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PSLE. Report Writing Protocol. The Report Template. The template is available on the PSLE website at You can save it to a file. The Report Template. Examples of reports are on the PSLE website also. Initial Draft.

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Report Writing Protocol

the report template
The Report Template
  • The template is available on the PSLE website at

  • You can save it to a file.
the report template1
The Report Template

Examples of reports are on the PSLE website also.

initial draft
Initial Draft
  • Due dates: Check with your supervisor for specific day and time various drafts are due.
  • Send via email
  • Use the password given by your supervisor
  • No PHI should be included!
time management tip
Time Management Tip

All electronic copies must use initials only and have no identifying information. So…

Agree amongst yourselves how you will use the initials so that you can do an easy “find and replace” when it is time to put the PHI in.

Example: Some students will do Sx Tx for initials ST.

time management tip1
Time Management Tip


Choose letter combinations that are not acceptable in English.

Think about it: If you had a client “Eric” and you used “Ex” – what would happen when you did “find and replace Ex with Eric”?

initial draft1
Initial Draft
  • Interviewer writes history
  • Lead clinician writes main body
  • Put history and body together before you send it to the supervisor.
initial draft2
Initial Draft
  • Write it as best you can.
  • Take time to edit it yourself for content, organization and typos.
initial draft3
Initial Draft

Keep in mind that the first people to read the report will be the parents.

  • Avoid jargon, use examples to help clarify
  • Do use IPA symbols, but also use examples to illustrate
  • Present information in as positive way as is possible
initial draft4
Initial Draft
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt
  • Feel free to use tables to present information (often easier to read than paragraphs)
    • In general, we use 10 pt font for tables
supervisory editing process
Supervisory Editing Process

The supervisor will read it, edit it and then provide further instruction to either

1. Revise and resend via email.


2. Revise and prepare a hard copy for review.

hard copy for review
Hard Copy for Review
  • Insert all PHI
  • Make sure the report formatting follows the template (check headers)
  • Print the report out (2-sided is fine)
hard copy for review1
Hard Copy for Review
  • Read the report yourself for content, organization, formatting and typos
  • Submit the report, marked up is fine as long as it is still legible
  • Also submit a draft of the cover letter to the supervisor
  • Once you put the PHI into a hard copy report, it cannot leave the clinic.
  • Please store hard copy reports that have PHI in the cabinet in the computer lab.
next steps
Next Steps
  • Wait to print the final draft until the parent conference has been held.
  • This is just in case some more information is revealed or some changes need to be made to the recommendations.
final draft
Final Draft

When the supervisor gives the go ahead:

  • Print out a final draft of report and letter

Note: Make sure date on letter matches the date you are printing it.

  • 1-sided only
  • Recheck 1 more time for formatting and typos
watch out
Watch Out

When you print out your final draft be sure tocheck that your IPA symbols came out the way you meant them to.Different computers will read the symbols differently.

If you need to, use white out and hand write the symbols.

final steps
Final Steps

1. You should have at least 2 original copies of the report and cover letter (unless the family asks for us to send a copy to a third party).

  • Remember – we can only send to a third party if we have written consent to do so.
final steps1
Final Steps
  • Prepare a pink Report Processing Form
  • Sign the copies of the cover letter and report
  • Submit all to the supervisor for signature
  • Be sure to clarify if you or the supervisor will turn the report in to the front office.

Final Copies should be

  • free of typos
  • have appropriate headers/footers
  • have a place for the lead clinician and supervisor to sign
  • otherwise comply with the template provided

Use the report checklist to check yourself

cover letter
Cover Letter
  • A cover letter should accompany the report.
  • There is a template with the clinic letterhead available on Docushare and linked on the website:

Clinic Letterhead template

  • There is an example of appropriate formatting for the cover letter:

Sample Cover Letter

have more questions
Have More Questions?

Ask your supervisor!