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English and Literacy at Hope Valley College

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English and Literacy at Hope Valley College - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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English and Literacy at Hope Valley College. Assessment and setting in English Accelerated Reader Reading Buddies Homework. Please ensure you have collected your personal information pack from the back of the room prior to the start of the talk. Assessment in English.

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english and literacy at hope valley college
English and Literacy at Hope Valley College
  • Assessment and setting in English
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Reading Buddies
  • Homework

Please ensure you have collected your personal information pack from the back of the room prior to the start of the talk.

assessment in english
Assessment in English
  • STAR Reading – 3 times per year: National Reading Scaled Score (NRSS) – 100 is average, Reading Age and Reading Level.
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG) – each half-term.
  • Extended response, either writing or reading – each half-term.

Setting for English is based on this data along with the KS2 Teacher Assessed Level.


“There is a proven link between test results and reading for pleasure. Studies also show that reading a variety of literature independently by the age of 15 is the single biggest indicator of future success, outweighing negative factors such as socioeconomic background or family situation.”

“The importance of getting children off to a good start in reading cannot be overstated. Good readers are more likely to succeed in all subjects in secondary school and beyond, while poor readers are likely to continue to have reading problems, to struggle with other subjects, and to become unmotivated and develop problems with behaviour, self-esteem and attendance.”

The National Literacy Trust


A reading programme based on individual students reading the right books for them.

  • Run by the library and the English Department for all Year 7 students.
  • Online assessments give us a very clear idea of a student’s reading ability.
  • 25,000 books allows students to select books which match their interests but also are the right level of difficulty.
  • Each student will be given an AR range - they can read any titles so long as they are within the range.

STAR Reading Diagnostic Report

This is not an exact science and is intended as useful guidance rather than an indisputable ‘fact’.

Please give careful consideration to the information you choose to share with your child.


After reading a book, students take an online quiz. They get an instant score which reflects their comprehension of the book (a score of 85% is the benchmark of successful understanding).

  • Anyone with 100% gets to put their name up on a display board in the library and entered in to prize draws.
  • Students also accumulate ‘points’ depending on the difficulty and length of the book and their quiz score.

Staff can also see:

  • Who’s reading the most books
  • Who’s reading books which are very easy for them or very difficult for them
  • Who’s read the most words
  • Who is earning the most ‘points’

Each week, during their AR lesson, students will review their reading, take quizzes and be set targets for their reading for the week ahead.

renaissance home connect
Renaissance Home Connect
  • Access Accelerated Reader at home and track your child’s progress in reading.
  • Log on details in blue letter.
reading buddy initiative dear
Reading Buddy Initiative - DEAR
  • 55 Year 7 students have been allocated a Year 11 Reading Buddy for DEAR on Friday mornings.
  • This is linked to the data generated by the STAR Reading Assessments.
  • 1 to 1 support and working with a role model in school.
english homework
English homework
  • Students will be expected to read for a minimum of 20 minutes three times per week; one of these sessions should be to/with an adult.
  • Students will be given a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar workbook from which they will be set revision tasks each week which should last approximately 20 minutes.
  • Students will also be given spellings to learn and revise each week. They should spend at least 20 minutes over the course of the week on this activity.

This is the first time we have provided such a detailed talk and information pack to Year 7 parents and we would value your feedback on how useful it has been.

Please tick the appropriate box next to each question.

mathematics at hope valley college2
Mathematics at Hope Valley College
  • Assessment and setting in Maths.
  • Homework.
  • Assertive mentoring reports.
  • MyMaths.
  • Maths Workshops.
mathematics setting at hope valley college
Mathematics Setting at Hope Valley College
  • Based on raw scores from KS2 tests.
  • Already in place from start of term.
  • Major reviews at the end of year.
  • Interim changes only with full consultation.
mathematics homework
Mathematics homework
  • Students will be expected to engage in a minimum of 30 minutes homework per week.
  • Students will be given range of tasks including MyMaths, investigations, research and practice exercises.
  • Students will be given a substantial written task at least once a fortnight. This work will be teacher assessed, levelled and include written feedback on how to improve.
mathematics assessment at hope valley college
Mathematics Assessment at Hope Valley College
  • Four single level assessments: w/c 22nd September, w/c 17th November, w/c 12th Jan and w/c 2nd March.
  • Focus on identifying areas of potential improvement.
  • Multi-level EOY test: w/c 4th May.
  • More reliable comparison between groups.
preparing for assessments
Preparing for assessments
  • Prompt sheets available for NC levels 2-8
preparing for assessments1
Preparing for assessments
  • Assertive mentoring feedback from previous assessments.
preparing for assessments2
Preparing for assessments
  • MyMaths Login: hopevalley pass: radius.
maths workshop
Maths Workshop
  • Monday and Wednesday lunchtime 12:50 – 1:30 Maths 1&2.
  • Help with homework/classwork.
  • Preparation for assessments.
  • Study plans.
  • 1 to 1 support, working with teachers role models in school.