God is in the rain
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GOD IS IN THE RAIN. Emily, Samantha, Kimberley. Youtube link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXf6wxeMFHc. MUSIC.

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God is in the rain


Emily, Samantha, Kimberley

Youtube link



Music: This particular piece of music in this scene was written for the film by Dario Marianelli called “Evey Reborn”. It is very victorious sounding which is perfect for this scene because it enhances how Evey is feeling at the current time. It rises in intensity as Evey walks further out on to the balcony which enhances the feeling of freedom, since she had just been tortured and locked up for a long period of time.

Shot transition comparison symbolism
Shot transition/comparison/symbolism

Shot transition/comparison: The shot transitions during this scene are very important because show more of the similarities between Evey and V. When Evey is sobbing with her hands risen in the air because she is free of the emotional/physical trauma V has just put her through, the mid shot transitions and cuts multiple times in quick succession to a mid shot of who we assume to be V at Larkhill. With the fiery destruction of what is left of Larkhill around him, V is screaming out with his hands raised in the air, almost in the exact same position on the screen. This happens twice in the scene. This shows both of the main characters in the moment they were freed. Evey from her corrupt thoughts (that the govt had influenced), and V from where he was kept and tortured.


Dialogue: “God is in the rain” is said by Evey when she has just stepped from the balco it is raining down on her in the moment of enlightenment and relief. With everything that has happened to Evey, she thought back to the little scroll that she kept with Valerie’s story on it. One of the first things mentioned in the story is ““My grandmother owned a farm, and she used to tell me that God was in the rain.”. She found Valeries story so heartbreaking and meaningful and it means that her and Valerie both found god during the trying and negative times in their lives, but look to him (instead of the Govt) to work through it.

Costume colour

In this scene Evey is wearing her prison cell outfit which represents the strength she has been through to become strong and no longer afraid. 'V' is wearing his black costume which is a black cape and black pants and shoes with the guy Fawkes mask. This represents his dark past and his cape represents the hero he is now.