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  1. VRBizTools

  2. VRBizTools VRBizTools is an online self-employment (SE) training module for vocational rehabilitation agencies. Provided by subscription, it gives VR professionals the tools to assist their clients in creating viable business plans that meet the funding requirements of VR, PASS Programs and private lending sources. New subscribers receive customized training for their staff on how to understand and work more effectively with clients going through the SE process. 14.8% of individuals with disabilities are self-employed. This is almost twice the percentage of those who are not disabled.  In fact, employment opportunities for the disabled in rural areas are very rare. For them, self-employment may be the only viable alternative. And yet, as of 2007 only 1.7% of all VR cases closed were for self-employment.  VRBizTools improves the rate of VR's case closures for SE by providing a user-friendly tool to track clients as they go through the process of starting a business. It also offers a way to satisfy the federal mandate to create higher-quality employment outcomes as per the Rehabilitation Act of 1998. Best of all, instead of costing the department thousands for each client as it did previously, with VRBizTools it costs just hundreds. © VRBizTools - 2011

  3. VRBizTools VRBizTools' website, which can be customized to show your state logo, provides you with 6 great tools. Our unique Client Management Software allows the VR counselor to track and manage SE clients © VRBizTools - 2011

  4. VRBizTools The Ask the Expert section is a resource where counselors can ask questions by e-mail of a team of experts in SE and disability issues. Questions and answers can be posted to an online forum. © VRBizTools - 2011

  5. VRBizTools The Self-Employment Program Guide explains the SE process and how to set up a unit in your area. It also contains information on your individual State's and federal SE guidelines. © VRBizTools - 2011

  6. VRBizTools The Counselor Forum allows the counselor to communicate with other counselors and discuss relevant issues. It also provides access to critical information about SE and disability benefits. © VRBizTools - 2011

  7. VRBizTools The Resources section has the latest research articles on SE. In addition to links with consultants and business and disability websites. © VRBizTools - 2011

  8. VRBizTools The Business Basics Workbook (BBW) is a tool for your client. It is a major component of your VRBizTools subscription and is composed of a password-protected site with over 150 pages of information, links and interactive forms, all designed to help your client to succeed. BBW helps your client create a viable business plan that meets the VR regulations in your state as well as federal SE guidelines.  The resulting business plan document also meets the criteria that private and public financial institutions typically require of a new venture before funding. Our necessarily rigorous process yields a downloadable Microsoft Word file containing the most essential details about your client's business. © VRBizTools - 2011

  9. VRBizTools 1. Getting Started: BBW's first section leads your client through a process of analyzing his or her aptitudes, interests and capabilities and then selecting an appropriate business goal. The client is asked to be very explicit in naming his or her goals and to justify their business idea in common sense terms. This is where the client will create the structure of the company, company name, mission statement, logo and letterhead design. All data entered will become part of the introduction to their finished business plan. © VRBizTools - 2011

  10. VRBizTools 2. Market Research: We move on to helping your client to identify their particular market niche.  To succeed, a business person needs a clear understanding of who their target market is as well as the identity of their competition. © VRBizTools - 2011

  11. VRBizTools 3. Marketing Plan: Once the market research phase is completed a marketing plan is needed. How will potential customers be reached? What are the potential costs? © VRBizTools - 2011

  12. VRBizTools 4. Getting Organized: This section concerns the specifics regarding the working space needed to succeed. The client must understand the implications of hiring management and staff, setting up files, policies and equipment, and very importantly, the steps that will be required when a sale is consummated. © VRBizTools - 2011

  13. VRBizTools 5. Financial Plan: One the most important sections of the BBW prompts your client for specific profit and loss projections. Funders, counselors and management want to know what the prospects for profitability are. What are the accounting procedures? The cash flow estimates? The potential funding sources? © VRBizTools - 2011

  14. VRBizTools 6. My Business Plan: When the counselor determines that the client has polished his/her input sufficiently, the workbook is complete. The client can then download the fruits of their labors: a completed business plan, a Microsoft Word file, formatted sensibly and professionally.  The document is theirs to keep and can be updated at a later date to account for changing economies and market trends. As each client “graduates”, the supervising voc rehab counselor reassigns the clients’ username, freeing his/her seat for the next user to begin. © VRBizTools - 2011

  15. VRBizTools Thank you Please visit our website www.VRBizTools.com for further details Our contact information: Dr. Boris Del Cid VRBizTools 1-888-688-8954 Email: drdelcid@disabilitybiz.org © VRBizTools - 2011