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LCIF Grants: An Introduction for Multiple District and District Coordinators PowerPoint Presentation
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LCIF Grants: An Introduction for Multiple District and District Coordinators

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LCIF Grants: An Introduction for Multiple District and District Coordinators - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LCIF Grants: An Introduction for Multiple District and District Coordinators. LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION. Seminar Objectives. Gain an understanding of the LCIF grants process. Learn the roles and responsibilities of LCIF MDCs and DCs regarding grants.

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lcif grants an introduction for multiple district and district coordinators

LCIF Grants: An Introduction for Multiple District and District Coordinators



Seminar Objectives

Gain an understanding of the LCIF grants process

Learn the roles and responsibilities of LCIF MDCs and DCs regarding grants

Acquire the necessary tools to become an important resource for Lions in your MD or District


Seminar Agenda

Overview of LCIF grants

Review of the grants process

Roles and responsibilities

Grants by type

Review and group discussion

lcif grants at a glance
LCIF Grants at a Glance
  • Grants fund large-scale Lions humanitarian projects for sight, youth, disaster, and humanitarian needs. In fiscal year 2011-2012, LCIF awarded US$55.6 million for 513 projects.
  • Since 1968, LCIF has awarded more than 9,300 grants totaling more than US$789 million.

LCIF / Development

four pillars of service
Four Pillars of Service
  • The Foundation…
    • Serves Youth
    • Provides Disaster Relief
    • Meets Humanitarian Needs
    • Saves Sight

LCIF / Development

lcif serves youth
LCIF Serves Youth
  • Lions Quest
    • Teaches life skills, character education, civic values, drug prevention and service-learning education
    • Active in 73 countries serving more than 12 million youth, materials in 35 languages
    • Costs as little as US$7 per student

LCIF / Development

lcif provides disaster relief
LCIF Provides Disaster Relief

LCIF provides emergency assistance when natural disasters strike:

  • First grant LCIF awarded was for disaster flooding
  • LCIF provides short term and long term relief
  • More than 3,000 emergency grants
  • Awarded US$85 million over the past 10 years for disaster relief
  • A few examples are:
    • US$21 million for Japan earthquake
    • US$15 million for South Asian Tsunami
    • US$5 million Hurricane Katrina

LCIF / Development

lcif meets humanitarian needs
LCIF Meets Humanitarian Needs
  • Empowering those with disabilities
    • Special Olympics Opening Eyes Program
    • Vocational training services and programs for people with disabilities
  • Addressing global health issues
    • Diabetes prevention, education and awareness
    • Measles vaccinations

LCIF / Development

lcif saves sight
LCIF Saves Sight

In 1925, Helen Keller challenged Lions to be

“Knights of the Blind”

  • SightFirst program
    • Awarded 1,051 grants in 102 countries totaling more than US$274 million
    • Sight restored to 7.84 million people through
      • cataract surgeries
  • Preschool Vision Screenings
  • Sight For Kids
    • Partnership with Johnson and Johnson
  • General eye-care services

LCIF / Development


The Process

Steps through the Grant Application Process

Tips for a Successful Application

10 tips for a successful application
10 Tips for a Successful Application
  • Contact LCIF before applying to verify the eligibility of the project
  • Consider submitting a draft before applying, if time permits
  • Clearly lay out the project’s objectives, including number of beneficiaries, financial support and a plan for long term sustainability
  • Funding not provided on a reimbursement basis
  • No funding granted for completed projects

LCIF / Development

10 tips for a successful application1
10 Tips for a Successful Application
  • 6. An income and expense budget is required; the more income collected, the better
  • 7. Income should equal expenses; present the budget in US dollars
  • 8. Provide full contact information and designate a project coordinator
  • 9. Fill out the application in its entirety
  • 10. Maintain communication with LCIF staff throughout the application process

