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Working with Homeland Security to Find, Evaluate & Employ Best-of-Breed Technologies to 1 st Responders

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Working with Homeland Security to Find, Evaluate & Employ Best-of-Breed Technologies to 1 st Responders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Working with Homeland Security to Find, Evaluate & Employ Best-of-Breed Technologies to 1 st Responders. Collaborating to Improve Public Safety … Sandi F. Lehan Homeland Security/1 st Responder Liaison (619)767-4173 Brief Overview.

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Presentation Transcript

Working withHomeland Security to Find, Evaluate & Employ Best-of-Breed Technologies to 1st Responders

Collaborating to Improve Public Safety …

Sandi F. Lehan

Homeland Security/1st Responder Liaison



Brief Overview

  • A National resource for Homeland Security S&T
  • Understanding the challenges & solutions
    • Current project examples
    • Sample initiatives
    • S&T recommendations

SSC Pacific…on Point and at the Center of C4ISR

c 4 isr it our core competencies
C4ISR & IT: Our Core Competencies

A National Resource for Homeland Security S&T

  • Network Systems & Support
  • Physical & Computer Security
  • Command & Control
  • Information Assurance
  • Information Technologies
  • Sensor Systems
  • Communications
  • Image Processing
  • Visual Information Systems
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Cryptologic & Intelligence
  • Command Center Services
  • Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection
  • Expeditionary C4I Systems
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Navigation Systems
  • Meteorology
  • ATC Engineering/ Technical Services
  • Radiation Detection

What We Do

Speed to Capability

Rapid Prototyping

Leveraging Technology

Deliver Knowledge Superiority to the Warfighter Through Engineering Excellence

Command Control Communications Computers Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance

SSC Pacific…on Point and at the Center of C4ISR

ssc pacific homeland security defense sponsors
SSC Pacific Homeland Security/Defense Sponsors
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
    • Office of Emergency Communications
    • S&T Operations Analysis Division
    • S&T Infrastructure & Geophysical Division
    • USCG
    • CBP
    • FEMA
  • Support to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs Section 1401 (Technology Transfer) Office
  • Department of Commerce, NTIA
  • Department of Justice
    • National Institute of Justice, National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center
  • Office of National Drug Control Policy
understanding the challenge
Understanding the Challenge

The civil public safety interoperability environment

  • Governance: MOA’s and funding by consensus and committee
    • Years of focused leadership to build regional & M/A interoperability
  • SOP’s: Each discipline has established procedures
    • Communication is unclassified, largely unencrypted
  • Technology: Voice (Land Mobile Radio) operability is the first priority
    • Wireless systems (voice & data) will be spectrum limited during a large disaster
    • Connectivity is dependent on local infrastructure investment
  • Training & Exercise: budgets are limited at all levels (competitive)
  • Usage: “If it’s not used everyday it won’t get used in an emergency”

Every region has it’s own combination of challenges

SSC San Diego…on Point and at the Center of C4ISR


S&T Solution Effectiveness

depends upon Interoperability


Cross-Discipline Interoperability

Agency Specific

















Public Services





Public Info


Public Works


* An Agency is a discipline

operating within a jurisdiction


SSC San Diego…on Point and at the Center of C4ISR


Selected Projects

  • Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program (ICTAP)
  • Homeland Security Science & Technology Testbed
  • Sensor Management System / Joint Perimeter Surveillance Command & Control

At any given time a disaster will require first responders from multiple disciplines to interoperate with their individual agency technologies and procedures in a multi-jurisdiction region

SSC Pacific…on Point and at the Center of C4ISR


Current Projects:

Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program

  • Earned trusted reputation with Public Safety agencies at local level over 6 years
  • Integrated team of Public Safety policy, operational, technology & ICS certified systems engineering experts
  • Voice, data, & situational awareness interoperability expertise

Unique team of SME’s to address Nation-wide Federal/State/Local Interoperability

  • Policy & planning
  • Technical
  • Operational procedures
  • Methods & Processes
  • Exercise & Training
  • Software Tools

50 States

6 Territories

76 Urban Areas

current projects communication assets survey mapping tool
Current Projects:Communication Assets Survey & Mapping Tool
  • CASM is a web-based tool developed by the DHS Office of Emergency Communications that collects and displays interoperable communications information to improve communications planning for public safety.
  • Allows analysis of inter-agency interoperability based on the communication assets and interoperability methods that exist in specific geographic areas
  • CASM Usage:
    • 59 States/Urban Areas in CASM (41 States/18 Urban Areas)
      • 1014 CASM User Accounts
      • 10,570 Agencies
      • 2,386 Radio Systems
      • 4,049 Towers
      • 853 Dispatch Centers
      • 296 Gateways
      • 257 Radio Caches

SSC San Diego…on Point and at the Center of C4ISR

current projects enhancing border interoperability
Current ProjectsEnhancing Border Interoperability

SSC PACIFIC…on Point and at the Center of C4ISR

current capability information technology engineering
Current CapabilityInformation Technology Engineering

Secure Wireless Networking Homeland Security


  • Develop secure wireless network architectures
  • Secure wireless network test bed
  • Transition agent for DARPA
  • Develop overall system architecture integrating C4ISR technologies to support CBP operations
  • Support counterdrug technology discovery and technology transfer

Counterdrug Technology

  • Operational Relevance:
  • Targeted transition Programs of Record including JTRS, CANES, WIN-T, others
  • Support FORCEnet objectives of network-centric warfare
  • Full Border and Transportation intelligence fusion
  • Transition new C4ISR technologies to the Drug Interdiction/Demand Reduction operational community

Service Capabilities:

  • Technology transition
  • Converged transport
  • Secure wireless network architecture development
  • Wired/wireless hardware/software test, evaluation, integration, acquisition support
  • Concept of Operations (CONOPS) development

SSC Pacific…on Point and at the Center of C4ISR

current projects sms jpsc2
Current Projects:SMS / JPSC2

The SMS/JPSC2 system is a flexible and extensible integrated security system providing complete sensor Command and Control (C2) including surveillance and perimeter security through numerous sensors including marine & ground RADAR and EO/IR cameras. The system is capable of surveying, detecting, tracking and archiving Items of Interest (IOI) and intrusions which can then be provided via auto-alerts to the Security Watch Officer.

