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Creating FRG Newsletters

Creating FRG Newsletters. Introduction on how to present FRG information to families and soldiers. TYPES OF NEWSLETTERS. Soldier newsletter Write a blurb to add to your unit’s newsletter. Work with your MPOC to identify due dates and amount of space.

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Creating FRG Newsletters

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  1. Creating FRG Newsletters Introduction on how to present FRG information to families and soldiers.

  2. TYPES OF NEWSLETTERS • Soldier newsletter • Write a blurb to add to your unit’s newsletter. Work with your MPOC to identify due dates and amount of space. • Newsletter is sent to soldiers so FRG points of contact may not see the information. • FRG/Family newsletter (hard copy or electronic) • Write a FRG/Family newsletter. • Newsletter is sent to the family point of contact. • Follow FRG Newsletter guidelines.

  3. Things to do Gather items to put into newsletter Develop layout of the newsletter Prepare newsletter Send newsletter to Commander for approval (must be approved prior to mailing to families) Print and mail newsletter to families

  4. FRG Newsletter Layout • Fonts • Size – 11 or 12 point • Type – pick clear, easy to read type such as Arial or Times New Roman • Columns • Number – 2 columns are easy to read • White Space • White space is pleasing to the eye and can be used to separate important portions of the page.

  5. FRG Newsletter Format • Page Requirements • If printed at state print shop, the page requirement is 4, 8 or 12 pages with the last ½ page left blank for mailing information. • The state print shop prints the FRG newsletter monthly when the unit is deployed. If the unit is not deployed then the newsletter printing and mailing is paid for by the FRG or the unit with commander’s permission.

  6. FRG/FAMILY NEWSLETTER • Sections of the Newsletter • Contact Information • Message Center • Upcoming Events • Discounts/Offers • Recognition • Services

  7. Newsletter Sections: Contact Information Armory Address and Phone Number Commander’s Name and Phone Number Readiness NCO’s Name and Phone Number FRG Lead’s Name and Phone Number Family Assistance Center Names and Phone Numbers

  8. Newsletter Sections: Message Center • Message from the Commander • Commander’s Corner • Commander’s Chat • Major’s Memo, Captain’s Corner, etc… • Message from the FRG Lead • FRG Fan Mail • Coordinator’s Corner • Volunteer Voicebox

  9. Newsletter Sections: Upcoming Events • Required Information • Date • Location of Event – Provide Full Address • Contact Person’s Name and Number • Brief description of event. • Event Types • Unit/Battalion/Brigade Events Drill Dates and Annual Training FRG Events: Holiday parties, Family Picnics, etc… • Training Events State Conference, FRG Training, other trainings

  10. Newsletter Sections: Misc. • Discounts/Offers • Provide any relevant discounts/offers available to military families/soldiers. • Recognition • List all family volunteers in main positions (phone tree coordinator, newsletter coordinator, etc…) • Thank you section for those people or groups that assisted the FRG with something. • Services and Needs • Provide useful websites or information available to military families/soldiers such as Military One Source. • Volunteer positions available within the unit FRG.

  11. Newsletter Development • How do I start? • Gather all of your information, articles, etc… • Discuss with your Commander what information he/she wants shared with the families. • Use a Template from Microsoft Word (see attached sheet for directions on how to access templates). • Put in the data that doesn’t change (armory address, contact information, main section heading, etc…). Save this as your “master” newsletter template.

  12. Why won’t this work??? As you begin cutting and pasting information into the newsletter template, some things will work and some won’t. Be prepared to manipulate text box sizes, edit articles and leave some items out of the newsletter. BE PATIENT!!!

  13. Helpful Tips Keep a file of articles, interesting facts and ideas for a newsletter. When they are used move them to a folder that identifies the date and year those pieces of information were used. Put the most important stuff in the newsletter first then fill in any blank areas with miscellaneous information. Browse the internet for clip art and articles . Train families by adding a “Newbie” column for those families who are new to the military (acronyms, pay schedule, etc.)

  14. Final Stages Save an electronic version of newsletter. Keep a copy at the armory for new families to browse through. Print and mail – then breathe a sigh of relief and start thinking about the next newsletter.

  15. Practical Application Text Boxes Pictures

  16. Text Boxes • Inserting Text Box • Resizing Text Box • Linking Text Boxes

  17. Pictures • Inserting Pictures • Resizing Pictures • Compressing Pictures

  18. E-Newsletters • Template • PDF Function

  19. Questions

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