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NANO. “ Nano ” is something very small. In order that a structure can be definied “ nano ” , it needs at least one dimension smaller than 100 nm. The ratio between 1m and 1 nm is the same between an apple and the earth ’ s dimension.

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  • “Nano” is something very small. In order that a structure can be definied “nano”, it needs at least one dimension smaller than 100 nm.
  • The ratio between 1m and 1 nm is the same between an apple and the earth’s dimension.
  • To measure in a nanoscale we use powerful machines; for example with an electronic microscope we can explore landscapes and surfaces that we have never seen, a strange new world.
  • In a nanoscale things behave differently, because of the changes in the surface area, the area that can react with the outside world, that became million times wider.


  • Our world is full of materials that show a nanostructured organisation.
  • There are biological materials for example milk, ATP synthesis, Jelly; natural materials, for example vulcanic ash, seaspray, lotus leaves or cabbage.
  • Moreover there are a lot of examples of nanostructures in the animal world, such as gecko’s foot, butterflies wings colour.
  • Inspiring to this natural nanomaterials, the scientists have been able to make new materials with extraordinary properties, better than the one we already know. An example is Nanotex cloth or custodies for mobile phones.

Lotus’ Leaves

  • Lotus is a plant that grows in a dirty habitat, but it maintains its leaves clean. This is a conseguence of the “lotus effect”. Thanks to a nanostructure made of thousands of nano-crystals, it assumes a rough and superhydrophobic surface that stop the water from stick it. So the water goes away without wetting the leaf.
  • When the water goes off, it also bring with it the molecules of dirty, that don’t have a secure position because of the rough surface. Thanksto this effect, lotus is considerated a symbol of purity.


  • Gecko is a rectile whose feet are nanostructured. They are made of little bristles and thousands of nano-cushions, so its feet have a very close contact with the surface they walk over, they can stick on it.
  • This structure makes Gecko able to walk along vertical walls and even on ceilings, challenging apparently the gravity force.
  • A simile nanostructure characterizes also gerrid’s feet. This animal is able to walk over the water without bathing itself, thank to the nanostructures of its feet.


  • It’s the discipline that study the potential effects of nanomaterials on the environment and human health.
  • Its principal objective is the study of nanopathologies, diseases caused by nanodusts. Infact it has been demonstrated that some cardiovascular diseases derive from the concentration of particles with a diametre of less than 2 micron in the environment. This particles enter our organism very easily.


To ensure the development

of nanotechnologies we need :

  • A collaboration of politics, research, governance, education and industries;
  • A common language for all the sciences involved;
  • Intensive collaboration of quantum physics, biology, genetic engineering and chemistry.
  • Predictive nanotoxicologyto

- minimize health risks

- avoid the increase of costs

Nanotox is the European center for nanotoxicology and the major center is located in Austria near Graz. Other Austrian centres are Linz, Salzburg and Vienna, but this company is trying to develop in all Europe, to ensure the dissemination of knowledge about nanotechnologies and their impact on the environment and humans.


– Develop and structure the field of nanotoxicology in Austria and Europe for an international knowledge.

–Create national contact point for researchers and industry to facilitate comunication.

–Activate establishment of international contacts with key players in the area of nanotoxicology.

–Providing industries with a tool kit of methods for the in-vitro and in-vivo measurement of the toxicological potential of nanostructured materials.

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