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What is SlideServe ?
SlideServe is the easiest way to upload and share (publicly/privately) your PowerPoint presentations with the world. Embed/email the presentations to social networking sites/blogs/friends. It's completely Free...

What is possible with SlideServe ?
With SlideServe you can upload and share PowerPoint presentations and share it with your friends, family, clients, teachers, students, and the whole world. You can even create multimedia contents like:

  • Slideshows with photos, shapes, audio etc
  • E-learning content (lectures and tutorials)
  • E-cards
  • Demo Presentations

What file formats does SlideServe support ? What is the maximum allowed file size ?
We currently support the following PowerPoint extensions

  • ppt
  • pps
  • pot

PowerPoint Versions supported: PowerPoint 2002/XP, PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2007. Maximum file size allowed is 50MB.

Will SlideServe always be free? Do you plan to have a paid version with more features ?

The basic account in SlideServe will always be free. In future, we might have a paid account with much more advanced features but that will not impact the free account.

How do I embed/Share a slideshow into my blog or website ?

It's very easy. On the right of the slideshow player you'll see a text box called Embed, with a code snippet in it. Copy that code and paste it into a blog posting or web site or other social networking sites.

Can I send a private message to any SlideServe user ?

Yes you can, a mail will be sent directly to the user's email account.

Can I use SlideServe to share inside my company intranet ?

Yes, you can share on your intranet while keeping it private on SlideServe.

How to make my uploaded presentation Private/Public ?

After you are logged in, Go to My Presentations -> Edit button -> Broadcast -> Public/Private

On what all factors does uploading time depend ?

It depends on

1. Presentation File size (Embedded Video/Audio may increase the file size further).

2. Internet connection speed you have.

3. How busy our servers are.

Who owns the copyright of the content I upload ?

It is owned by the person who created the presentation. You are not supposed to upload a presentation created by some other person.

Is sharing on SlideServe secure ?

It basically depends on the settings you use. It is more secure when you do not turn on the embed code. So uncheck the embed code unless you really need it. Even when you pass on the secret URL to someone, ask them not to post the URL on a public website.

How to adjust the size of the embedded block so that I can prevent it from flowing out of the blog's column.

In the Embedded code you can see that the default block size is set to width="500" height="416". Just change the width and height values to your convenient dimensions.

How to keep track of other users on SlideServe ?

You can add a user as a friend. They will show up in your profile page, along with their latest slideshows.

How do I report inappropriate presentation ?

Please click Inappropriate link provided in the presentation view page.

How can I add to "my favorites" list ?

Click on the 'Add To Favorites' link on the slide view page. It will show up in your favorite slideshows section.

Does SlideServe support embedded sounds ?

SlideServe does support embedded sounds and animation sounds.

Does SlideServe correctly convert embedded fonts in presentations ?

Yes for sure

Does SlideServe support password-protected (encrypted) presentations and slideshows ?

SlideServe does not convert password-protected presentations. Please remove password protection before uploading your presentation to SlideServe.

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