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20 Tips in 20 Minutes PowerPoint Presentation
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20 Tips in 20 Minutes

20 Tips in 20 Minutes

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20 Tips in 20 Minutes

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  1. 20 Tips in 20 Minutes David, Enrick, Luc PTC/User Montreal RUG

  2. Tip 01 Assembly Manipulation Techniques Prior to creating a drawing • Create the Simplified Reps you need for the drawing. • Use Simplified Representations to prevent Pro/ENGINEER from retrieving unnecessary models into memory. • Use as few assembly features as possible because intersecting components creates hidden copies of the model and this uses additional memory. When sketching assembly features, use closed sections and manually select the components to be intersected. This will prevent Pro/ENGINEER from intersecting extraneous components and will speed up drawing performance.

  3. Tip 02 Which Dimensions are Shown?Which are Added? (Edit, Highlight by Attributes)

  4. Tip 03 Relations Tips • Add Comments to remind yourself and others what your relations are controlling • Modify your dimensions with Logical names • Length instead of d20, etc. • Relations are evaluated from top to bottom. Relations towards the bottom have more precedence than those higher up. • Parameters must exist before they can be used in relations. • Maximum Line length is 80 Characters use \ to continue on a second line. Recommended Maximum of 5 lines total.

  5. Tip 04 Existing Parts and Sections

  6. Tip 05 Including a drawing into Word document

  7. Tip 06 How to cut a part using datum plane

  8. Tip 07 Pro/INTRALINK Table DisplayFit Table Column Width Right clicking on a column header will fit the column width <SHIFT> + Right clicking on a column header will fit all the columns width

  9. Tip 07 (cont’d) Pro/INTRALINK Table Display Saved Table Display Column Width Commonspace Status Compare Status Workspace Status New in Pro/I 3.3 Only! Table display columns are now saved with a width!

  10. Tip 08 Click and Drag the this small vertical bar to freeze the display of the column on the left Pro/INTRALINK Table DisplayKeeping Columns Visible While Scrolling These columns will remain visible during the scrolling Use the horizontal scroll bar to see the column on the right

  11. Tip 09 Pro/INTRALINK Table Display Dynamic Table Configuration Sorting Unsorted display Left-Click on a column header to sort the table by the parameter displayed in that column Left-Click on the same column to change the sorting order from ascending to descending Hold down the <SHIFT> key and left click on a second column to add it as the second search criteria

  12. Tip 09 (cont’d) Pro/INTRALINK Table Display Workspace Dynamic Table Configuration Sorting Dynamic sorting done locally +500% faster New in Pro/I 3.3 Only! Column width is lost Manual resize is required No benefits when Applying a saved Table display

  13. Tip 10 Easy Pro/INTRALINK Table ExportBOM Report To quickly import BOM data into Microsoft Excel for further processing, follow these steps: Generate in Pro/INTRALINK the Commonspace BOM report for the desired assembly. 1 Generate in Pro/INTRALINK the Commonspace BOM report for the desired assembly. 2

  14. Tip 10 (cont’d) Easy Pro/INTRALINK Table ExportBOM Report When the HTML browser is open, copy the file location from the Address. 3 Paste the file location in the file open dialog box of MS Excel. 4

  15. Tip 10 (cont’d) Easy Pro/INTRALINK Table ExportBOM Report Voilà! This printing technique is also applicable to most Pro/INTRALINK windows!

  16. Tip 11 CommonspaceNew Report: Family Table Structure Wildfire And Pro/I 3.3 Only! Shows nesting of Instances

  17. Tip 12 CommonspaceNew Report: Model Structure Wildfire And Pro/I 3.3 Only! Mimics Pro/E Model Tree

  18. Tip 13 CommonspaceNew Report: External SimpRep Wildfire And Pro/I 3.3 Only! A great tool to reduce Workspace size for Large Assemblies!

  19. Tip 14 Suppressing Components By Program To Open Large Assemblies In Master Rep • Allows the user the usage of all menus • Trick was used to restructure a large assembly • Drawing updated automatically

  20. Tip 15 Redefining Models • When making major changes • Redifine features from the bottom will eliminate the need for regeneration, thus saving time • Works for Parts and Assemblies

  21. Tip 16 Copying Views • Create a detail view of the desired view • Edit the view and change it to General • Edit the view and change it to full View • Usage • Creates an exact duplicate of the original view • Keeps all member, edge and process Display

  22. Tip 17 Enabling Intent Objects • To allow Intent Chains and Surfs of Models Prior to 2001 • Set the config option « logical_objects » to yes • Force Regen with Model Player

  23. Tip 18 Using The Model Player • Excellent tool to identify issues • Force Regeneration • Use Session Info, Message Log • Repair the model if necessary • Will identify the following: • Line Errors in Relations • Geometry Checks • All Warnings (model missing, assembly cut outside the model, …)

  24. Tip 19 Playing With Accuracy • Lowering Accuracy • Faster Regen • Eliminates Geometry Checks of « Tiny Edges » • Bigger Files • May cause part to fail (in the case of complex rounds for example), so use with caution

  25. Tip 20 Creating « Cute » Symbols • Convert your bitmaps to a standard format (dxf for example) • Import the file in a Pro/E Drawing • Select References as if you were in Sketcher • Sketch Splines as required • Result:

  26. Tip 21 Dynamic Trim In Sketcher

  27. Tip 22 Finding Small Components UsingComponent Info

  28. Tip 23 Checking Out Only Required Assemblies • When working with Large Assemblies • Check-out Top Level Assembly with Relationships set to none • Open the Assembly in a simplified rep Excluding all Components • Redefine the targeted simplified rep • Check-out the marked assemblies in the simplified rep • You can also retrieve the top level assembly directly and use the Quick Fix, Find Component as you go.