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UNITED STATES PIZZA CULTURE. MaKayla Moore COMM 1010. Style of Pizza the U.S has. There are 3 main styles of pizza that are popular here in the United States. Chicago Style Detroit Style New York City Style. Chicago Style (sliceseriousness) . Chicago : Deep Dish pizza

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united states pizza culture


MaKayla Moore

COMM 1010

style of pizza the u s has
Style of Pizza the U.S has
  • There are 3 main styles of pizza that are popular here in the United States.
    • Chicago Style
    • Detroit Style
    • New York City Style
chicago style sliceseriousness
Chicago Style(sliceseriousness)
  • Chicago: Deep Dish pizza
    • Heavier type of pizza. It has a thick crust with a lot of cheese and any type of toppings you want on it.

“They’ve got the sauciest, the doughiest, the cheesiest pizza, hands down. You’ll feel sick after eating there – ready to burst or vomit – but that’s a good thing.”- Giordano's

detroit style aboutdetroit
Detroit Style(aboutdetroit)
  • Detroit:They’re famous for their square pizza. The pans they use are actually spare parts in automobile factories. Those parts are what makes all the money, without these they wouldn’t have the shape that they have.

"I would like to see Detroit-style pizza get the recognition it deserves. There is no reason why this style can’t become as well known and popular as New York and Chicago styles have become,” Randazzo-competition article

new york style streetdirectory
New York Style (streetdirectory)
  • New York: No pans to cook this pizza. It’s cooked in a brick oven which makes the crust and pizza very thin and crispy.

“While pizza was initially invented in Italy, it got propelled to its current status in the streets of New York. As such, New York is often seen as the pizza capital of the world.”-Jared Lander, pizza reviewer

history http www passion 4 pizza com chicago pizza html
History (http://www.passion-4-pizza.com/chicago_pizza.html)
  • Chicago: Deep Dish pizza
    • 1943- Chicago style pizza has a buttery crust up to three inches tall at the edge. It was invented at Pizzeria Uno in Chicago by Ike Sewell who was a former University of Texas Football star. Ike originally wanted to open up a Mexican Restaurant like the one back in Texas but ended up combining ingredients to make this pizza.
    • "Ike figured that if you combined some of Italy's old, authentic recipes with impressive quantities of the finest meats, fresh cheeses, ripe vegetables and flavorful spices, pizza would become a hearty meal. It was the start of an American tradition - the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza."
  • Detroit: Two baked style pizza, cheese all around the crust
    • 1946-Square pizza that has a thick deep dish crust. These pizza’s are developed by Buddy’s Rendezvous who also started a pizza chain in Detroit.
  • New York City: Thin Crust pizza
    • 1900’s- Known for the thin, foldable shape. It originally had tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The pizza is commonly known as “Italian Pizza” because of the different variety of pizza the Italian-American’s use in their pizzeria shops.
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