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Eva Milella – President

Technological District on Engineering of polymeric and composite MAterials and STructures. Eva Milella – President . OUTLINE. What is IMAST Activities Projects in the aerospace field.

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Eva Milella – President

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  1. Technological District on Engineering of polymeric and composite MAterials and STructures Eva Milella – President

  2. OUTLINE • What is IMAST • Activities • Projects in the aerospace field

  3. The TECHNOLOGICAL DISTRICTS are born and developed under the push of well recognizable4 propel factors . Public Institutions • Labs of excellence in R&D • Research projects • Co-financing seed ed early stage Geographic concentration of people, companies and institutions that collaborate and compete in a specific qualifying technology Talents • Scientists and researchers, leaders in the field of the district focus • High quality Graduates and Ph.D. • Entrepreneurs and managers specialized in high tech companies Private investors • Investors ready to: • Partecipate in mixed public/private early stage funding • Financing developing start-ups • Financial and Management skills Innovative companies • Focus on innovation, also in traditional sector • High investments in R&D • Strong spin-off activities in high-tech sectors

  4. IMAST consortium company members Public Institutions • INNOVATIVE COMPANIES Banking Systems Associated Members

  5. IMAST role IMAST plays the role of Knowledge Integrator Itis set up as a modern Corporate ResearchCentre,where the largestitaliancompanies, the University and Public ResearchInstitutionsperformtogetherresearchactivities in the fieldofthe engineering of polymeric and composite materials IMAST operates as a holdingof industrial and public laboratories and create mixed groups of public and private researchers on specific research projects Mapei PoliTo CRF Cytec Cetena Esaote Esaote Dompè Selex Sistemi • Federico II • CNR • ENEA • Alenia Aeronautica • AnsaldoBreda • Avio SpA • Cetena SpA • Elasis ScpA • Esaote SpA • MBDA SpA • Selex Sistemi In SpA • STMicroelectronics srl CIRA Alenia Aeronautica UniSA ST


  7. Reach international excellence in the research Attract and train the talents Promotenew technologyentrepreneurship IMAST mission Main goals Become a leader in the engineering of polymer-based materials and in their industrial application, through the academia-company and company-company collaboration along the entire supply chain Become a pole of attraction for the best international talents in the field of composites • Create a seedbed for hi-tech new companies for the technological development of the region • Accelerate the development of the Region spreading innovation created by the local industry • Attract leading international companies in the Campania region

  8. Actions to achieve excellence in research • IMAST has developed a modelfor the management and organization of a know-how system and of the complex and multisectorial programs in which even more companies are involved, at the same time, on the same project, in addition to numerous research groups to cooperate actively to the achievement of a common goal. • For this reason IMAST has: • drawn up a taxonomy of the innovation needs of the industrial members intersecting the same with existing skills; • planned for the integration and the acquisition of the missing skills; • launched and implemented a research program with multisectorial objectives designed to meet the needs of aggregate members; • designed new educational paths useful for projects in a mixed public-private research systems • created mechanisms in order to select, protect and exploit the results

  9. Some INDICATORS ofscientificactivities • Portfolio ofresearchprojects • 23projectsco-fundedbynational or europeangrants (total financialvalueof97milionofEuros) • 5projectsfundedby Boeing Company • Publications • 41paperspublished in internationaljournals • 79 refereed papers published in the international conference proceedings • 2books: • ”Composite Materials” byLuigi Nicolais, Michele Meo, Eva MilellaEditor: Springer London Ltd • “Distretti Tecnologici e processi di trasferimento di conoscenza verso le PMI” by Francesco Izzo, Eva Milella, Editor: McGraw-Hill • Patentsgeneratedby IMAST researchactivities: 11

  10. Actions for training and attraction talents • TO TRAIN: • Grants for PhD students • Launch of training courses for post-graduated and post-doc in collaboration with companies and university: • Duration 12 months • All participants are financing with scholarships • Work on the job • Creation of an archive of talents for the member companies TO ATTRACT: • Grants for foreigner researchers • Collaboration of international experts like Scientific Advisors of IMAST projects

  11. Actions to promote new technology entrepreneurship • is the international business plancompetition yearly organized by IMAST and Veneto Nanotech and offers to the winners a total amount of  600.000€:  • 300.000€ for startups participating in the the polymer-based materials category and 300.000 € for nanotechnology category. • The aim is to attract the best nanotechnology / polymer-based materials business ideas in the Clusters, offering financial and strategic support to scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs ready to start a real company. • The new entrepreneurs have access to our facilities, labs, instruments and financial network to develop their technologies and products. This helps them speed the development phase and enter the market

  12. Business plan competition in figures

  13. Actions for promoting new technology entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurial training Imast funds scholarships in the framework of the Fulbright-BEST (Business Exchange and Student Training) program organized by the Embassy of the United States of America in Italy. The aim is to provide young Italian scientists, who can propose an innovative technology transfer project, the opportunity to attend entrepreneurial training courses at U.S. universities. The training also includes an internship at a company in the United States, to acquire the skills necessary to launch and manage their own start-ups.

