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Welcome to Botswana

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Welcome to Botswana - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Botswana . Botswana. Hi Family,

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Hi Family,

When I first arrived I saw allot but after I got a map I saw exactly were I am. I am close to the middle of Africa. To the north of Botswana, there is Zambia. To the south of Botswana, there is south Africa. To the east of Botswana, there is Zimbabwe. To the west of Botswana, there is Namibia. There are so many animals here like crocodiles, hippos, elephants, buffalo, and African fish eagles. Summer is from October to April, with temperature often above 100 (37 ). During the winter which lasts from may to august temperatures below freezing. there are many deltas, rivers, plains, mountains, houses, lakes, and roads.






Hi Family, some things that people do in Botswana are rock paintings, singing, dancing, and story telling. Did you know that religion does not effect the way they dress. They speak English and Setswana. But great Britten effected them when Britten ruled them that is why they speak English and Setswana. Shopping is really challenging where I am staying because if the shop runs out of something it is gone. People help unload trucks of supplies in the rural areas. Some types of foods are borotho-bread, metsi-water, nama-meat, mashi-milk, loungo-fruit, and dinotshe-honey. Some sports are football (soccer), softball, volleyball, tennis, and olympics.
Hi Family,the economy is almost like ours they export diamonds, copper, nickel, and beef. There is some history about how Britten ruled them. Britten ruled them under the British rule. They ruled Botswana in an indirect way. But Botswana gained independence peacefully. Botswana gained independence in 1966. South African governments sought to have the territories transferred. They have a multiparty system and you must be at least 30 years old to run for president.
Hi Family, Malaria, and sleeping sickness are found in the north. Botswana currently faces a devastating HIV/AIDS epidemic one-fourth of the adult population is infected. The president now in Botswana is Lt General Khama.