your transition to monash college n.
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YOUR TRANSITION TO MONASH COLLEGE. Orientation Week 12 of October 2011. Student Administration . February 2013 | 2. Student Administration Speakers who will provide information today. Dolly Chandra Senior Student Administration Officer. Charis Chan

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. YOUR TRANSITIONTOMONASH COLLEGE Orientation Week 12 of October 2011

    2. Student Administration February 2013 | 2

    3. Student Administration Speakers who will provide information today Dolly Chandra Senior Student Administration Officer Charis Chan Fees Sponsored Programs & Scholarships Coordinator February 2013

    4. Where is Student Administration CLAYTON Ground Level, Building 73 +61 3 9905 5261 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm CAULFIELD Building B level 5 Room 5.25 +61 3 9903 4419 Thursday 9am-5pm February 2013

    5. How we can assist you Provide information Facilitate & Process Enrolment & Orientation Course/Unit changed Academic transcripts Testamurs Short Letters Transition Special Consideration Attendance Exams Please come visit us at the counter at Clayton Campus. We are here to help you source the information and refer you to the appropriate area for further support. February 2013

    6. Important Dates • Classes commence Monday 25 February 2013 • 31 March 2013 – Census Date • 29 March 2013 – 4 April 2013 – Mid Trimester (Easter) Break (no class) • 24 May 2013 – Last day of Classes for the Trimester  • 28 May – 4 June 2013 – Exams (excluding 30/05 and 02/06) • 14 June 2013 – Exam results released February 2013

    7. How to update your postal address Go to: February 2013

    8. Student Administration FEES February 2013

    9. When and Where to access fee statements • Two weeks after your enrolment • Notification will be sent to your Monash Email account • You can check the fees balance via WES February 2013

    10. February 2013

    11. Payment methods • Census date • Tuition fee balance February 2013

    12. Fees related enquiries • Go to Monash Connect at Monash University • Building 10 Clayton Campus • Building A Caulfield Campus • Email: • To get an official receipt, go to Monash Connect at Monash University or view your payment history on WES February 2013

    13. What is an Encumbrance? • Also known as a BLOCK on your account Reasons why you may be encumbered • You may have outstanding tuition fees • Fail to update postal address • Library fine • Outstanding campus accommodation fee • Administration encumbrances If you ignore the encumbrance warning • You will not have access to Monash facilities • Applications for short letters will be denied • You will not be permitted to sit for your exams • You are not complying with your student visa conditions February 2013

    14. How to request a refund Once the application is received, it will take up to 28 days to process International students and on a package offer $1000 is a deposit to use to hold your place in the university February 2013

    15. Census dates-last day for FEE HELP Census Date (31 March 2013) is the last date to change your enrolment without being liable for fees Local students – last date to submit your FEE-HELP Application February 2013

    16. How to find me Charis Chan Fees, Sponsored Programs and Scholarships Coordinator Student Administration Building 73, Ground Floor, Clayton Campus Email: February 2013

    17. How to view your timetable online Go to the following web-site: Click on ‘Current students’ Under Diploma students, Click on ‘Timetable’ Enter your Authcate Username and Password Click on “My Timetable” February 2013

    18. Timetable timeline • Preference Entry: Closes today at 5pm 20 February 2013 • Timetable Published: Friday after 5pm 22 February 2013 • Changes may be made to your timetable: Up until Wednesday 5pm 27 February 2013 • Contact Education Administrator by emailing if you have issues • Keep checking your timetable for updates until the end of week 3 February 2013

    19. Final Messages from our team • Good luck with your studies • Don't forget to check your student email account daily! • Check your timetable on a daily basis up until end of week 3. • If you are not sure email us or see us at the counter • Please say hello when you see us, we are here to support your success at Monash College February 2013

    20. Overseas Student Health Cover Monash College Stephanie Brajkovic

    21. How to use your OSHC—direct billing Student $0.00 Doctors/ hospital fee $36.30 $36.30 NO PAYMENT REQUIRED Monash University Health Service Student Service Centre, Clayton Campus Building 10

    22. After Hours Medical Service For non emergency care after hours call: HOME VISITING DOCTOR Phone: 94295677 Monday to Friday: 4pm to 8am Weekends: Saturday 10am to Monday 8am Public Holidays: 24 hours Fee: No Gap Website:

    23. Find a Direct Billing Doctor These doctors will send the claim for the benefit amount direct to Allianz Global Assistance (No Claim Required)

