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Poems Analysis

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Poems Analysis . Done by: Christopher Chew ( 2 ) 1A3 Jaron Yong ( 31 ) 1A3. First Poem Analysis.

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poems analysis

Poems Analysis

Done by:

Christopher Chew ( 2 ) 1A3

Jaron Yong ( 31 ) 1A3

first poem analysis
First Poem Analysis
  • In the mazes of loitering people,the watchful and furtive,The shadows of tree-trunks and shadows of leaves,In the drowse of the sunlight, among the low voices,I suddenly face you,Your dark eyes return for a space from her who is with you,They shine into mine with a sunlit desire,They say an 'I love you, what star do you live on?'They smile and then darken,And silent,I answer 'You too--I have known you,--I love you!--'And the shadows of tree-trunks and shadows of leaves Interlace with low voices and footsteps and sunlightTo divide us forever.
our poem analysis
Our Poem Analysis

Christopher's comments: The poem is a sad poem because the last line, "divide us forever" tells the reader that this poem is about the breaking up of two people. The first line shows that the place where this is happening is at a very crowded place. The author uses the shade of the tree trunk and leaves (in line 12) is used to represent the gap between the two people due to some event that broke them up.Jaron's comments: This poem has a sad mood. The setting of the poem is in a crowded , shady area with thick foliage. The writer of the poem describes the coincidental meeting in stanza 4. He meets his lover and they communicate with "eye language" to express their love for each other. However, they separate from each other at the end of the poem . "shadows of tree-trunks and shadows of leaves" ( stanza 12) might refer to the obstacles in life that separates the two lovers from being together.

second poem analysis
Second Poem Analysis
  • Full fathom five thy father lies;Of his bones are coral made;Those are pearls that were his eyes;Nothing of him that doth fade,But doth suffer a sea-changeInto something rich and strange.Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell:Ding-dong.Hark! now I hear them — Ding-dong, bell.
our poem analysis1
Our Poem Analysis
  • Christopher's Analysis :From the poem itself, I can infer that this poem is fictional, and written based on the poet's imagination because sea-nymphs(a mystical creature that live in water in Greek mythology) are not real, hence showing that the scenario did not happen in real life. The "him" in the poem might be referring to someone who relation with the oceans because in line 2 and 3, it said that that person was made up of things that were from the oceans. In line 7, there is a phrase "ring his knell". Ringing a knell will only happen when someone is dead, so I can conclude that the "him" in the passage is dead or dying.Jaron's Analysis: This famous poem is taken from a play written by William Shakespeare, the renowned poet and playwright. The language used in the poem makes it sound very majestic and mystical. Sea nymphs are characters from the Greek mythology, and they do not exist in real life. A knell ( stanza 7) is a bell that is rung to announce someone's death to everyone. Perhaps the sea- change into something rich and strange ( stanza 5,6 ) mean that the creature mentioned in the first few stanzas is dying. The words used in this poem have more poetic value ; e.gthy, doth, hark . Originally, I did not understand the meaning of this poem. But later, I checked the dictionary for the meaning of the new vocabulary, now, this poem makes more sense to me.
third poem
Third Poem
  • The fog comes on little cat feetIt sits overlookingHarbor and cityOn silent haunchesAnd thenMoves on
our poem analysis2
Our Poem Analysis
  • Christopher's Analysis:In this poem, the fog is given human qualities or personification by the poet. In poetry, fog is referred to as confusion, and ignorance, and negativity. While, in line 3, the phrase "Harbor and city" refers to we, humans. My inference is that the poet is trying to tell us, the readers, that calamities and catastrophe do not stay forever, but will be solved one day. The poet is trying to tell readers who are experiencing hardships in their life, that their hardships do not stay forever. The poet also hopes to lift up the readers' spirit after reading this poem.
  • Jaron's Analysis: The poet uses personification in this poem . The fog, which is a non living thing, is personified with features like ; e.g little cat feet (stanza 1) , sits overlooking ( stanza 2) , on silent haunches ( stanza 4), Moves on (stanza 6) . The fog is described like a creature that is passing by a city, then moves on. The poet Carl Sandburg is from America. His country might have frequent fogs, and he feels an urge to write about the fogs in the form of a poem. Another possibility is that the fog refers to the problems and setbacks faced in life. The fog is a connotation of despair , dullness and hopelessness. The city and harbor refers to our life. In the end ,the fog moves on, meaning that the problem in life is solved. The poet might have expressed his thoughts and emotions in this poem
our self made poems christopher
Our Self-Made Poems-Christopher
  • Poem-Sense Of SmellThe smell of a smelly, used toweland the smell of what comes out of your bowelwith the smell of a toilet not flushed for hoursThe smell of dried shrimpsand the smell of breaking windsmells worse then a box of mintThe smell of human feetand the smell of chicken feetwill both make you sick
  • Red Poems
  • Red is for cherryRed is for berriesRed is for RafflesiaThe flower that smells like rotting meatRed is for heartRed is for loveRed reminds you of Valentinewhich falls on FebruaryRed is for extinguisherRed is for a drop of bloodRed is for the Singapore flagwhich makes us feel proud
our self made poem jaron
Our Self-Made Poem-Jaron
  • Poem- Sense of SightWindows to the world,Sparkling and shiny,Shut at night,Open at dawn,Familiar and homely sights rush in.The exquisitely embroidered patterns lining the crumpled blanket;The fluffy pillows randomly scattered across the bed;The fist sized alarm clock shaking like a leaf;Its second hand ticking rhythmically;And the neatly folded uniform hung across my bed,Gleaming and white.In school, the grandeur of the clock tower awaits;The radiance and smiles displayed on friends' faces.Neat queues in front of stalls coupled with a bustling crowd nearby;These windows make our lives fascinating,They are none other than our eyes.
  • World War II PoemDuring the 1940s,There was a great catastropheBecause of Adolf Hitler’s greed,War was a need.He seized every opportunity,To conquer every country.Hitler, Hitler,Was an insane murderer!He terrorised anyone who opposed him,Declared war on Poland and marched in.Many countries fell,But Hitler just smiled.Soon the Japanese joined the ‘fun’.They prepared for wars, loaded with big guns.They invaded China , Singapore and more,Made many people die, injured and sore.After destroying America’s Pearl Harbour.They invaded other countries for raw materials, food and rubber.Tears and blood were shed.It was the Japanese that the people dread.Soon Singapore surrendered to Japan.So Japan conquered Singapore, but it was then.Americans helped us, and dropped an atomic bomb on Japan.BOOM! It went!When Japan did not surrender to them,Yet another atomic bomb was dropped again.Yes! The Japanese finally surrendered!Singapore is ours once again!Soon there was peace…………………………We would not want World War III please!