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Presentation Transcript

  1. A Man From Philly-100 Question Once charged with animal violence, this Philadelphia Eagle is soaring to new heights without hurting any animals Click here for answer

  2. A Man From Philly-100 Answer Michael Vick

  3. A Man From Philly-200 Question “Yo Adrian, we did it” Click Here For Answer

  4. A Man From Philly-200 Answer Rocky Balboa

  5. A Man From Philly-300 Question Shown below, this former 76er made a big impact, although standing only 6 feet tall Click Here For Answer

  6. A Man From Philly-300 • Answer • Allen Iverson

  7. A Man From Philly-400 • Question • He insists that you laugh at his pain, all 5 feet 4 inches of it Click Here For Answer

  8. A Man From Philly-400 • Answer • Kevin Hart

  9. A Man From Philly-500 • Question • This 5x NBA champion wont bite you, although his nickname suggests otherwise Click Here For Answer

  10. A Man From Philly-500 • Answer • Kobe “The Black Mamba” Bryant

  11. That’s What He Said-100 Question “I’ll Be Back” Click Here For Answer

  12. That’s What He Said-100 • Answer • Arnold Schwarzenegger

  13. That’s What He Said-200 • Question • “I kill a communist for fun, but for a green card, I gonna carve him up real nice.” Said this Cuban soon to be drug lord in Scarface Click Here For Answer

  14. That’s What He Said-200 • Answer • Tony Montana

  15. That’s What He Said-300 • Question • “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” was what he said at the press conference along side his wife, the former Secretary of State to the US Click Here For Answer

  16. That’s What He Said-300 • Answer • Bill Clinton

  17. That’s What He Said-400 • Question • “You killed Kenny” is what this obese child insists Click Here For Answer

  18. That’s What He Said-400 • Answer • Eric Theodore “Cartman”

  19. That’s What He Said-500 • Question • Although he was never in the kitchen, thousands of screaming fans “smelled” what this Samoan athlete/movie star was cooking Click Here For Answer

  20. That’s What He Said-500 • Answer

  21. The Art of Lifting-100 Question Shown here, this exercise involves pushing against the floor to lock your elbows Click Here For Answer

  22. The Art of Lifting-100 • Answer • Push-Up

  23. The Art of Lifting-200 • Question • Marcus demonstrates how • To tighten your gluteus • While strengthening • Your quads with this • workout Click Here For Answer

  24. The Art of Lifting-200 • Answer • Squats

  25. The Art of Lifting-300 • Question • Feel like running in place, join the countless people taking strides and going no where on this piece of gym equipment Click Here For Answer

  26. The Art of Lifting-300 • Answer • Treadmill

  27. The Art of Lifting-400 • Question • You don’t have to be delivering a sermon while doing this arm exploding workout Click Here For Answer

  28. The Art of Lifting-400 • Answer • Preacher Curls

  29. The Art of Lifting-500 • Question • Feeling like you could use a bigger chest, you should hit the bench and start growing Click Here For Answer

  30. The Art of Lifting-500 • Answer • Bench Press

  31. That’s My Dog-100 • Question • This K9 is much larger than any you know, he’s red like Rudolph’s nose yet he does not glow Click Here For Answer

  32. That’s My Dog-100 • Answer • Clifford “The Big Red” Dog

  33. That’s My Dog-200 • Question • This dog is not only a movie star, but also a triathlete getting medals in football, basketball, and soccer Click Here For Answer

  34. That’s My Dog-200 • Answer • Air Bud

  35. That’s My Dog-300 • Question • Ever stuck in a burning house, you might find this loyal collie dog in handy Click Here For Answer

  36. That’s My Dog-300 • Answer • Lassie

  37. That’s My Dog-400 • Question • Owen Wilson stars in • the dog friendly movie where his little pup turns out to be a bigger factor in his life than he expected Click Here For Answer

  38. That’s My Dog-400 • Answer • Marley

  39. That’s My Dog-500 • Question • This Husky has his own statue in central park to commemorate his brave journey through Alaska’s cold to deliver an antidote in the early twentieth century Click Here For Answer

  40. That’s My Dog-500 • Answer • Balto

  41. Fast Food Joints-100 • Question • Every hungry, feel free to grab a burger and fries under these golden arches Click Here For Answer

  42. Fast Food Joints-100 • Answer • McDonalds

  43. Fast Food Joints-200 • Question • This Jack is not in Jersey, but he has been known to pop out at times Click Here For Answer

  44. Fast Food Joints-200 • Answer • Jack In The Box

  45. Fast Food Joints-300 • Question • This Red Head is famous for more than her locks Click Here For Answer

  46. Fast Food Joints-300 • Answer • Wendy’s

  47. Fast Food Joints-400 • Question • Ever need a pizza really fast, stop by this place and we’ll guarantee you wont find anyone named Brutus here Click Here For Answer

  48. Fast Food Joints-400 • Answer • Little Caesars

  49. Fast Food Joints-500 • Question • If Jared could do it, we all can if we eat fresh Click Here For Answer