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Tablet Cleaner

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Tablet Cleaner
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Tablet Cleaner

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  1. Tablet Cleaner Jackson G. and Caleb Z. 11 and 11 Missouri

  2. Things to think about as you complete your submission….. Take time to make your presentation impressive. Use diagrams, video, voice, and photos. You may include multiple slides for each step of the invention process.

  3. Have a great idea for an invention (required step) We would like to solve a problem with the use of surface tablets that many schools are starting to use instead of net books. The problem is that the some kid’s fingers may get a little gross and when they touch the tablets the stuff gets on the tablets, which is un-sanitary. The all new Tablet Cleaner helps clean that muck off of the tablets.

  4. Investigate inventions and ideas of the past • (required step) • One way to solve the problem would be to wear gloves. • Another way would be to wipe it off when you are done. • Another would be to invent something to clean the tablets while charging. • No one has ever invented this before. • We can not improve others solutions because their aren't any other solutions.

  5. Draw pictures and diagrams to show your invention and how it might work.(required step) The Tablet cleaner slides a lint-free cloth against the screen of a tablet, thus removing fingerprints and other gross stuff. It would also be available for individual sale and for apple and non-apple tablets. When Sold too schools, it would be multiple drawers. When sold individually, it would be one drawer.

  6. Market your invention to people who might buy it. (required step) We marketed our product using a survey. Seventeen people responded. Five people said they would buy the product. Twelve people said they possibly would buy the product.