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  1. IND780 Q.iMPACT Quality Improvements Quantity Increases Quantifiable Results

  2. IND780 Q.iMPACT • Q.iMPACT controls the transfer of material from one location to another using measurements from scales, load cell systems or flow meters • Q.iMPACT is powered by patented, Predictive Adaptive Control algorithms, exclusive to Mettler-Toledo • These auto tuning algorithms model each material transfer and proactively adjust feed cutoff to deliver material as quickly and as closely to the desired target as possible • The result: Q.iMPACT significantly reduces costly raw material over-feed, unacceptable under-feed and material feed time 2

  3. or or Q.iMPACT Summary of Benefits • Improve Material Feed Accuracy • Precise and consistent control of each material feed • Maximize Throughput • Take full advantage of existing equipment and future capital investments • Minimize Manufacturing Costs • Production errors (scrap and costly rework) • Raw material costs (product waste) • Labor expense • Constant operator intervention due to changing process conditions • Maintenance due to complex automation/spare parts cost • System Flexibility and Expansion • Timely and inexpensively bring new products to market • Realize the benefits of Q.i regardless of PLC or DCS platform • Stand alone too

  4. High • High Accuracy OR Throughput • Low • Low • Throughput • Accuracy • Throughput • Accuracy • High • Low Accuracy AND Throughput • Accuracy • Throughput The Q.iMPACT Material Transfer Controller The manufacturing challenge: Optimize the tradeoff between feed accuracy and process throughput The Q.iMPACT advantage: Feed the Exact amount of material in the Shortest possible time… Every time

  5. Customer: Trial unit installed in July 2009 Purchased systems for 3 lanes installed in December ~$90K project including: IND780 Q.i trial IND780 Q.i terminals New analog scales CS&S services Project Management System Support Agreement Bulk Food segment story available now! 75% reduction in material feed variation A reduction from +/- 200 grams to +/- 50 grams From +/- 1.3% of target to +/- 0.3% of target IND780 Q.i Beta site

  6. IND780 Q.i – Article in Bulk Foods NL9

  7. Plasticolors - production Sept. 2, 2009 One scale (Gain-in-Weight) K1 PAC algorithm (license) Multiple targets with multiple tare weights One material path per target Automatic and manual operation $21.2K order for 2 Q.i 780s received in Nov. IND780 Q.i Beta site – Plasticolors

  8. IND780 Q.i –Article in Specialty Chemicals NL12

  9. Beta Test Sites – Plasticolors Article about Plasticolors in CONTROL Magazine July issue. Full article available for use with customers.

  10. Q.i Success Story - case study available • Increased volume to meet demand • Increased productivity – no increase in labor • Simultaneous raw material measurement (overlapping feeds) • Fast installation/startup

  11. Union Carbide Batch Cycle time improvements PRE Q.i 320 seconds POST Q.i 170 seconds Feed Control improvements PRE Q.i < 0.9 kg at 3 sigma POST Q.i < 0.25 kg at 3 sigma Capital Savings Engineering Effort 30% less Overall Cost 20% less Recipe - 4 ingredients Ingredient 2 Feeder 1 MP1 206 kg Ingredient 5 Feeder 5 MP5 155 kg Ingredient 6 Feeder 6 MP6 284 kg Ingredient 9 Feeder 8 MP8 180 kg 47% Improvement 72.2% Accuracy Improvement

  12. Union Carbide “The bottom line is that by combining Q.i with existing equipment, we were able to reduce our cycle time by more than 40% - while at the same time improving accuracy of the batch” • GrafTech’s Doug Phillips

  13. Q.i Success Story… PURAC is the world's largest and most experienced producer of natural lactic acid, lactates, gluconates, lactitol, xylitol, lactides and polylactides. PURAC’s solutions can be found in many Food, Meat, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics products. PURAC is a subsidiary of CSM, a global player in Bakery Supplies & Food Ingredients. • MANUFACTURING SEGMENT : PHARMACEUTICAL • MANUFACTURING AREA : NATURAL LACTIC ACIDS • MANUFACTURING MATERIAL : GRANUALS • MANUFACTURING DIFFICULTY : +- 0.5g ACCURACY REQUIRED +- 1.5 METERS BETWEEN SCALE AND FEED CONTROL VALVE • Q.i PRODUCTION IMPROVEMENT : improved quality control, raw material savings, increased throughput

