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55 Social Presented by Emilio Maciel PowerPoint Presentation
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55 Social Presented by Emilio Maciel

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55 Social Presented by Emilio Maciel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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55 Social Presented by Emilio Maciel. Idea + Funding. 78 million. 93%. 35 million. Internet users in Brazil. are connected to a social network. Brazilians are facebook users. Proven Model. Estimated +$ 500 Million Valuation More customized model - Serves top digital agencies.

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Presentation Transcript

55 Social

Presented by

Emilio Maciel


78 million


35 million

Internet users in Brazil

are connected to a social network

Brazilians are facebook users


Proven Model

  • Estimated +$500 Million Valuation
  • More customized model - Serves top digital agencies
  • Estimated Revenues: +20MM, 2011
  • Self-Service Model



Why do that?

Talk to your fans

Understand the conversation

Conversation Management

Marketing campaigns

and Promotions

Create interactive promotions to amaze consumers

Design your pages quickly, using social plugins

Page Management

Understand the data behind your marketing actions


Customized development for campaigns

Launch the most innovative marketing campaigns ever!


Easy to install and to use

  • “Social” Look & feel


Tailored to Brazil



  • Lower barries to adoption
    • Companies still don’t know why they should have another digital marketing platform


  • Big companies and big agencies want 100% tailored campaigns to start a business relationship
  • Medium sized companies and agencies require coaching on social strategies
  • Relationship with fans: how do I engage people?
  • Facebook benefits:
    • What's the value of a fan?
    • How can I show it to my boss?
  • Risks:
    • What if my presence is so big I can't manage it?
    • What are people talking about me?




Today (6 months old)


Market entry

Scaling to grow fast

  • Standard Platform developed
  • Signing more contracts with top marketing agencies
  • First Mover Advantage
  • 50+ new companies / month
  • using our platform
  • Expanding sales operations in Brazil
    • São Paulo
    • Rio de Janeiro
    • (more State Capitals to follow)
  • Product and Support made for Brazil
  • 20 person Development team
  • Increasing development team
    • Improving product
    • Developing the best custom campaigns

Costs vs Revenue

per client

Costs of acquisition

Annual revenue



We will keep improving our platform

Grow internationally

State of the art social media platform is key to success

Establishing sales operations in different regions of the world

Powering more campaigns for top brands and agencies

Evolving with Facebook (e.g. Mobile)

Leverage the data our clients obtain to their success

Partner and create with big


Get the big companies in Brazil to be big players in social media – outstanding possibilities

Improving performance in other channes (e.g. ads, emails)