LCIF / Development


Roles and Responsibilities

LCIF Multiple District and District Coordinators

District Governors and Council Chairpersons

Special Advisors: SightFirst and Lions Quest

LCIF Staff

The Board of Trustees

roles and responsibilities
Roles and Responsibilities
  • As an LCIF Coordinator, you should:
    • Know what projects are currently going on in your district or multiple district
    • Talk to Lions accurately about the different kinds of grants that are available and how they can work on their own project
    • Be able to direct Lions and Clubs to appropriate sources for further information, such as LCIF staff and District and Multiple District officers
    • Help to publicize successful projects
    • Know the history of LCIF grants and funding in your area

LCIF / Development

roles and responsibilities1
Roles and Responsibilities
  • An LCIF Coordinator should NOT:
  • Endorse a grant proposal or persuade district leadership to do so
  • Take over the role of filling out grant applications on behalf of Districts or Clubs
  • Publicize some successful projects at the expense of others

LCIF / Development

roles and responsibilities2
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Teamwork is essential!
  • In many Districts and MDs, there are already Lions who have expertise in LCIF grant programs
  • These Lions may have formal titles (SightFirst Chairperson, Lions Quest Country Director) or they may be successful Local Project Administrators, with long-standing experience working on local projects
  • Remember to work with these Lions, as well as your District and Multiple District officers
  • Only through cooperation can we be successful!

LCIF / Development

roles and responsibilities3
Roles and Responsibilities
  • District Governor and Council Chairperson
  • Is responsible for endorsing all grant applications put forward by the District or Multiple District, by resolution of the District Cabinet or Council of Governors, respectively
  • Must submit regular progress reports and a final report, no later than 45 days after the completion of the project
  • The District Governor or Council Chairperson in office when a grant is approved serves as the Grant Administrator

LCIF / Development

roles and responsibilities4
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Special Advisors: SightFirst
  • Regional Technical Advisors are the first resource for all Lions interested in pursuing a SightFirst Grant
  • SightFirst Chairpersons are trained by LCIF and are knowledgeable and experienced enough to be able to provide technical assistance to any Lion considering submitting a SightFirst grant proposal
  • A SightFirst proposal for funding must be signed and certified by the regional SightFirst Technical Advisor, the SightFirst Chairperson, and the Council Chairperson/ District Governor

LCIF / Development

roles and responsibilities5
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Special Advisors: Lions Quest
  • According to the custom in each local area, either the Lions Quest Country Director or Lions Quest Chairperson (at MD level) can act as a first resource for Lions who would like to initiate the Lions Quest program in their area
  • They can assist interested Lions with Lions Quest Core 4 grant applications and with the US$1,000 Lions Quest Promotional Grant

LCIF / Development

roles and responsibilities6
Roles and Responsibilities
  • LCIF Program Staff
  • Advise Lions on project eligibility
  • Work with Lions to make sure applications are properly completed
  • Prepare project summaries for the LCI Board
  • Distribute funds for approved projects
  • Collect final project reports from Lions to ensure that the project is properly completed

LCIF / Development

roles and responsibilities7
Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Board of Trustees
  • Approves, denies or tables grant requests
  • May ask for specific information to be supplied, so that a tabled grant could be approved in the future
  • Forms special committees to approve and oversee Lions Quest, SightFirst, and other specialized grants and projects, such as for major disasters
  • Votes on priorities for programs such as SightFirst and Core 4
  • Enters into agreements with partner organizations for specialized programs, such as Special Olympics Opening Eyes

LCIF / Development

lcif grant programs
LCIF Grant Programs

LCIF / Development

lcif grant programs1
LCIF Grant Programs

LCIF / Development

a closer look at standard grants
A Closer Look at Standard Grants
  • Matching grants of up to US$75,000 for local humanitarian service projects
  • A minimum of two Lions clubs are required to apply
  • Support “large-scale” Lion projects, usually comprised of equipment and construction costs (no operating costs, salaries, etc)
  • Bottom-Up: Lions identify and develop the project
  • Standard Grants must provide local impact and visibility for Lions
  • In the 2011-2012 Lions year, LCIF awarded US$7.74 million in Standard Grants

LCIF / Development

core 4 grants overview
Core 4 Grants: Overview

Supports special initiatives under four primary service commitments of Lions:

