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Seminar 2

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Welcome to. Seminar 2. We will get started right at 8:00. Make sure you watch the video in this unit: Embryonic and Fetal Periods. embryonic period

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Seminar 2

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seminar 2

Welcome to

Seminar 2

We will get started right at 8:00.

Make sure you watch the video in this unit:

embryonic and fetal periods
Embryonic and Fetal Periods

embryonic period

Period of prenatal development during which major biological organs and systems form; begins about the tenth to fourteenth day after conception and ends about the eighth week after conception.

fetal period

Period of prenatal development, from about the eighth week after conception to birth, marked by rapid growth and preparation of body systems for functioning in the postnatal environment.

teratogens textbook p 120
Teratogens (textbook p. 120)
  • Problems during prenatal development can occur due to genetic abnormalities or environmental toxins called teratogens.
  • Every major system is in place during prenatal development by the end of the embryonic stage and refinement of the systems takes place during the fetal stage, which is the longest.
  • May be temporary or permanent.

Teratogen or not?



the flu



folic acid

Decreases spina bifida and other neural tube defects.

low birth weight risk factors
Low Birth Weight Risk Factors

Premature Babies:

  • Had a previous preemie
  • Pregnant with multiples
  • Have an abnormal cervix or uterus

Full-term SGA:

  • Babies with birth defects
  • Mother has chronic health problems
preemie possible outcomes
Preemie Possible Outcomes
  • Increased risk for cerebral palsy
  • Lower IQs
  • Increased risk of learning disabilities
  • Increased risk of physical/motor problems
  • Lower grades in school
  • More acting out in school
  • Hearing problems
  • Health problems

What age group of mothers is the least likely to deliver a healthy baby?

lbw developmental interventions
LBW Developmental Interventions
  • providing strong cultural support to lower SES (Socioeconomic Status) pregnant mothers
  • strong support to teen mothers
  • Nutrition
  • Home visits
  • Early identification and treatment of developmental delays
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
What do you think researchers found in their twin studies about most disorders? Are they due more to Nature or Nurture?





Stable, early-appearing individual attributes which includes sociability, emotionality, and activity level

combination of nature nurture
Combination of Nature & Nurture




home environment

combination of nature nurture1
Combination of Nature & Nurture


Intelligence Quotient

and always remember
And always remember ….
  • I am here to support you through this course.
  • I want you to enjoy this course and do well.
  • Let me know if you have any questions or problems.