulaang Lampara Team for all their hard work, the PUP-Sineng Kalayaan Team for sharing their talent and experience, for others who cared for the welfare and appearance of the casts and for the full support of my family.Yours truly,Nilo Glean AngueCc:National Historical Commission of the PhilippinesMaragondon Municipal TourismAndres Bonifacio Trial House PUP c/o “Sineng Kalayaan” Jojo Mendoza