Instruct the instructor
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INSTRUCT THE INSTRUCTOR. Verena M. Mullins and Dan G. Phillips July 11, 2007. Instruct the Instructor. Distance Learning. Who are we?. Dan G. Phillips Director, Staff Education & Workforce Development. Verena M. Mullins Manager, DHHR Distance Learning Program. Who are you?.

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Instruct the instructor


Verena M. Mullins and Dan G. Phillips

July 11, 2007

Instruct the instructor

Instruct the Instructor



Who are we
Who are we?

Dan G. PhillipsDirector, Staff Education & Workforce Development

Verena M. MullinsManager, DHHR Distance Learning Program

How did you learn what you know
How did you learn what you know?

  • How did you learn to be a course instructor?

  • What kinds of resources do you use?

  • What would you need to do an even better job at course design and development?

Our challenge
Our Challenge

To help managers, clerical, technical, and professional staff to develop online courses.

Skill level varies from


“no prior experience”

“very computer savvy”

Our solution
Our Solution

Instruct the Instructor

  • through online training

  • through classroom sessions

  • through existing resources

Bureaucracy bureaucracy bureaucracy

  • WVDHHR’s Web Based Training History.

  • Moving the System forward or the “Atlas Effect”.

  • Dragging the “Baby Boomers” kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

  • It all comes down to Money.

Dhhr and blackboard webct why did we choose online learning
DHHR and Blackboard (WebCT)Why did we choose online learning?

  • Ease of delivery to a rural audience

  • Cost-effective delivery of training

  • Consistency of materials

  • Ease of updating materials in a fluid environment

  • Structured assessment of student learning

  • Evaluation of training effectiveness

Instruct the instructor

Who are our students?


235 miles, 3 ¾ hours


Capital of WV

346 miles, 5 ½ hours

Program growth
Program Growth

Courses under Development

Instruct the instructor

Courses CompletedNote – students use same ID in multiple courses

The gold panel
The GOLD Panel

  • Serves as a pier-review panel

  • Provides final review of DHHR Online Learning Standards and Protocol

  • Consists of

    • Web designers- and developers

    • Online learning coordinators

    • Online learning instructors and designers

    • Classroom trainers and instructors

    • IT professional staff

Instruct the instructor

Submit Request

for Course Development to

DHHR Distance Learning

Course Development

Submit Request for Review by GOLD Panel

Review and Approval

of Request

 Setup of Course Shell

Development of Course by

Project Team

GOLD Panel reviews

& ensures compliancewith Standards & Protocol

Return to Team for Editing




Development Complete

 Student Enrollment

Course placed on

Production Server

What does it take
What Does it Take?






Management Skills

Instruct the instructor



Third Party


  • Online Learning Helpdesk

  • Instructional Technologists

  • Classroom Training Staff

  • Classroom Sessions

  • Office WebCT Registrars

  • GOLD Panel Experts

  • Local IT Professionals

  • Third-Party Training Sessions

  • WVNET Staff

  • E-Seminars





  • Online Tutorials

  • Recorded E-Seminars

  • Software Training Videos

  • Library

  • Instructor Resources

  • Flash Movie Clips

  • WebCT Course for Instructors

  • Guidelines for Teaching Online

  • Worksheets and Checklists

Flash movie clips
Flash Movie Clips

  • Uploading Files

  • Organizing Files and Folders in WebCT

  • Adding an Organizer Page

  • Adding Content

  • Adding a Course Assessment

  • Checking Quiz Statistics

  • Creating a Course Backup

  • Downloading a Backup to a Local Computer

  • Creating an ID and Enrolling Students

  • Creating a CSV File for Mass-Student Enrollment

Classroom training
Classroom Training

  • Getting Started with WebCT (Level 1)

  • WebCT for Instructors (Level 2)

  • XHTML and CSS

  • Getting Started with Dreamweaver

  • Introduction to Captivate

  • Image Formatting

    Other Topics upon Request

Webct instructor resources
WebCT Instructor Resources

  • Logos, banners, clipart

  • Quizzes, Surveys, Course Assessment

  • Templates (i.e. Certificate of Completion)

  • Standard Texts (i.e. Enrollment Notification)

  • Software Suggestions

  • Training (classroom and online)

Gold panel skills assessment
GOLD Panel Skills Assessment

  • Skills Assessment of GOLD Panel Members

Our strategy
Our Strategy

  • Celebrate a Learning Organization

  • Acquire & Transfer Knowledge

  • Help Others Succeed

  • Build Internal Competence

  • Facilitate Personal & Professional Growth

  • Increase Capacity for Performance

  • Apply Knowledge to Career Advancement

Tools that work
Tools That Work!

  • Personal Resources(Helpdesk, Phone Number)

  • Online Resources(self-paced instructions and tutorials)

  • Classroom Training(internal and external)

  • Use Internal Knowledge(know who knows what)

  • Provide External Resources(e-seminars, third party courses)

Contact information
Contact Information

  • Dan G. PhillipsDirector, Staff Education & Workforce Development

    WV State Capitol Complex, Bldg. 3, Rm. 525

    Charleston, West Virginia 25305

    Phone: (304) 558-9158


  • Verena M. Mullins DHHR Distance Learning Manager

    WV State Capitol Complex, Bldg. 3, Rm. 513

    Charleston, West Virginia 25305

    Phone: (304) 558-7049