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Instructions. Thoroughly read the entire presentation. Complete the accompanying online form, which will serve as your Advisor Signature Page.

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Thoroughly read the entire presentation.

Complete the accompanying online form, which will serve as your Advisor Signature Page.

A minimum of three (3) academic calendar days prior to departure, contact the assistant to the dean of students at 972.881.5604 or to obtain after hours/emergency contact information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Dean of Students Office at your home campus. (Contact information for each Dean of Students Office can be found at the end of this presentation.)

dean of students office mission statement
Dean of Students Office Mission Statement

“We are advocates for student success within an interdependent, safe, and respectful community while upholding academic integrity and responsible behavior through a fair and consistent process.”

  • To define travel:
    • “…any approved Collin College-related activity during or outside of usual working hours taking place anywhere other than a campus location” (current student handbook, section 6.32 Student Travel).
  • To ensure that student safety is a priority.
  • To explain Collin College’s expectations of advisors’ and students’ behavior while traveling.
  • To encourage review of travel plans with students and appropriate administrators.
  • To review pertinent information in the StudentCode of Conduct and appropriate Board policies.
  • To explain procedures and forms necessary for travel.
  • To ensure everyone has an enjoyable & productive trip.
role of advisor
Role of Advisor
  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  • Coordinate room assignments & notify students of their room number.
    • Students may not change rooms without the advisor’s approval.
    • Students of the opposite sex may not share a room.
    • Students may not share a bed.
    • Advisors cannot share a room with students.
  • Travel to and from all events/activities with students.
  • Be accessible to students for the duration of the trip.
  • Facilitate daily meeting.
    • Touch base.
    • Address any issues or problems.
    • Communicate information (e.g., schedule changes).
  • Keep on-hand all Liability Waiver Forms.
role of advisor continued
Role of Advisor (Continued)
  • Establish contact procedures in case of emergency.
  • Secure after-hours/emergency phone numbers for the appropriate administrators.
  • In the case of inclement weather, contact the appropriate administrator to ascertain whether the group will still be allowed to travel.
  • If an incident occurs during the trip (e.g., medical emergency, discipline, etc.) immediately notify the Dean of Students Office and the appropriate administrator(s).
    • If the incident is a disciplinary matter, complete a Student Incident Report upon return from the trip.
  • Review and enforce the following policies to the best of their ability: Student Travel (FK–Local and Regulation); Employee Standards of Conduct (DH–Local); Transportation Management Policy (CJ–Legal and Local); and the Student Code of Conduct.
travel forms
Travel Forms
  • Liability Waiver Form
    • Required for all off-campus travel (including local travel).
    • Available through academic division & Student Life offices, & also at
    • Must be completed a minimum of 3 academic calendar days (not including weekends) before departure.
    • A new waiver must be completed for each trip.
    • Appropriate academic dean must keep a copy for all academic travel.
    • Director of athletics must keep a copy for all athletic travel.
    • Student Life must keep a copy for all student organization travel.
    • Advisors must have direct access to all students’ Liability Waiver Forms throughout the trip.
      • Do not place them in checked luggage or the storage compartment of a chartered bus.
travel forms continued
Travel Forms (Continued)
  • Travel Meeting
    • Required for all students and advisors attending an overnight trip.
    • Must be completed a minimum of 3 academic calendar days (not including weekends) before departure.
    • If travel meeting is not completed, students & advisors will not be permitted to travel.
    • Every student and advisor must fill out and return their own signature page.
    • Must attend a travel meeting once per academic calendar year (i.e., September 1 – August 31).

NOTE: It is each student’s responsibility to ensure all forms are filled out properly and returned to the appropriate office(s) before departure.

appropriate types of transportation
Appropriate Types of Transportation
  • Students’ personal vehicles.
    • Students who need to take their personal vehicles over a distance of 60 miles one-way musthave prior written approval from the appropriate vice president/provost.
  • Collin College-owned or leased vehicles.
    • Students can neverdrive a vehicle Collin College owns or leases.
  • Common carrier (e.g., plane, bus or train).
    • Bus companies must provide at least $5,000,000 in insurance coverage.

NOTE: Advisors cannot transport students in their personal vehicles. Additionally, students and advisors cannot organize and/or sanction students to carpool to events.

travel exceptions
Travel Exceptions
  • Advisors are notauthorized to make travel exceptions.
  • Students must receive approval from the appropriate administrators.
  • Exceptions to travel policies are a privilege, nota right.
  • Release of Liability Via Alternative Transportation form:
    • Available through academic division & Student Life offices, & also at
    • Must be completely filled out and include:
      • Written rationale for exception to policy
      • Documentation (if applicable)
      • Alternate itinerary
    • Must be submitted to appropriate administrator a minimum of 5 academic calendar days (not including weekends) before departure.
  • If a travel exception is not approved, the student will need to travel to and from the event with the group if he/she chooses to participate.

