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Norva Plastics Inc. Presents. Inpatient Suicide Prevention Safety Devices. Suicide Reduction Door. Suicide Reduction Door. Panel drops at only 5 lbs or less of pressure. Standard door frame. Drop down panel in the raised position. 1. 3 inch gap at bottom of door. 2. Final Position.

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Norva Plastics Inc. Presents Inpatient Suicide Prevention Safety Devices

    2. Suicide Reduction Door

    3. Suicide Reduction Door Panel drops at only 5 lbs or less of pressure

    4. Standard door frame Drop down panel in the raised position 1 3 inch gap at bottom of door 2 Final Position 3 Normal Position 5 lbs or less pressure Panel drops within the door • Drop panel cannot be removed from the door • Drop panel can be reposition without any tools by staff • No hangings points 4

    5. Suicide Prevention Patient’s Sink Faucet

    6. U.S. Patent Pending Suicide Prevention Patient Sink Faucet Norva Plastics Inc. • Metered Faucet (handles & spout) is encased in a high-impact solid surface material (i.e. Corian type material). Comes in either 4” or 8” spread and fitted to your backsplash or wall. • Designed so that nothing can be tied to the fixture thus-eliminating existing hanging points (i.e. handles & spout). The Solid-Surface material is permanent and cannot be removed by the patient. • Norva Plastics’ self-closing, push-button, metered faucets will save you water, money and exceed your energy saving goals. They are a LEED Approved product that will help you save the environment. • Fact: Our faucets save twice as much water as electronic faucets. Also they do not require the constant maintenance or calibration as an electronic faucet. • Our faucets can be equipped with an additional water saving aerator that can further reduce bathroom faucet water use from 2.5 GPM to 1.0 GPM. • Maintenance or water duration usage can be adjusted easily by technician without removing the fixture from the sink. • Esthetically pleasing to any administrator or human rights committee. Norva Plastics, Inc 1-800-826-0758 In VA: (757) 622-9281 Fax: (757) 623-2859

    7. Suicide Prevention Patient Sink Faucet • Made of high impact solid surface material and customized to fit your existing sinks. • Push button – water saving control valves require no batteries or calibration. • Difficult to tie anything to fixture (i.e. no hanging points) due to its design • Unlike electronic faucets, our faucets provide all three types of water temperatures (hot/cold/warm) for your customers. • Pre-cut slots on each side of push button to allow easy access to “Allen” screw for adjusting water duration or maintenance • Our faucets are made of solid brass and have four times the product-life than electronic faucets and require very little maintenance. • $$ Water saving fixture will pay for itself in four years or less. • . 8” Design No protrusions Each faucet is customized to your existing sink to save on retrofit costs. No space between faucet and backsplash or wall. Norva Plastics, Inc 1-800-826-0758 In VA: (757) 622-9281 Fax: (757) 623-2859 U.S. Patent Pending

    8. The new version that is now in production has a more rounded-triangular front which will gives it a more ascetic pleasing look for your patients Matching pre-assembled Faucets & low-cost Sinks are now available! New 4” Version 4 - inch design No protrusions for hanging Our faucets come in several colors options. White Almond Sand Spice Quarry Norva Plastics, Inc 1-800-826-0758 In VA: (757) 622-9281 Fax: (757) 623-2859

    9. Suicide PreventionShower Control Valve

    10. Side view – cut away Recessed Handle Tamper resistant bolts to hold Control handle & Plate together Unsafe Safe Recessed lip prevents handle from being pulled out by patient Valve spindle Mixing valve (in wall) Suicide Prevention Shower Control Handles • Control knob is now recessed so there are no hanging points • Universal adaption to all brands of valves …. $$$ major cost savings • The design prevents anything from being slid behind the knob handle • Handle cannot be remove because it is part of the faceplate • Made of high impact resin solid surface material • Handles for cold and hot water valves are available upon request Norva Plastics, Inc 1-800-826-0758 In VA: (757) 622-9281 Fax: (757) 623-2859 U.S. Patent Pending

    11. New & Improved Suicide Resistant Shower Handle • Shower handle comes in two sections : base & removable cover for easy installation and maintenance . Using the specialized template that comes with every order, the base is permanently installed first. Once the base is in place, the cover slides over the marked guides and attaches to the base using tamper resistant screws. • Another new feature is the solid polyethylene inner-handle and larger keyway which makes the handle turn smoother and improves the torque on the handle. Base Plate Side view of shower Mixing valve Knob handle It comes in several colors and textures. Mixing valve handle Recessed in beveled faceplate Norva Plastics, Inc 1-800-826-0758 In VA: (757) 622-9281 Fax: (757) 623-2859 U.S. Patent Pending

    12. Suicide Prevention Soap Dispenser

    13. Typical Standard Plastic Soap dispensers in Patient’s Bathrooms • Standard Soap Dispenser • Lacks structural integrity – made of plastic • Poses high probability for easy destruction • Patient safety dangerously compromised by • sharp shards of plastic debris • $$ Costly - @ $3.00 per refill packet U.S. Patent Pending

    14. Suicide Resistant Refillable Soap Dispenser Sloped design No hanging points U.S. Patent Pending Refill fitting Valve cannot be removed by patients Advantages • Made of tough - durable solid surface (e.g. Corian type) material and when secured to the wall is virtually indestructible – Safe for the Patients • Dispenser bolts security to the wall • Refilling operation is simple and highly cost efficient using liquid bulk • soap poured into 24 oz. reservoir   (SAVE $$ - pays for itself in 2 years!) • Aesthetically pleasing with several colors and textures to choose from • Now comes with disinfecting flushing kit with every lot ordered. U.S. Patent Pending

