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Life in Tuen Mun

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Life in Tuen Mun. ― Law and order. Content. Preface Problems of Tuen Mun ― Domestic violence How do we solve the problems ? The communication between citizen and department Conclusion Afterthought Reference. Preface.

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life in tuen mun

Life in Tuen Mun

―Law and order

  • Preface
  • Problems of Tuen Mun
  • ― Domestic violence
  • How do we solve the problems ?
  • The communication between citizen and department
  • Conclusion
  • Afterthought
  • Reference

Family originally is a place of peace and happy , why the domestic violence took place in this peaceful place and make the social become anxious , and made people feel horrible so , we must stop violence , let us find out what and why cause domestic violence , what’s the impact and how can we solve them?

problems in tuen mun
Problems in Tuen Mun

5. Domestic problems


6. Junior crime

Problems in Tuen Mun

  • Dangerous Drugs (DD)



problems in tuen mun the family s violence
Problems in Tuen Mun―The family’s violence

What is domestic violence ?

  • It is defined as an act carried out with the intention or perceived intention of physically, mentally or psychologically hurting other in a family. There are three kinds of Domestic violence:
  • Spousal abuse
  • Elder abuse
  • Child abuse
1 spousal abuse
1.Spousal abuse

Spousal abuse includes physical abuse, psychological abuse

Physical abuse-Physical assault of a woman by her partner or

vice versa.

-Examples: slapping, hitting, shoving, pushing,

hitting with an object : burning,

cutting and shooting.

(b) Psychological abuse:

humiliation and deprivation, action and behavior

demeans and degrades the partner.

-Examples: threatening, repeated verbal

abuse, deprivation of

financial and personal


2. Elder abuse

Elder abuse can be in the form of psychological or economic, it also includes neglect, abandonment, and violation of elder’s right.

(a)Psychological abuse-An actdemeans the elder.-Example: threaten the elder, isolate the


(b)Economic abuse- An act deprives the financial and

personal resources of the elder.

-Example: sell the apartment of the elder

without consent.

(c)Elder neglect or abandon-Deprives elder of basic needs or desserts the elder.-Example: provide inadequate food to the

elder, leave the elder in the

hospital instead of bringing him /

her back home.

(d)Violate elder’s right-Force the elder to dosomething they

are not willing to do.-Example: force the elder to live in an

elderly home.

(3)Child abuse
  • It is defined any act of commission or

omission that endangers.

  • impairs a child’s physical or psychological health and development. 
  • Child abuse includes physical abuse, child neglect and psychological abuse.
Physical abuse-Physical injury to a child, or failure to prevent

physical injury that child.

-Example: non-accidental use of force,

deliberate poisoning.


-Severe lack of attention to a child’s basic needs that impact the child’s health or development.

It also includes the lack of avoidable exposure to serious danger.


  • inadequate clothing or education, forcing a child to undertake duties inappropriate to his/her physical strength or age.
Psychological abuse

-A pattern of behavior and attitudes to a child that impairs the child’s emotional or intellectual development.


  • Spurning,
  • terrorizing,
  • isolating,
  • corrupting emotional responsiveness.
why cause domestic violence
Whycausedomestic violence ?

There are four main factor that cause Domestic violence

  • Power and control
  • Psychological factors
  • Family factors
  • Social factors
power and control
Power and control

Abusers are

  • self-centered. 
  • neglect others’ feelings and needs. 
  • only care about their own rights and benefits. 

Violence is used to control their family members.

2.Psychological factors

  • Abusers are
  • bad-tempered and have difficulties expressing anger in a positive
  • ways.
  • tend to have low self-esteem and fear of losing the partner. 
  • Jealousy in extreme measures is common in abusers,
3 family factor
3.Family factor
  • abusers themselves were raised in a “violent home” environment. 

4.Social factor

  • Abusers have
  • very rigid gender role interpretations. 
  • They think that women are sub-ordinate to men. 
  • They do not accept the concept of equality between men and
  • When victims seek help from their relatives, they are usually
  • asked to forgive and forget. 
  • This further reduces the victims’ motivation to seek help.
impact of the domestic violence
Impact of the Domestic Violence

On the victims

1. Physical : bruises , cuts , sprains and various

kind of hurt

2. Psychologically : feel nervous anxious

and helpless led to depression

and suicidal thoughts and


3. Marital : the marriage may break down

when violence escalates.

  • On the abusers :
  • Domestic violence is a criminal offence. 
  • can be prosecuted and incarcerated. 
  • affect interpersonal and family relationships. 
  • It may lead to fear and hatred from both the
  • victims and other members of the family. 
On the children:
  • These children are frightened and often feel insecure
  • may not be vocal and able to express themselves
  • develop guilty feeling because they think that they are responsible for the violence.
  • blame themselves due to their inability to protect the parent for the abuse.  Children learn through observation. 
  • may imitate such behavior and treat it as a proper means to resolve conflict. 
  • to learn such behaviors from the father while girls tend to be submissive

Risk of becoming abusers or victims in their future marital relationships

On the community
  • costly to the public coffer
  • Community resources such as police manpower, hospital services and social service have to be deployed in addressing domestic violence.

In short we should stop the Domestic Violence , but how can we solve the problem

how do we solve the problem
How do we solve the problem ?
  • If you are being abused by your partner
  • You may feel confused, panic, distressed or furious
  • So, you should say “No” to your partner
2 seek support

You can seek help from the Professionals

such as :

  • Social Workers: Social workers can provide you to appropriate services
  • Police: They can protect you and your children by stopping the violence on the spot.
  • Legal Protection: injunction order that keeps your partner away from you and your children.
  • Medical Service: The medical staff will treat your wounds and also refer to other professional disciplines if necessary.
how can we get information about the domestic system
How can we get information about the Domestic System ?

Here is some place that we can get the information

  • Harmony House
  • Hong Kong Family Welfare Society
  • Hong Kong Council of Service
  • Hong Kong Children and Youth Services

Totally, Domestic violence is a important problem we should pay more attention in this problem stop any violence in the family and make harmony’s family and a peace society

  • Leung Chin Ching :It’s a very good project

and let us know that we

should more attend

about this problem.

  • Chan Ka Ho : It’s a good project and

increase the relationship

between us.

  • Wong Chun Fung :I think we should more

care about the problems

in society .

Leung Chun Yin :I think the project let me know

more about Tuen Mun . I

know how to protect myself

from domestic violence.

  • Lam Chun Yan :It’s a wonderful project and

we work in together happily.

  • Choi Chun Lap : I think we should concern about

the domestic violence.

  • Siu Chun Kong: I learn a lot of thing in this project, I

enjoy this project very much.