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Telling Our Story TOPIC BRASIL

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Telling Our Story TOPIC BRASIL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Telling Our Story TOPIC BRASIL. Manila 1999 projected Costa Rica 2000. Of the 90 Costa Rica 2000 participants, 18 were from Brazil. This Brazilian group planned the First Brazilian Consultation, held in Anápolis, 2001. Anápolis, Goiás. 2001, August 21- 24. 49 different ministries.

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Telling Our Story



Manila 1999 projected Costa Rica 2000.

Of the 90 Costa Rica 2000 participants, 18 were from Brazil.

This Brazilian group planned the First Brazilian Consultation, held in Anápolis, 2001.


Anápolis, Goiás

2001, August 21- 24

49 different ministries

campinas topic brasil taking shape
Campinas: TOPIC Brasil taking shape

2nd Consultation, 2002 - principles and competencies

campinas topic taking shape
Campinas: TOPIC taking shape

Third Consultation, 2003 – legal organization

Fourth Consultation, 2004 - maturing: mission, focus and principles

some pioneers
Some Pioneers

Topic Executive Secretary, Juracy Bahia.

Former CEE Coordinator, Mara Lau.

Topic President, David Kornfield.

pioneers outside
Pioneers Outside

Muller, a pioneer of Topic Brasil, moved to Africa and now is helping to build Topic there.

teachers and speakers of the fourth consultation
Teachers and Speakers of the Fourth Consultation

Ari, Juracy, Lowell, Eliza, Walter, John, Josadak, Osmar and João.

involved in topic brazil
Involved in Topic Brazil

275 persons enrolled

123 persons active

40 persons committed



“We are a Brazilian Alliance of Trainers of Pastors"


“Each church with an Equipped and Maturing Pastoral Leader"


“An EMPL in each church"


“To enable the equipping of pastoral leaders by strengthening, improving and increasing training networks"

helping to develop a denominational trainers network
Helping to develop a denominational trainers’ network

(PCCP - Baptist Pastor’s Program for Continued Capacitation)


Those with fewer opportunities

coordinators of the cee
Coordinators of the CEE

Ariovaldo and Lowell

cee june 2005
CEE June, 2005

Eliza, Mara, Michael, Samuel, Josadak, Ari and Lowell

training modules
Training Modules

In 2003, CEE worked for six days with 22 trainers, using two modules: one about eight competencies of an EMPL, and the other about the first of these competencies, “Relationship with God”.

training in experiential education
Training in Experiential Education

Under CEE leadership, 12 participants worked on how to develop a module that trains in an experiential manner (Petrópolis, 2004).

eight competencies see p 2
Eight Competencies (See p.2)
  • The EMPL in relationship to God
  • The EMPL in relationship to himself
  • The EMPL in relationship to his family
  • The EMPL in relationship to his leaders
  • The EMPL in relationship to his church
  • The EMPL in relationship to the world
  • The EMPL as a person of the Word
  • The EMPL as an equipper, trainer and mentor
principles p 6

Principles (p. 6)


Selection Discipler Disciple Follow-up



Selection: (1) With criteria that help identify in whom to invest.

God as the source and focus of our formation. This includes:

(2) The Holy Spirit as the Master Teacher. There should be flexibility and discernment to allow the Holy Spirit to teach and reveal what He wishes.

(3) The Word of God as our foundation and principal tool.


A discipler/mentor/pastoral leader. This person should be characterized by being:

(4) Relational, having a committed and personal relationship with the EMPL, be it individually and/or in a small group, connecting with both the leaders´ life and ministry.

(5) An example: being a model or living demonstration of what he wants to teach.

(6) A facilitator: enabling people to learn (and teach), through personal discovery, what most interests them.

(7) Contextual: adapting the instruction according to the maturity, ability, situation and needs of the participants.


The disciple. This includes:

(8) Active participation, with interactive methods and material that stimulate participation.

(9) Competence: growing in character (being), ability (doing) and knowledge (knowing).

(10) Teachable: the desire and commitment to always be growing, searching for learning opportunities.


The learning process. This includes:

(11) Evaluation: Based on the EMPL’s personal and ministerial growth, rooted in self-evaluation and enhanced by the perspective of those to whom he ministers, his peers and his instructor/mentor/discipler.

(12) Small groups: experiential, interactive training, developed in the context of reflection and shared assessment.

(13) Transferable concepts: simple enough to be easily remembered, used and passed on to others.

Follow-up: (14) Designing steps for putting what is learned into practice after the training event.

strengths of topic brasil
Strengths of TOPIC Brasil

1) Vision and determination (persistence in spite of obstacles)

2) Concepts, philosophy and modules

3) The accumulated ministerial and training experience of our associates

4) Our networks throughout Brazil

strengths of topic brazil
Strengths of TOPIC Brazil

5) Diversity – with consequent richness of cross-fertilization and relationships

6) Disposition to learn (continually), people returning to annual consultations

7) Veterans, a committed and competent nucleus

8) Formal legal organization of TOPIC Brazil


1) Raising a vision of a new training philosophy – with key concepts such as mentoring and adult education principles

2) Developing and multiplying (weekend) modules for training pastoral leaders.

3) Exploring new training methods – distance learning, radio, internet, videos

4) Stimulating reflection on pastoral training through forums and research


5) Mobilizing and networking trainers of pastors in Portuguese-speaking countries

6) Offering concrete services to pastoral trainers such as in designing training modules and making tools more available.

7) Encouraging and enabling trainers in sharing their knowledge and experience.

8) Raising denominational and organizational awareness of the importance, value and need for pastoral training.


For more details about Topic Brasil, access

Come join us in our fifth yearly consultation - March 30 to April 2, 2006 – in São Paulo!