NOTE: It is each student’s responsibility to ensure all forms required to request an exception to travel policies are filled out properly and returned to the appropriate office(s) before departure.

expectations for students
Expectations for Students
  • Treat others with dignity and respect.
  • Represent themselves and Collin College in a courteous and professional manner.
    • Remember that you are ambassadors for Collin College.
    • Act as role models for fellow students.
  • Comply with all Collin College policies and procedures.
  • Comply with the directions of the advisor(s).
  • Travel to and from all activities/events with the advisor(s).
  • Take full advantage of the experience by:
    • Attending daily meeting(s) facilitated by the advisor(s).
    • Attending all official activities (optional activities are at each student’s discretion).
    • Arriving at all activities and events on time.
    • Bringing information back to share with fellow students.
college time
College Time
  • Begins when you arrive at the departure site.
  • Does not end until you return to the drop-off site at the end of the trip.
  • Includes:
    • Time spent participating in the activity/event; and
    • Allfree periods throughout the trip.
  • Students must abide by the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Employees must abide by the Employee Standards of Conduct DH (Local) Board policy and all applicable HR policies.
  • Be aware that Student Code of Conduct violations often occur on the return trip because students mistakenly believe they are no longer on college time.
  • Trips can be cut short or even canceled altogether due to disciplinary issues.
the student code of conduct
The Student Code of Conduct

Applies to all Collin College students:

  • While at Collin College
  • On Collin College property
  • While attending Collin College-sponsored activitieson or off campus.
7 2 1 alcohol and drug use
7-2.1 Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Students cannot possess, manufacture, deliver, distribute, sell, purchase, use, or be under the influence of:
    • Alcoholic beverages;
    • Illegal controlled substances;
    • Steroids;
    • “Designer drugs”;
    • Abuseable volatile chemicals;
    • Any other intoxicant, mood-changing, mind-altering, or behavior altering drugs.
  • Exception for prescription medication(s)
    • However, inappropriate or illegal use of over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, inhalants, herbal/“natural” euphoriants, and look-alike products is forbidden.
  • Tobacco policy
7 2 4 other offenses
7-2.4 – Other Offenses

disrupts the orderly process of Collin College or interferes with the lawful rights of others;

conducts himself or herself in a manner that interferes with Collin College teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other activities and public service functions;

damages, steals, defaces, or destroys Collin College property or property belonging to a student, faculty, staff member, or campus visitor;

7 2 4 other offenses continued
7-2.4 – Other Offenses (Continued)

physically, verbally, and/or sexually assaults, threatens, abuses, harasses, retaliates, and/or endangers in any manner the health or safety of a person at Collin College, on Collin College property, or at a Collin College-sponsored activity;

violates Collin College rules, regulations, the Student Code of Conduct, procedures, and/or Board policies (e.g., parking, guidelines for student events, registration of meetings and activities, use of Collin College facilities, or the time, place, and manner of public expression);

fails to comply with directions of Collin College employees, authorized officials, and/or police acting in the performance of their duties;

7 2 4 other offenses continued1
7-2.4 – Other Offenses (Continued)

K. attempts to, or possesses, manufactures, delivers, distributes, sells, purchases, uses or is under the influence ofalcoholic beverages, illegal controlled substances (as defined by federal law or in the Texas Controlled Substances Act), steroids, substances referred to as “designer drugs,” and the inappropriate or illegal use of over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, inhalants, herbal/“natural” euphoriants, look-alike products (what is represented to be any of the above-listed substances) and/or drug paraphernalia at Collin College, on Collin College property, or while attending Collin College-sponsored activities on or off campus;

participates in illegal gambling in any form, at Collin College, on Collin College property or at any Collin College-sponsored activity on or off campus;

T. engages in hazing at Collin College, on Collin College property, or at any Collin College-sponsored activity, on or off campus.

disciplinary penalties
Disciplinary Penalties
  • Suspension of privileges.
  • Suspension of eligibility for participation in official athletic and non-athletic extra-curricular activities.
  • Suspension from Collin College for up to 2 calendar years.
  • Remember:
    • Penalties can be applied to an individual student, and/or
    • Penalties can be applied to an entire student organization, which may result in loss of status as a Recognized Student Organization.
  • In order to communicate information to emergency personnel if necessary, students may want to consider:
    • Sharing medical information with their advisor;
    • Wearing a medical ID bracelet; or
    • Writing pertinent medical information on an index card and keeping it in their wallet or pocket.
  • Use good judgment, and trust your instincts.
  • Be careful about wearing nametags or other identifying information away from the event site.
  • Stay together as a group or use the buddy system.
    • Students must have the advisor’s permission before going off-site.
    • Travel in groups of at least 3 people.
  • Make sure the door to your hotel room is always closed and locked.
    • Do not leave your door open while getting ice or stopping by another person’s room.
    • Use the peephole, if available.
    • If a hotel staff member is at your door & you did not request assistance, call the front desk or security before allowing them in.
safety continued
Safety (Continued)
  • Do not leave non-alcoholic drinks unattended or accept an open non-alcoholic drink from someone you don’t know.
  • In case of emergency:
    • Follow contact procedures established by your advisor.
      • Be sure to get cell phone numbers from each student.
      • Please share your cell phone number with the students.
    • If there is an immediate physical or medical emergency, dial 911 first and report the incident. Be sure to give the following information:
      • Your name;
      • Location of incident;
      • Description of incident.
    • Immediately contact the appropriate Collin College administrator and apprise him/her of the situation.
    • Do not attempt to intervene in the situation except in the case of self-defense or self-preservation.
dean of students office contact info
Dean of Students Office Contact Info
  • Central Park Campus (CPC)
    • Room LA-242
    • Phone: 972.548.6770
  • Collin Higher Education Center (CHEC)
    • Suite 457
    • Phone: 972.881.5604
  • Preston Ridge Campus (PRC)
    • Room F-119
    • Phone: 972.881.5667
  • Spring Creek Campus (SCC)
    • Room G-227
    • Phone: 972.377.1595
  • E-mail:
  • Someone will be available Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • After hours, advisors will have contact information for appropriate Collin College administrators.