  • Near future installations:
    • New York City
    • Port of Long Beach / L.A.
  • Multi-level security GOTS development
  • Visual Recognition & Classification capabilities
  • Sensor Management Systems (SMS) and Joint Perimeter Surveillance Command and Control (JPSC2) is installed at the locations:
    • Navy Region Southwest
      • San Diego Metro
      • NAS Lemoore
      • NPS Monterey
      • NWS Seal Beach
    • US Navy / Coast Guard SCC-J
      • Seattle Area of Responsibility (AOR)
      • Jacksonville AOR
      • San Diego AOR
current projects sms jpsc2 common operational picture cop layers
Current Projects: SMS/JPSC2 Common Operational Picture (COP) Layers

A: Sensor Window – Surveillance Camera

B: Quick Map Locator

C: Map Tools: Transit Database,

Search Events, Layers,

Search Live Tracks, Live


D: Radar/Camera range rings and camera cones

E: Right Click Menu: Set Affiliation,

Set Name, Show History,

Alarm Zone, View Events,

Show Track Detail, etc..

F: ESRI Based Map Components

G: Blue Force Track

H: Sensor Window – Pan Tilt Zoom

with full camera control & slew to track









  • Joint Perimeter Surveillance Command and Control (JPSC2) will provide agents and officers in the field:
  • Ability to alert agents and officers of suspected illegal traffic using command and control software and supporting radar and cameras.
  • Reduced time to classify a target by automatically slewing cameras to target
  • Ability to create alarm or exclusion zones within the AOR
  • Reduced response time of reactive forces by providing mobile COP display on patrol vehicles, vessels, and aircraft
  • Increased interdiction rate by reducing response time to INTEL and citizen call in alerts
  • Perform historical playback to support legal proceedings
  • Sharing of information through the distribution of COP displays to regional stakeholders
a couple of promising initiatives
A Couple of Promising Initiatives
  • Incident Resource Tracking Tool (IRTT), Secure Wireless Testbed, SMS/JPSC2
  • Define/Implement funding mechanism to assist State/Local 1st Responders directly
  • Build upon relationship with DHS S&T to provide operational prototypes that can be tested in the San Diego Region
  • Utilize 1st Responder collaboration efforts currently in place to get the 1st Responders directly involved with building new technologies

SSC PACIFIC…on Point and at the Center of C4ISR



Incident Resource Tracking Tool

Incident Command Post




PD Command


Fire Server

  • Personnel Info
  • Equipment Info
  • GPS Tracks

LE Server


  • Personnel Info
  • Equipment Info
  • GPS Tracks







SSC Pacific’s Regional Collaboration through 3Cs

  • State Agencies
  • CalFire
  • Port of San Diego
  • Ring of Fiber
  • Secure wireless
  • Harbor Sensors
  • JPSC2 connectivity
  • Federal Agencies
  • US Customs & BP

-San Diego




3Cs Governance

Regional Architecture

  • Orange County
  • Anaheim PD




  • SSC Pacific
  • IRTT [DHS/S&T]
  • Secure Wireless Testbed
  • Marine Mammals (MM)
  • 1401 Office [OASD]
  • Los Angeles Sheriff Dept.
  • Port of Long Beach - SMS/JPSC2/MM
  • Catalina Island - CASM
  • CBRNE Situational Awareness
  • City of Los Angeles - CASM


Participating 3Cs agencies

  • Federal Government / Military
  • Navy Region SW
  • USMC Base Camp Pendleton
  • USCG Joint Harbor Operations Center
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation SD FO
  • Drug Enforcement Agency
  • US Customs and Border Protection - SD
  • Local Agencies
  • San Diego Police Department
  • San Diego Sheriff Department
  • Chula Vista Police Department
  • Carlsbad Police Department
  • San Diego Fire-Rescue
  • CAL Fire
  • North County Fire JPA
  • County of Riverside
  • County of Yuma
  • 18 local governments or fire districts
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • SD County Office of Emergency Services
  • City of SD Office of Homeland Security
  • SD State Visualization Laboratory
  • SD County Hazardous Materials Department Operations Center
  • City of Chula Vista
  • City of Carlsbad
  • State Agencies
  • Cal Trans
  • California Highway Patrol
  • Critical Infrastructure Sites
  • San Diego Convention Center
  • Metropolitan Transit System
  • San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

Emerging architecture elements will affect how

the all agencies will leverage C4ISR in the region

3Cs Network

Ring of Fiber


The Benefits are as Real as the Threats

The public benefit in developing the next generation regional C4ISR HS/HD architecture in Southern CA is high








Summary of Recommendations

  • Encourage regional service oriented architectures
  • Build long term relationships based on trust in selected regions
    • Work with current State/Local users and officials
    • Help with their immediate needs while addressing national goals
  • Take advantage of DoD Laboratories in S&T strategy
    • History of cradle-to-grave S&T expertise for real world operations
  • Encourage agreements between laboratories and State/local agencies that have grant funds and request help

SSC PACIFIC…on Point and at the Center of C4ISR