The future with erwin schrodinger
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The Future with Erwin Schrodinger. By Dakota Hallahan , Brooke Catalfamo , Collin Fitzpatrick. My beginning. Erwin Schrodinger was born in August 12, 1887 in Vienna.

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The future with erwin schrodinger

The Futurewith Erwin Schrodinger

By Dakota Hallahan,

Brooke Catalfamo,

Collin Fitzpatrick

My beginning
My beginning

  • Erwin Schrodinger was born in August 12, 1887 in Vienna.

  • He was educated at the University of Vienna. Over his college years, he was strongly influenced by Fritz Hasenöhrl. It was during this time Schrödinger acquired a mastery of the physics of continuous media, which led to the future of his great work.

My model of an atom
My Model of an Atom

  • In 1926, Erwin Schrodinger developed the probability function for various atoms, including hydrogen. 

  • The probability function describes an area where the electron is likely to be found and described this area as a cloud.

  • The model based on this probability equation can best be described as the cloud model

Schrodinger s cat thought
Schrodinger’s Cat Thought

One of Schrodinger’s most famous experiments was his “cat in box” theory:

  • If the atom decays, the vial would break and kill the cat. If it doesn’t decay, the vial stays in tact and the cat lives.

  • After an hour, the atom is both decayed and not decayed. This would mean that the cat is both alive and dead. If the box was opened, the cat would die anyways.

  • Therefore, you can’t make conclusions without observing first.

The future with erwin schrodinger

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