  14. Q.i Results – case study available • Production savings due to: • The Q.i Predictive Adaptive Control Algorithm (PAC) • The Q.i Overlapping Feed Technology Almost 50% total reduction in batch cycle time

  15. Q.i Success Story – case study available Sunny Delight Beverages Co. is a privately owned company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Barcelona, Spain. Previously brands owned by P&G, the companies products include SunnyD, SunnyD Intense Sport, SunnyD Orange Blends, and SunnyD Baja. • MANUFACTURING SEGMENT : BEVERAGE • MANUFACTURING AREA : FRUIT JUICES • MANUFACTURING MATERIALS : LIQUIDS & GRANUALS • MANUFACTURING DIFFICULTY : VARYING MATERIAL DENSITIES & VISCOSITY AFFECTS FEED CONTROL. MANUFACTURING SPEED. • Q.i PRODUCTION IMPROVEMENTS : improved quality control, reduced reworks, increased throughput • Q.i ENGINEERING BENEFITS : simplified automation, fast commissioning

  16. Accuracy Improvements Raw Material Savings; Percent Improvement (Set point Adjustment) Raw Material Savings; Financial Benefit Overfeed cost per batch

  17. IND780 Q.i – Article in Fine Chemicals NL10

  18. IND780 Q.i Opportunities • What to look for: • Material transfer (batch, blend, fill, etc.) feed time > 7 seconds • liquid, granules, powders, slurries (even “low cost” product) • High accuracy required • Complaints of feed errors, costly rework or scrap production • Processes that have accepted the tradeoff between speed & accuracy • Processes that have reached maximum capacity • Customer overfilling to be safe • Reasons to call: • Flow meter applications • Virtually any PLC or DCS controlled system • Move time critical material transfer function to Q.i • Existing IND780 installations (upgrade) • Drum fillers • Competitive accounts • Q.i does not have any direct competition

  19. IND780 Q.i Opportunities The MO needs a Product Champion Understands Q.i, can support sales efforts and answer questions 3 levels of focus: Consultants (present Mettler Toledo and Q.iMPACT, get specified) End Users (batching processes, integrators) OEM’s (or integrators) Segment Focus: Specialty Chemical (Plasticolors, etc) Cosumer products (Unilever, Colgate Palmolive, Procter & Gamble, etc.) Food (Nestle, Richardson Oilseed, Sunny Delight, Findus, etc.) Aggregates (ATI, Graftech) Pharmaceuticals/Nutraceuticals (Purac) 19

  20. Q.iMPACT: Benefits Throughout the Organization Production Manager Increase throughput up to 30% Reduce operator touches (auto learn) Reduce start-up time Engineering Manager Simplify delivery system design and complexity Reduce PLC/DCS programming effort Feed data analysis with Q.i 365 Quality Manager Increase feed cutoff accuracy up to 90% More consistent batches and fills Reduce number of reworks Purchasing Manager Optimize capital equipment investment Optimize product yield (raw material savings) Plant Manager/Owner All of the above PLUS: Ensures best practices are implemented Gain valuable market share: Quick to market with product Superior quality over competition

  21. Prospecting & Sales Resources Focused sales approach Use brochure & data brief Success stories & case studies 780 Q.i customer presentation Pre-qualification forms Benefits calculator – theoretical ROI Trial System – Offer to do a trial install of Q.i to benchmark pre and post performance, with agreed upon results. Demonstration system Customer demo, open house, trade show Publicize in targeted trade journals, get your name out there Trial System Demo System 21

  22. IND780 Q.iMPACT- Sales & Marketing Q.iMPACT Case Study IND780 Q.i Brochure IND780 Q.i Data Brief IND780 Q.i Support site address:

  23. Q.iMPACT Sample Product & Customer Base Frozen Foods

  24. Advanced Material Transfer Control From Mettler-Toledo Questions Please