LCIF / Development

core 4 grants promoting health
Core 4 Grants: Promoting Health
  • Core 4 Diabetes initiative:
    • Public Awareness/Prevention (community-based education to promote diabetes-awareness among at-risk populations)
    • Patient Education (programs to promote behavior changes among those diagnosed with diabetes, including self-management education and camps for diabetic children)
    • Treatment (programs that improve access to diabetes treatment, especially for under-served populations)

LCIF / Development

core 4 grants serving youth
Core 4 Grants: Serving Youth
  • Core 4 Lions Quest grants:
    • Expand coverage of Lions Quest in multiple, sub or single districts where the program is active but not reaching a considerable number of schools or implement a pilot of one of the three Lions Quest programs not yet available in that county or district. Grant funding may be awarded up to US$100,000 for expansion projects.
    • Implement the Lions Quest program in a country or region for the first time. Grant funding may be awarded up to US$25,000 for implementation projects.

LCIF / Development

international assistant grants iags
International Assistant Grants (IAGs)
  • IAGs Support projects between US$5,000 and
  • US$30,000 that:
  • Address an important humanitarian need in a developing country
  • Involve at least two Lions clubs or districts from different countries (a sponsor club and a host club)
  • Provide long-term benefits
  • Serve a large or particularly needy population
  • Have a strong Lions identity and involvement from both the sponsor club and the host club
  • Raise at least 50 percent of project funding through Lions or other sources
  • May involve a local, non-Lion implementing organization

LCIF / Development

iags sponsors and hosts
IAGs: Sponsors and Hosts
  • The IAG Sponsor:
  • Raises funds and support
  • Submits IAG Application to LCIF
  • Responsible for creating the relationship with the host club
  • Administers the grant and completes the final report
  • The IAG Host:
  • Has a significant role in the local coordination of the project
  • Host club or district must sign the application

LCIF / Development

iags rules and regulations
IAGs: Rules and Regulations
  • Sponsor Lions must raise at least 50% of the necessary project funding
  • Grants are between US$5,000 and US$30,000. For grants of US$10,000 or less, an application can be submitted at any time and approved by an internal committee at LCIF. In the case of missions, these requests should be submitted at least 6 – 8 weeks before the mission date
  • Grants over US$10,000 must be submitted and approved by the LCI Board of Trustees at regular meetings
  • Grant funds are disbursed to the sponsor club or district
  • A district or club may apply for only one IAG project each year

LCIF / Development

major catastrophe grants
Major Catastrophe Grants
  • Provide up to US$1 million each year for catastrophic disasters (between US$50,000 and US$250,000 per disaster)
  • Provided in cases of extreme damage, destruction and massive loss of life
  • Are initiated at the discretion of the LCIF Chairperson and the International President
  • Lions may not request Major Catastrophe Grants

LCIF / Development

emergency grants
Emergency Grants
  • Immediate response to natural disasters
  • Up to US$10,000 available to districts
  • Lions purchase & distribute supplies to meet immediate needs:
    • - food, water
    • - clothing, bedding
    • - first aid supplies
    • - hygiene products
    • - infant supplies
    • - cleaning supplies

LCIF / Development

emergency grant regulations
Emergency Grant Regulations
  • Disaster must be large in scope, displacing or affecting 100 or more people
  • LCIF funds Lions-led relief activities only
  • Grant must be requested by the District Governor within 30 days of disaster
  • One grant per disaster, per district
  • Final reports to be submitted to LCIF with receipts for goods purchased by Lions
  • Outstanding final reports for Emergency Grants awarded in the past may limit a district’s eligibility to apply for a new Emergency Grant

LCIF / Development

sightfirst grants
SightFirst Grants
  • Support the development of comprehensive eye care systems that provide prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services for leading eye diseases and vision loss.
    • Projects should do one or more of the following:
    • Deliver eye care services
    • Train eye care professionals and management
    • Upgrade eye care infrastructure
    • Improve access to education & training for low vision persons
    • Increase public awareness about eye health
    • Lions, District and Multiple Districts interested in SightFirst projects should contact LCIF staff and their local SightFirst Technical Advisor

LCIF / Development