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INSTANT INSIGHT: microwaving stars

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INSTANT INSIGHT: microwaving stars. © 2007 J. Lenora Bresler Bresler Training Most supervisors put in disproportionate time. . Selection Orientation Development Problem. Why are employees not motivated?. Because their DIRECT BOSS is not giving them what they want.

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instant insight microwaving stars

INSTANT INSIGHT:microwaving stars

© 2007 J. Lenora Bresler

Bresler Training

most supervisors put in disproportionate time
Most supervisors put in disproportionate time.
  • Selection
  • Orientation
  • Development
  • Problem
why are employees not motivated
Why are employees not motivated?

Because their DIRECT BOSS is not giving them what they want

today s supervisor must coach
Today’s supervisor must coach
  • 21st century employees no longer respond well to authoritarian command and obey approaches
  • Employees want a coach = “a developer of another’s talent.”
What does a good coach do?

How do you know if a coach has done a good job of coaching?

what does a good coach do
What does a good coach do?
  • Gives constant, candid, and consistent feedback
  • Prepares competitor every day for evaluation
  • Encourages/ #1 fan
  • Provides tools
  • Utilizes time and talents of team well
you can t coach well if you don t know your employees
You can’t coach well if you don’t know your employees.



9 in which environment are you the most creative group brainstorming or individual quiet time

#9 In which environment are you the most creative? Group brainstorming or individual, quiet time

10 in which environment would you choose to live structured predictable or spontaneous unrestricted

#10In which environment would you choose to live? Structured, predictable or spontaneous, unrestricted


#11In close decisions, what will be the deciding factor? Logic and practicality or relationship and feeling


#14What would cause you to disrespect and dislike a person so much that you would end a relationship?

instant insight

What questions do you think would provide the most helpful insight for you?

How would you use the information to assist the development of your employee?

job preview
Job Preview

How confident are you that an applicant understands what they are getting into?

How might you provide an even better realistic job preview?


Pick a job you currently supervise.

Choose one critical success factor.

Write at least 2 things an employee could do beginning Day One to develop those abilities.

provide feedback for success from day one
Provide feedback for success from Day One.
  • Provide feedback on what will be evaluated for job performance.
  • Job descriptions and the actual evaluation form should be used to give focus.
  • Give specific examples of good and bad performance behaviors rather than vague terms.
  • Think of one position you supervise.
  • Pick one factor you are asked to evaluate regarding performance for that position.
  • Write two specific examples of what good performance on that factor and two examples of bad performance.
prime your employees to do what you want them to do
Prime your employees to do what you want them to do

Ex: Creativity/innovation

Create an environment in which knowledge and alternative viewpoints are shared.

Examples: Newsletters of competitors issues, professional associations, magazines, idea boards, review company performance

the power of a symbol
The power of a symbol

Develop a symbol, graph, chart, or other visual to track performance.

Ask for periodic updates regarding the “details” of where we are and why.

great things to ask every month
Great things to ask every month
  • What do you like best?
  • What do you enjoy least?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • Are there any tools that would help you?
  • Any information that would make things make more sense to you?
  • Are there any new tasks or opportunities you’d be interesting in pursuing?
Feedback is critical to employee retention. Why?

AND YET . . .

Most feedback given in American workplaces is ineffective. Why?

a good coach b e t s on a good c a r
A good coach B-E-T-S on a good C-A-R!
  • Be Creative,

not necessarily expensive

  • Explain Effect –

how the performance contributed to the team/co. and also to them

  • Timely thanks
  • Specific
Context When you spoke to Mrs. Brown on the phone about the delay in her order,
  • Action you said we understood the delay was a real problem and so, we were going to express ship it complimentary.
  • Result She felt respected and taken-care of and she indicated she would purchase more from us in the future; she said her company generally places $150,000 worth of orders of this material a year.
what is wrong with this positive feedback correct it
What is wrong with this positive feedback? Correct it!
  • “Great job on the Peterson account. Thanks!”
  • “You are always so dependable. You never make a mistake. I can always count on you.”
  • “I really liked the way you presented your concerns at the meeting. Well done!”
  • “Your input into the proposal saved the company $20,000. Good job!”
  • “This kind of good work will certainly be to your long-term benefit.”

Identify one specific employees you supervise who has done something during the last two weeks worthy of praise. Use the CAR method to provide positive feedback.

when you must correct it s car ar
When you must correct, it’s CAR-AR
ask questions to get the employee to think out a good solution
Ask questions to get the employee to think out a good solution.


what is wrong with this feedback correct it
What is wrong with this feedback? Correct it.
  • “In the meeting, you were arrogant and condescending.”
  • “You are always late for meetings. You don’t care about your teammates’ time.”
  • “You talk faster than a bat out of hell. Slow down.”
  • “You have to be more careful. The report you submitted was full of typographical errors.”
  • “The report was great; just a couple little, tiny things that I hate to mention to you, but you know, upper management can get sticky about misspellings and grammar errors. Sorry.”
  • “You need to speak up in meetings. You sit there like a bump on a log. You don’t seem to care about the project or the team.”
performance problems
Performance Problems
  • Abide by a progressive disciplinary procedure.
  • Failure to deal with a “problem” lets down the rest of the team.
  • Document specifically and factually based on the CAR-AR feedback formula.
  • The more serious the infraction or the more times you have addressed it, the more clear regarding formal consequences.
celebrate often and at intervals not just at project s end
Celebrate often and at intervals not just at project’s end.

Celebrate incremental successes and work anniversaries.

use holiday websites for ideas
Use Holiday Websites for ideas
  • www/
  • _ and_ observances
  • www.
  • Around_the_World/Holidays