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CDR L1/L2 Training – CRM PowerPoint Presentation
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CDR L1/L2 Training – CRM

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CDR L1/L2 Training – CRM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CDR L1/L2 Training – CRM. Prerequisites CDR Architecture Quick View To Get Users Created/Updated In CRM To Get Main Locality/Sub locality Created In CRM First Time Logging in to CRM Order Progression and Integration Touch Points Frequently occurring errors and their resolution.

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Presentation Transcript


CDR Architecture Quick View

To Get Users Created/Updated In CRM

To Get Main Locality/Sub locality Created In CRM

First Time Logging in to CRM

Order Progression and Integration Touch Points

Frequently occurring errors and their resolution

CDR Training – CRM



Users should be aware URL of CRM Production Environment

Users should have Login Details of CRM Production Environment for support user

Oracle client should be installed at support systems

Users should have Login Details of CRM Production Database

Users should be aware of architecture CDR Project

Users should be aware of all the scenarios in CRM

CDR Training – CRM



CDR Training – CRM

CDR Architecture – A Quick View

CDR Applications


Customer Mgmt

Order Mgmt


Marketing &Sales

Product Management

Web Self Care

Analytics Reports




down stream systems



Charging & Invoicing




Support group members should take request for User Creation/Updates from authorized BSNL person in proper format and create a Service Manager (SM) Ticket for the same.

SM Ticket Should have all the details regarding the user like

First Name

Last Name

Employee Number

Correct Role according to CDR (CSR,CO,AOTR etc..)

Respective exchanges should be there for CO

Respective Number Ranges should be there for AOTR

CDR Training – CRM

To Get Users Created/Updated In CRM


Main Locality/Sub locality should be unique across the different modules of CDR

SM Ticket Should be raised to create New Main locality/ Sub Locality .Ticket should have all the details like

Main Locality

Sub Locality

Exchange Code (CDR Exchange Code)

WLL Exchange Code

PIN Code

Exchange Type (Rural/Urban)

Workgroup (Clarity)

All request should be created for Clarity first. After completion in clarity it should be done in CRM

Existing Main Locality / Sub locality Should Not be changed. New record should be created by adding meaningful suffix to existing one.

CDR Training – CRM

To Get Main Locality/Sub locality Created In CRM


User should have Internet Explorer (IE) Version 6 or 7 (Preferably 6)

Users should have admin login to the system for fist time CRM client login

Siebel Hi Interactivity Client require ActiveX.

Siebel Automatically download required files on first time login to the client.

Go To Tools Internet Options  Security  Internet  Custom Level

Select ‘Enable’ for all the sub options in ‘ActiveX Controls and Plugins’

Go To Tools Internet Options  General  Settings  View Objects

Delete all the files with name as Siebel or Hi interactivity (Don’t delete java , jre files)

Login to CRM client.

CDR Training – CRM

First Time Logging In To CRM


CDR Training – CRM

Order Progression and Integration Touch Points

Our Customer.. Account Id is - 4004004001

What is your mobile number & Best time to call?

One Customer.. More Bill Accounts!

Account id : 1234567890







Phone Line 1,2..

Broadband. ISDN.

What Customer is subscribed

One customer - Any number of addresses!

Installation address1, 2..

Billing address…





What BSNL sells..

Landline, Broadband, WLL, ISDN ..



Line Items

New Phone/BB orders.. Change my plan.. Remove facility.. (Sales & Service Orders)






Phone dead.. Bill not correct..

Pls help !

I want electronic bill..

My name is spelt wrong!!


CDR Training – CRM

Order Progression and Integration Touch Points

  • ‘Create Account’ in Customer Account  Billing Account
    • Billing System (Kenan)
  • ‘Available Numbers’ In Orders
    • Inventory (Clarity)
  • ‘Reserve Number’ In Orders
    • Inventory (Clarity)
  • ‘Accessory Check’ In Orders
    • Inventory (Clarity)
  • ‘Demand Note’ In Orders
    • PMS
  • ‘Submit Order’ In Orders
    • EAI
  • ‘Milestones’ In Orders
    • EAI

CDR Training – CRM

Order Progression and Integration Touch Points

  • ‘Submit’ / ‘Approve’ in Trouble Tickets
    • EAI
  • ‘Approve’ In Service Request
    • EAI / Billing System (Kenan)
  • BB Billed/Unbilled Usage
    • Billing System (Kenan)
  • CDR Details
    • Billing System (Kenan)

Check Order Status and Milestones of the Order. If there is no Milestone and order status is

Open: Order is not yet progressed by CSR

Not Feasible : Number Availability or Number reservation got failed

Submission In Progress : Check Order Date, Check Parent Order

In Progress: Check with EAI

If there are Milestones and order status is

Open/ Not Feasible / Submission In Progress : Check Cancellation Reason.

In Progress: Check Milestones.

CDR Training – CRM

Order Status is Not Changing


By installing the 917425 ( Internet Explorer ActiveX compatibility patch)

Changing the Internet Explorer Settings

Open Internet Explorer Window

Click Tools menu  Internet Options Click on Settings

A new window will open change the setting called “ Check for new versions of stored pages ” to ‘ Automatically ’.

CDR Training – CRM

On clicking Customize Button, Application is Getting Hanged


In CDR System, Demand Note will not be generated for annual plan. It always come in next bill.

May be zero deposit scheme selected

CDR Training – CRM

Demand Note Is Not Getting Generated


CDR Training – CRM

Shift Disconnection Completed, Reconnection In Progress

  • CSR has raised a shift order, cancelled the shift order meanwhile the shift disconnection was completed. Then raised a new provision order, Demand Note raised for this NPC order but for the shift connection subscriber no need to pay any amount. How to proceed for such kind of orders.
  • For this kind of orders. Please follow the procedure:

If the Shift order was Cancelled, while raising NPC, In Order details Screen In More Info Tab .

In Comments field please mention the reason for raising new order. In customize button Select Deposit Scheme as 'Zero Deposit'.


CDR Training – CRM

Exchange Type Should Be Same

  • While creating Shift Across Exchange Order, when clicked on Available numbers getting alert as "Installation address and Billing Account Exchange type should be same".
  • The Billing address and installation address type should be same , either the both fields should be in rural or urban.

CDR Training – CRM

ECS Data Correction

  • While correcting data for ECS customer it is not allowing changing.
  • For this CSR has to raise SR changing first to Cash and again SR for changing it back to ECS.

CDR Training – CRM

WSC User Registration Problems

  • User Registration without Broadband
    • User Request will be sent to Primary Web CSR of that Zone and Web CSR has to approve the Request. So that User can login into the WSC Portal.
  • User Registration with Broadband
    • User login directly once the Registration process is completed. User Request need not to be approved by WEBCSR.