microsoft s concerns about pioneer proposal n.
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Microsoft’s Concerns about Pioneer Proposal PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft’s Concerns about Pioneer Proposal

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Microsoft’s Concerns about Pioneer Proposal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Microsoft’s Concerns about Pioneer Proposal. 21-Feb-2008. Continuation of the Existing Problem. “This proposal modifies the current Real Time Streaming model to add a capability that host suggests a streaming throughput to the drive .”. Exact Bit Debate Continues .

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Presentation Transcript
continuation of the existing problem
Continuation of the Existing Problem
  • “This proposal modifies the current Real Time Streaming model to add a capability that host suggests a streaming throughput to the drive.”
exact bit debate continues
Exact Bit Debate Continues
  • “When Exact bit and HIE bit are set to 1 if logical unit cannot perform the requested parameter, logical unit shall terminate shall generate CHECK CONDITION status, 5/26/00 INVALID FIELD IN PARAMETER LIST, and the Sense Key Specific bytes shall identify the Size or Time parameter that is not valid.When Exact bit is set to 0 and HIE bit is set to 1 logical unit should set its internal configuration to higher than or equal to the specified throughput as near as possible. No errors shall occur.
host knowledge of physical layout required
Host Knowledge of Physical Layout Required
  • “Start LBA specifies the radius position that the specified throughput is set to the position and outer radius. In the case of multi layer disc, the Start LBA shall specify the radius position on the first layer that includes the LBA. The specified throughput is set to the outer radius of the all layers in the selected format layer on the medium.”
may ignore
May Ignore
  • “End LBA specifies the end address that the specified throughput is set. The End LBA may be set to the end logical block address of the mounted media.

Notes: logical unit may ignore this field.”

requirements on the host action
Requirements on the Host Action
  • “The Write Time shall not be set to 0 (e.g. 1000).”
should s and may s
“Should”sand “May”s
  • “HIE bit of 1 indicates that Reading/Writing throughput is specified for higher than or equal to address rage specified by the Start LBA. When HIE bit is set to 1 Reading/Writing throughput should be set to the same value. RDD bit and MRW bit shall be set to 0. WRC field may be ignored to satisfy the specified throughput on the mounted medium”
  • “The Read/Write throughput should be same.

Note: When Read only medium is mounted, logical unit may ignore the Write Size and Write Time fields. When recordable medium is mounted, logical unit may ignore the Read Size and Read Time fields.”

vendor specific and more should s
Vendor Specific and More “Should”s
  • “After the retry operation, logical unit should resume the specified throughput. The timing to resume the throughput is vender specific and may be different when different type of medium is mounted.

Note: Inappropriate retry operation at medium defect may cause trouble of the pickup head and/or the medium. Therefore logical unit may adjust its performance according to the vender specific criterion.

When the highest Writing speed of the drive for the mounted media is slower than the specified throughput and when data writing is occurred, logical unit shall adjust its internal configuration as near as possible to the specified throughput (it should be the highest writing speed).”

advantages of toshiba nero microsoft proposal
Advantages of Toshiba/Nero/Microsoft Proposal
  • Reporting of the new capability support (feature change proposal)
  • Data structures consistent with needed solutions for the 3 other topics of Fuji’s break of our original proposal
  • Distinguish current device throughput from host’s persistent minimum through requirement, including definition of the life time of this persistent (i.e. media mount time, within a power cycle).
  • Read requirements when specified are non-ignorable. This is critical for playback
  • Our proposal is based on Throughput (kb/s) instead of size+time, avoiding confusion and been closer to the measure that really matters to the application performance the multimedia content decoding above.
  • Exact integration into the specification wording, what is changed what is not, also to clarify interaction with existing command specification.
  • Yesterday chairman and other committee members have stated proposals are basically the same
  • We believe the Toshiba/Nero/MS proposal has been more extensively reviewed by committee – thus will require less work and time to complete
  • We wish to respect Toshiba’s request for a prompt resolution
  • We believe Toshiba/Nero/MS proposal lays the ground work for items #3, #1 and #4 which the committee has already agreed to consider