  14. Attraction in Campania of new industrial R&D Labs Spin-off

  15. Esigenza del settore Innovetion level Innovation level Innovation level IMAST Approach ARCA POLIFLEX PODIME TRIPODE MRI MACE TRASPORTI PRICE CESPERT MANTA ASAP Nanomaterials 7 8 6 3 9 4 4 Sector needs 1 10 5 2 MACADI SITRAM TECOP PRADE Sector needs Processes Optimization 10 Matrix Functionalization Fire Engineering IMPRESA ITALNANONET FUZI POLIFARMA GREEN MECCANO 1 Aeronautic Aerospace Rail Automotive Maritime Pharmaceutics Sensors&Actuators Energy Electronics Difense Costructions Modelling 2 3 4 5 5 1 PIROS 6 3 2 7 COCET GRA Completed Projects 11 8 4 9 Projects in progress 10 Incoming Projects 11

  16. IMAST Fire testing laboratory IMAST has set up a numerical-experimental Fire Laboratory - PIROS- to study the fire performances of composite materials and to develop new composites for applications where fire issues are extremely relevant. • IMAST activities: • thermal and thermo-mechanical modelling and design of composites; • test facilities to analyze the fire reaction and the fire resistance of materials; • multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization for fire-resistant composite structures • design of new composite materials with flame retardance properties • Fire test apparatus • Cone Calorimeter • Flooring Radiant Panel (FRP) Horizontal Spread of Flame • IMO/LIFT Vertical Spread of Flame • Oxygen Index and High Temperature Oxygen Index • Non Combustibility • Thermal Conductivity • Smoke Chamber

  17. COMPLETED PROJECT: ARCA IMASTmembersinvolved:AleniaAermacchi, CIRA, CNR-IMCB, University of Naples ARCA – Optimization of vibro-acustic performances of Composite Materials for Aeronautic applications The aim of the project was the acoustic optimization of a composite fuselage of a commercial aircraft (Program B787) by design and realization of a composite panel with improved capacity to absorb and dissipate vibro-acoustic energy through a multidisciplinary approach (materials, modeling and design, vibro-acoustics testing). The final goal was to increase the comfort of passengers, reducing the overall weight and maintaining the performances. • The project requirements have been achieved through an unfilled elastomeric layer interleaved in the middle of the laminates. • Main results achieved • improvement of acoustic properties: 3dB • reduction of mechanical properties between 10% - 0% • 60% of weight reduction with respect to fuselage to reference* • increase of lamination time, but reset of time to install add-on systems *the reference is a composite fuselage panel with add-on damping treatment Optimized Stringered panel

  18. COMPLETED PROJECT: CESPERT IMASTmembersinvolved:Alenia, CIRA, ELASIS,AnsaldoBreda, CNR-IMCB, University of Naples Partners:Aermacchi, CRF,CETMA, CESPERT – Thermoplastic Matrix Composites and Structures for Transportation Industries In this project, structuralthermoplasticcomposites and their manufacturing processesweredevelopedforthe production ofsmallitemsfortrasportationapplications. • New thermoplastic composite materialshavebeenstudiedtorealizeanemergencydoorfor a RegionalAircraft ATR42. Moreover, a database of thermoplastic material and fiber properties has been developed in order to support the design, modelling and optimization of process parameters. • Best results have been achieved by using • press thermoforming process to realize Windows Frame and structural door components in PPS/Carbon Fibers • fiber placement and autoclave process to realize Skin of emergency door in PEEK/Carbon Fibers. • Induction and resistance welding have been studied to bond stiffeners on the skin. • Main results achieved: • weight reduction of 39% with respect to aluminum solution • developed emergency door meets aeronautical requirements of hail impact test

  19. COMPLETED PROJECT: ASAP IMASTmembersinvolved:Alenia, Elasis, Cetena, AnsaldoBreda, CNR-IMCB, University of Naples Partners:Aermacchi, CRF ASAP – Composite structural adhesives for applications in the transportation field New adhesive systems have been developed to improve the bonding processes and product performances. • In the aeronautical sector an innovative thermosetting adhesive has been developed in order to join stringers to the skin. Numerical rebuilding of adhesion tests has been studied to improve the capabilities to simulate repaired aerospace components and bonding process. • Main results achieved: • out-of-autoclave bonding process • optimization of curing process

  20. COMPLETED PROJECT: PRICE IMASTmembersinvolved:AVIO, CNR-IMCB PRICE – Carbon-epoxy Prepreg For Aerospace Applications The research activities were focused on the application of filament-winding technology to the production of motors cases for space launchers, by using a carbon-epoxy composite material. An innovative epoxy resin characterized by a long shelf-life and high thermomechanical performance was developed. Numerical tools were realized to simulate the impregnation of dry fibers when subjected to the calendering process. A multi-objective optimization process was carried out to identify the optimal working conditions to maximize impregnating resin and, at the same time, minimize dispersed resin. • Main results achieved • 170°C glass transition temperature; • improvement of durability of pre-preg: 6 months of shelf life at 23°C.