    24. On–campus support Website access Cashclaims Membership details Policy information Holiday credit

    25. OSHC iPhone App • Use the iPhone App to: • find a direct billing doctor using GPS • update your OSHC account details • locate your nearest on-campus OSHC representative • order your membership card • find out how you can claim • Free download from the App store

    26. Our website Click on Students Forms and fact sheets Contact us Update your details Find a doctor Order a membership card File a claim

    27. Ordering a Membership Card Click on Students – Order a Membership Card

    28. Log In - Enter Details Policy Number = Student ID Family Name Date of Birth

    29. Continue to add postal address

    30. Enter your address details

    31. Check Your Details Check your details are correct. Click on “Order a new Membership Card”

    32. Confirmation A confirmation means you have successfully ordered a card Print a temporary certificate for proof of cover. (Doctors visits / making a claim / visa purposes)

    33. Need more help?

    34. STUDENT LIFE@MONASH COLLEGE Orientation Week 12 of October 2011 February 2013 | 29

    35. Cultural Awareness February 2013 | 30

    36. Laura and Freddy February 2013

    37. MONASH COLLEGE WEBSITE For information on: • Student Visas • Policies and Procedures • Resources • Support information February 2013

    38. Get Involved Get Connected program (Week 1 - 6 each Wednesday) Week 1: Learn how to make nachos and a cheesecake Week 2: Have some fun playing badminton Week 3: No Get Connected this week Week 4: Volunteer your time and make food for people in need Week 5: Diploma cooking class Week 6: Participate in the Diplomas egg dropping competition Week 7: Reduce your stress with a Meditation and Yoga class Make sure you register at: February 2013

    39. Get Involved Crafter-noons (Each Wednesday, Student Common Room) Come along Sovereign Hill (Ballarat) Day Trip Date: Thursday 4 April 2013 (during student free week)Time: 9:00am to 5:00pmDeparture: 8:45am from Robert Blackwood Hall Return: 5:00pm at Robert Blackwood Hall Cost: $70.00 Register: Summary: Journey back in time to a place that is filled with excitement, history and goldfields. February 2013

    40. Read the following 3 dilemmas Select your responses February 2013

    41. Monash College Student Dilemma #1Bec is really enjoying the freedom of living away from home. In Australia, she does not have someone telling her what to do all the time. When she lived at home, her mother was always telling her to get out of bed, when to eat, when to complete her homework, etc. Now, Bec can do what she likes. Unfortunately, Bec has missed a number of lectures and tutorials – especially her 9am classes. Bec now realizes she doesn’t really understand what is being discussed in these classes, and she doesn’t want to attend. What should Bec do? You can select more than one of the following responses: A) Contact her family.B) Speak with her teachers.C) Make an appointment to speak with a Learning Consultant.D) Put the pillow over her head and sleep.E) Pretend that everything is okay.then, debrief (2 minutes to discuss as group, show responses 1 minute, debrief 1 – 2 minutes) February 2013

    42. Monash College Student Dilemma #2Monica is an excellent student and performed very well in her studies in her home country but in Australia, sometimes find it hard to complete all work well. She would like to have better English skills and to understand specific language used in her units. Getting good results matters to her and to her family. What can Monica do? You can select more than one of the following responses: A) Meet with a Learning Consultant to discuss her concerns B) Ask her teachers for help by showing them the section of the assignment that is difficult C) Ask her teacher for a glossary of key words that need to be used in the assignment D) Do not go to class and stay home to do the assignment. E) Speak with someone about the pressure she is feeling such as a Learning Consultant or Counsellor February 2013

    43. Monash College Student Dilemma #3Ricky is aware that he can struggle with written English. When he reads passages from recommended texts, or online articles, or work produced by another student, he feels that he cannot say this information in a better way. Ricky wants to submit work that is well written. He knows that in Australia you are not allowed to present someone else’s ideas without acknowledging the source. This is called plagiarism. What should Ricky do? You can select more than one of the following responses:A) Include information from a reliable source, but ensure he cites (identifies and acknowledges the source)B) Cut and paste from articles online and change a few words.C) Copy lots of information from past students essays and hope that his teacher will not notice. D) Make an appointment with a Learning Consultant, who can help you paraphrase (rewrite) information February 2013

    44. Best wishes for your Learning journeyat Monash College February 2013