    15. Advantages • Suicide Resistant – No hang points • Drop in Soap Cartridge – lid will not fall off when changing soap • Ability to swap out soap containers in less than a minute • Designed for 7 types of 27 oz. Dial disposable bags (i.e. anti-bacteria, body wash, etc.) • Made of tough - durable solid-surface material and when secured to the wall is virtually indestructible – Safe for the Patients New Drop In Disposable Soap Cartridge U.S. Patent Pending

    16. Sentinel Event Reduction Door

    17. Sentinel Event Reduction Door Winner 2007 Patient Safety Award • The Sentinel Event Reduction Door (SER) is the first recognized and patented door designed with safety features to prevent inpatient suicides. • It is designed so that there are no anchoring or hanging points on any four sides of the door. • The SER door eliminates suicide hazards that exist with standard bathroom doors in psych centers, hospitals, prisons and detention centers. • The SER doors are constructed from ¾” thick extruded polymer resins that do not splinter or crack under high abuse. The polymer doors may be painted to match any color scheme. SER doors are mounted with a universal continuous hinge that may be mounted to door frame or toilet partition and eliminates any gaps that may be used as an anchoring point. The top of the door is angled, so anything hung over will slide off. • Now available in material that will match your other • Norva products US Patent Pending

    18. Sentinel Event Reduction Door

    19. US Patent Pending Suicide Resistant Shower Door New The shower door will out last hundreds of shower curtains, therefore will pay for itself . Gaskets on side & Bottom • Specifically to replace the shower curtain and rod. Water stays in the shower stall. • No more chances of hangings or suffocations from plastic curtains. • Constructed from ¾” thick extruded polymer resins that do not splinter or crack under high abuse. • The doors can be disinfected and may be painted to match any color scheme.

    20. Suicide Resistant Toilet Paper Dispenser

    21. New Single or Dual Toilet Paper Dispenser Infectious Control Cover Feature Sloping design Sloping Design • Made of one piece - impact resistant Solid Surface Material • No hanging points • Dowels are made of flexible, breakaway • polyethylene foam rubber • No danger to patients • Bolt on construction • One or two roll dispenser available • Extra dowels with every dispenser No holes for hanging U.S. Patent Pending

    22. Polycarbonate Covers For Fire & Life Safety Equipment

    23. Norva Plastics Life Safety Lexan Covers • Made of high-impact polycarbonate • Withstand major abuse (field tested for over 7 years) • Major Savings $$ in repair and replacement costs • Prevents suicides with the elimination of anchoring points • Great visual appeal vs. cage like and/or bar-type covers • Exclusive only to the Healthcare or Detention Industry Flat wall mount 18” Dome 24” Dome Low unit cost & High savings $$$ Under surface/ceiling mount Strobe light mount Also comes in side mounted

    24. Custom-made Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Light Lenses and Mirrors • Glass mirrors including safety glass is dangerous and can be consumed by patients when broken. • Acrylic (Plexiglas) light lenses can break into sharp pieces and be used for • self-harm. • Acrylic can get damaged and will have to be replaced unlike Polycarbonate • Norva Plastics can fabricate any size of light lens or mirror to your • specifications

    25. Coming Soon to NORVA Plastics The first Suicide Resistant Tri-Fold Paper Towel Dispenser that will match with you other fine suicide prevention products from NORVA Plastics Inc.

    26. Hospital Pharmacy Drug Return Drop Box

    27. Hospital Pharmacy Drug Return Drop Box Now comes in two sizes! • Prevents RFIs • Lockable • Made of Polycarbonate - unbreakable • Supplements the Pyxis by keeping return medications under control. • Rubber cushion located at bottom of box to prevent breakage • Smaller version for only bottles & push-packs

    28. Suicide Prevention Monitor – Patient Doors

    29. Hallway Audible Alarm & Strobe (amber color) Photo beam transmitter & receiver is mounted 3” parallel to door. If beam is broken > 30 seconds, alarm (strobe/audible) will activate. Transmitter, receiver & magnetic cut-off switch is mounted in the wall (flush) and cover by a polycarbonate shield for added protection Door Closed position Patient Bedroom Suicide Prevention Monitor – Patient Doors (SPMPD)

    30. Key switch Hallway LED indicates alarm is on/off {Green – ON Red – OFF} Note: Key switch allows the system to be turned off manually for maintenance or repair. Monitoring device kit is simple to install by any facility maintenance staff. All low voltage wiring connections are labeled and snap together for quick installation. Only requires 110v Patient Bedroom • Options: • Polycarbonate cover for alarm/strobe • Battery back-up Suicide Prevention Monitor – Patient Doors (SPMPD)

    31. Suicide Prevention Door Handle

    32. New Suicide Resistant Patient door handle Norva Plastics, Inc 1-800-826-0758 In VA: (757) 622-9281 Fax: (757) 623-2859 Other models do not provide the same “piece of mind” in preventing Sentinel Events • Advantages over others • Suicide Resistant • No hanging points • Easy to operate for patients • Easy to pull open • Resistant to constant abuse • Fire – Rated U.S. Patent Pending

    33. Our latest CMC Machining Center

    34. Only the best high-tech CMC is available at Norva Plastics

    35. Whether your project is going into space, underwater or in a dangerous environment, we can fabricate your project with the highest quality to your specifications.

    36. We can vacuum-form most shapes, sizes and dimension for any quantity

    37. We have: • Every type of plastic • Any type of size, shape or dimension

    38. Largest Inventory of Plastic Supplies on the East Coast • Lowest Costs • Will ship internationally

    39. Norva Plastics All the products that we ship is carefully packed or crated to ensure there is no damage to your merchandise when you receive it. Cardboard packing to prevent the door shifting in the crate

    40. Let’s us be your one-stop service!