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Club Service Funding

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Club Service Funding. To Recognize and Encourage Involvement (aka “CSF”). What is CSF?. CSF refers to funding that the ASCC allocates to highly active clubs for their service to the campus and the community.

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Club Service Funding

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club service funding

Club Service Funding

To Recognize and Encourage Involvement

(aka “CSF”)

what is csf
What is CSF?

CSF refers to funding that the ASCC allocates to highly active clubs for their service to the campus and the community.

  • ASCC provides funds to the clubs so that they can fund activities that further their goals in accordance with their Statement of Purpose.
how much can i earn
How much can I earn?
  • Club members will receive $10 per hour per member of CSF.
  • A club may earn up to, but not more than $1,000 dollars during Fall and Winter quarter. Spring quarter will depend on the amount of money left in the budget.
  • Allocated on a weekly basis during fall, winter and spring quarters by the Club Coordinator.
what is the purpose of csf
What is the purpose of CSF?

The purpose of Club Service Funding (CSF) is to recognize and encourage the involvement of clubs and student organizations in the campus and community.

Highly active clubs are financially rewarded for providing events and activities and/or supporting events and activities that promote educational, cultural, athletic, and social well-being of Clark College students and our community.

benefits besides the money
Benefits besides the money…
  • Benefits:
    • Becoming more involved in the campus and community
    • Generating energy and enthusiasm for the campus
    • Providing human resources for the community
    • Developing skills for interpersonal relationships
    • Developing team and individual organizational skills
eligibility requirements
Eligibility Requirements
  • Club Service Funding requests must be completed correctly and must be returned to the Club Coordinator before the quarterly deadlines.
  • At least three different club members must volunteer hours during the quarter for the club to qualify for Club Service Funding.
  • The club must attend 4 Club Committee meetings per quarter.
  • The club must turn in a quarterly report each quarter.
types of csf
Types of CSF:
  • There are 6 different types of CSF
    • On-campus
    • Off-campus
    • Host an Event
    • Host a Movie
    • Club Fair
    • Committee
on campus volunteering
On-Campus Volunteering
  • Events that occur anywhere on the Clark College campus
  • Examples:
    • Donating blood
    • Helping set-up at an ASCC event
    • Ushering at a play
off campus volunteering
Off-Campus Volunteering
  • Any off-campus outreach volunteering that at least 3 club members participate in

Must turn in a Travel Authorization Request form and a Risk Waiver form to the Club Coordinator at least 2 weeks before the planned trip, along with the CSF form

  • Your advisor or a college employee must be present the entire duration of the event
host an event
Host an Event
  • Events are activities that are sponsored by one or more chartered clubs.
  • Sponsoring clubs can earn money as follows:

Two (2) hours of planning for each hour of the event

+A maximum of two (2) hours for set up

+The actual hours of the event

+A maximum of two (2) hours for takedown

= The total hours earned for the event

You must advertise your event for at least 1 week to qualify for CSF

host a movie event
Host a Movie Event
  • A licensing fee is required to show movies in public
  • Sponsoring clubs can earn money as follows:

2 hrs max planning time

+2 hrs max for set-up

+Actual hrs of event

+2 hrs max for take-down

= the total hrs earned

You must advertise your event for at least 1 week to qualify for CSF

club involvement fair
Club/Involvement Fair
  • An ASCC event that clubs participate in to show off their club to the college and recruit new members

Clubs are expected to participate and this event is held every quarter.

4 hrs max allotted for Involvement Fair


Service as a member of approved Committee

Examples: Tenure review committee, eLearning Committee .

The ASCC Vice-President assigns students to committees

  • There is a separate application form required for this type of service.

CSF Forms for Committee are grey and can be found in PUB 160

caveats to csf
Caveats to CSF

Cannot be combined with any other offer.

    • You cannot earn CSF if you are getting paid, earning extra credit etc.
  • Up to $1000 per quarter as money allows
  • No more then 4 people per Club for Committee CSF

Available in PUB 160 at the Club Information stand

  • Or online at

Reference the CSF Packet or Club Handbook for more information