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August 24

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August 24. Agenda. Good Things Sign Social Contract Review Reading Strategies Finish “A Homemade Education” answering Questions. Journal #6 Cornell Notes for War Party Begin Reading “War Party” pg 738. Objectives Today. Understand and appreciate historical fiction.

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  • Good Things
  • Sign Social Contract
  • Review Reading Strategies
  • Finish “A Homemade Education” answering Questions.
  • Journal #6
  • Cornell Notes for War Party
  • Begin Reading “War Party” pg 738.
objectives today
Objectives Today
  • Understand and appreciate historical fiction.
  • Practice Active Reading Strategies of Predicting and Clarifying.
journal 6 copy this prompt and answer in to page complete sentences
Journal #6Copy this prompt and answer in ½ to ¾ page complete sentences
  • Emotionally strong people play important roles in our lives through their determination, leadership and facing challenges.
  • Describe a person in your own life who has shown great determination to get something done. How has this person’s effort helped or inspired you?
practicing active reading strategies
Practicing Active Reading Strategies
  • Read “A Homemade Education” by Malcolm X.
  • In your Spiral notebook, Create an Active Reading Log like the one shown on page S4
  • Divide your paper in Half. Label the Left side “Text” and the Right “Response”
  • In the text side, write down Words you don’t know with the sentence in which it is located, Sentences from the selection you think are interesting, and questions you have about the reading.
  • On the right side, you define the word by looking it up in the dictionary or glossary, discuss what you think the interesting sentences mean to you, and answer the questions you have about the reading.
war party

War Party

Literary Elements and Vocabulary

historical fiction
Historical Fiction
  • A story that takes place during a real time and place, but where the characters are made up.
literary elements


The words, phrases, tone of voice and dialect that characters use to communicate.

The emotional attitude of the writer about the subject (happy, sad, scared, etc.)

Literary Elements
character motivation
Character Motivation
  • The internal or external forces or reasons that influence a character’s thoughts, words, or actions in a story.
  • The sequence of events that moves a story forward.
  • Parts of plot are:
    • Exposition
    • Rising Action
    • Climax
    • Falling Action
    • Resolution
parts of plot
Parts of Plot
  • Exposition: The beginning of the story where the characters and setting are introduced.
  • Rising Action: Centers on the main conflict and introduces plot complications.
  • Climax: The turning point of the story.
  • Falling Action: Conflict and outstanding situations are resolved.
  • Resolution: The end of the story
  • Complications: Anything that interferes with overcoming the conflict.
  • The problem or challenge experienced by a character.
    • Internal: a problem inside the character’s head, such as worrying about a decision to make.
    • External: conflict with another character or obstacle.
d o l
  • Copy the following as they are written into your spiral notebook, and then correct them.
  • The store is open, but its sold out of most of its products.
  • Both Dan and I is going to the Angel’s game.
agenda august 25
Agenda August 25
  • Good Things
  • D.O.L.
  • Complete Cornell Notes for War Party
  • Read War Party through page 743 as a whole group and small groups.
  • Fill in Active Reading Guide.
  • The time, place, and culture in which a story occurs.
    • Time may include historical dates, seasons, and time of day.
    • Place may include geography, neighborhood, and the customs, beliefs, and traditions of the people.
august 26
August 26
  • Good Things
  • Journal #7
  • (7/8) Vocabulary For War Party: Cornell Notes
  • Finish Reading “War Party”
  • Travel-Diary Assignment
  • Homework: Finish Travel Diary in PEN
journal 7
Journal #7
  • Mr. Burt tells Bud that, “Folks hate something they don’t understand, or anything that seems different.”
  • What do you think this statement means? Provide an example of how Mr. Burt’s observation happens in real life.
  • “I can drive the Conestoga,” said Bud.
  • What does it mean?
  • A covered wagon used by pioneers during the Westward Expansion.
  • “She was a complaining woman and he was a man who was always ailing when there was work to be done.” pg 740
  • What does it mean?
  • To be sick or ill
  • “Pa was always strong, and independent man given to speaking up on matters of principle and to straight shooting with a rifle.” p 740.
  • What does it mean?
  • To have a code of good behavior or morality.
  • “Webb gave me a glance full of contempt.” pg 743
  • What does it mean?
  • To dislike or despise.
  • “Fast?” Webb asked disparagingly. “An Indian can ride in one day the distance we’d travel in four.” pg 745
  • What does it mean?
  • To show lack of respect.
  • “We’d not be encroaching on their land. They live to the north,” Ma said. Pg 746.
  • What does it mean?
  • To intrude or trespass
travel diary assignment
Travel Diary Assignment
  • “War Party” is told from the perspective of Bud. Now you will describe the events which occurred from the perspective of another character.
  • Each table has been assigned a character from the selection “War Party.”
  • Each Person will write Two ½ page Diary Entries from the perspective of the character your table is assigned.
  • The Diary Entries should discuss that person’s experience on the expedition West, refer to other characters, and be written in First Person Point of View.
  • Each Diary Entry must include a date, and descriptions accurate to the plot and the setting.
  • The Final Diary Entries must be written in PEN.
  • Due: Tomorrow, Friday August 27.