  21. COMPLETED PROJECT: MANTA IMASTmembersinvolved: CNR-IMCB, University of Naples Partners:CRF, CETMA MANTA – Advanced materials for structural applications The aim of the project was to increase the knowledge of complex phenomena occurring at interface between polymeric matrices and nanofillersin order to develop novel multi-functional nanomaterialsto be used in structural applications. This goal was pursued studying the influence of nanoparticles surface characteristics on nanocomposites properties and investigating the effects of preparation process on nanopatterned structures of fillers at nanoscale. For aeronautical sector, nano-reinforced matrices for structural composites with multi-functional properties have been developed. Composites systems with improved damping and impact properties have been achieved by thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) filled with multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNTs).

  22. IN PROGRESS PROJECT: Structural Composites/Processes Optimization: MACADI - Development of models and calculation methods for the analysis of polymer materials and composite structures under dynamic loads and impact IMAST membersinvolved:AleniaAermacchi, CIRA, CRF, CETENA, Polithecnique of Turin, University of Naples The objective of the MACADI project is to develop a numerical approach to improve the reliability in the prediction of the structural response of polymeric compositecomponents under dynamic loads. An improvement of the numerical predictions for impact events involving composite structures will be achieved for aerospace components through a better understanding of modeling techniques for complex structures. TECOP – Manufacturing Processes of Polymeric Matrix Composites IMAST membersinvolved:AleniaAermacchi, CIRA, CRF, MBDA, CYTEC, University of Salerno, University of Naples The aim of this project is to develop both materials and manufacturing processes of products with structural and functional properties that can be employed in transport and defense applications. Representative parts of a composite aircraft fuselage and reinforcement parts (either plain or curved) will be designed, realized and optimized. PRADE – Supporting processes: bonded joints and repairing IMAST membersinvolved:AVIO, CIRA, CRF, CETENA, CYTEC, CNR-IMCB, University of Naples This project aims to optimize two main processes: adhesive joints and repairing. The development of materials will be aimed to obtain multifunctional systems with electrical, thermal and dielectric properties, as well as systems able to repair themselves. In the aerospace sector a composite system for the repair of engines will be designed and optimized to achieve an improvement in residual mechanical performances.

  23. IN PROGRESS PROJECT: Functional Composites IMPRESA - Use of Polymeric and Composites Materials for the realization of low cost device sensors for multi-sector applications IMASTmembersinvolved:AleniaAermacchi, CIRA, CRF, STMicroelectronics, CNR-IMCB, University of Salerno The aim of the project is the development of sensing devices used in the transport sector and ambient monitoring. In particular, will be developed ​​pressure, humidity and gas sensors through the realization of multifunctional composite materials. Polymeric composite systems, with thermosetting matrices, will be developed for pressure and humidity sensors realization, by adding inorganic fillers carbonaceous structures, such as graphene and carbon nanotubes (CNTs), for aeronautical structures monitoring . FUZI - Polymeric systems with integrated functionalities IMASTmembersinvolved:AleniaAeronautica, CIRA, CRF, ST, MBDA, SELEX, CYTEC, ENEA, CNR-ICTP, CNR-IMM, University of Naples The aim of the project is to develop new smart materials able to monitor and react to changes in the environment for automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, microelectronic/biomedical and telecommunications sectors. For the aeronautic sector a composite system for structural health monitoring and an integrated system for inverse Finite Element Method (IFEM) analysis will be studied. In the frame of shielding and filtration of electromagnetic waves, functional composite systems with frequency selective surface (FSS) and a Radomewill be realized by including appropriate filler into polymer matrix and by inserting a conductive layer into fiber-reinforced polymers.

  24. IN PROGRESS PROJECT: Fire Engineering COCET – Behaviors of composite materials under extreme conditions: high temperature. IMASTmembersinvolved:CIRA, AleniaAermacchi, CRF, CETENA, CYTEC, CNR-IMCB, University of Naples The aim of the project is to investigate flame resistance and/or fumes toxicity properties of lightened components and/or structures in which weight reduction has been obtained through the replacement of traditional materials with advanced composite materials. In the aerospace sector, a composite ablative tile for ballistic atmospheric re-entry will be realized with improved ablative features. In the aeronautical frame, a lining subsystem representative of the interiors of a regional aircraft made up of composite materials will be realized with reduced weight and also compliant with aeronautical fire rules. Green Regional Aircraft (GRA) IMASTmembersinvolved:AleniaAermacchi The JTI-GRA “Green Regional Aircraft” project is one of the six Clean Sky platforms. New solutions for weight reduction will be investigated through the development of composite materials by innovative technologies, such as multi-functional layer and multi-layer architectures ensuring electric conductivity and lightning resistance and a better acoustic insulation. IMAST will study the fire performance of composite test articles (wing stiffened panels) at single layer and multilayer configurations.

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