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Delaware EMS LEQ

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Delaware EMS LEQ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Delaware EMS LEQ. By the end of this lesson you will be able to answer LEQ: “To what extent is life in a specific location influenced by accessibility?”

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Delaware EMS LEQ

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delaware ems leq
Delaware EMS LEQ

By the end of this lesson you will be able to answer

LEQ:“To what extent is life in a specific location influenced by accessibility?”

We have covered what role accessibility plays in the decisions of business, but what about the role it plays for everyday citizens?

Read this slide, then copy the LEQ into your notebook.

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learning objectives
Learning Objectives

Research the accessibility of EMT services in various parts of the state of Delaware using the maps, charts, and data provided

Play the role of consultants, who will prepare a report to the NHTSA. Data for the report will be drawn from the maps provided in the section for student research. Reports should include responses to the guideline questions provided, and answers should be supported from the data

Read this slide, then copy the Learning Objectives into your notebook.

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think about it
Think about it
  • Think of examples of locations which are central and highly accessible.
  • Think of examples of locations that are remote, or relatively inaccessible.
  • Create a list of 3 Central locations and 3 Remote locations.
    • Work with a partner to create these lists
    • Be prepared to share with class

Read and answer the “Think About it” questions in your notebook.

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Stop and wait for your teacher’s instructions.

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getting started
Getting Started

Read the following article quietly

Take Cornell notes while reading

Be prepared to answer questions after you are finished with the reading, so take good notes!

ems questions
EMS Questions

1. What is the difference between a BLS and ALS service?

2. How does a paramedic differ from an EMT?

3. What is a response time?

4. What is the goal of response times in Delaware for patients with the most serious level of condition?

5. Is ALS better than BLS? Explain why you feel one way or the other.

After you finish reading, answer the following questions in your notebook.

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the problem
The Problem
  • There are 60 BLS and 18 ALS locations in Delaware that house EMS service units. You will take the role of a consultant group from the NHTSA which has been invited by the state to review the EMS network within Delaware. In particular you will need to answer two questions:
    • 1. Based on the state’s own standards of service, are there any areas in Delaware where the population is inadequately served?
    • 2. If there are areas of inadequate service, what are the characteristics of the underserved population?

Read this slide.

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what areas have low accessibility values
What areas have low accessibility values?

Use the following maps to complete the task “New Station” on slide 14.

Larger versions of the maps can be found in the Geography Resources folder

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BLS stations

new station
New Station

Where would you recommend placing the new BLS and ALS stations in Delaware so that all parts of the state would have accessibility to emergency services that would fall within the state’s published guidelines?

Answer the following question in your notebook in a paragraph. Make sure to explain your answer.

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exit ticket
Exit Ticket

Imagine you are injured. What parts of the state would you most prefer to be injured in? Why? Be sure to answer using the concept of accessibility.

On a separate sheet of paper, answer the following question on your own. Turn your answer into your teacher.

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