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Company biography. Do you know the English name for the following foods?. 巨无霸 Big Mac. Sundae. French Fries. Vanilla Shake. Warm-up questions 1. Who likes fast food? 2.Who doesn’t like fast food? 3.Who went to a fast food restaurant yesterday?

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Do you know the English name for the following foods?

巨无霸Big Mac


French Fries

Vanilla Shake

Warm-up questions

1.Who likes fast food?

2.Who doesn’t like fast food?

3.Who went to a fast food restaurant yesterday?

Last week? Two weeks ago? Last month?

4.What do you like or not like about fast food


5. Can you name some famous fast food


Please underline the answer you’re looking for in the text?

1. San Bernardino, California

2. Hamburgers, French fries, soft drinks

and milkshakes

3. Richard and Maurice(Mac) McDonald

4. Ray Kroc

5. Over 31,000


1. feature: v. 以……为特色。

如: The new type engines feature high speed, small size and economical operating costs.

2. Multimixer多功能搅拌器

multi- : multicultural society

3. Exclusive distributor: 独家批发商

e.g: This office is for the CEO’s exclusive use.

4. franchise: (由某公司授予或售出的) 在特定地方经销某项产品的特许权,可用作名词或动词。

e.g. we offer management consulting for franchising throughout Australia and overseas.



5. expand: 扩张,扩展

e.g. The company has expanded its operations in Scotland by building a new factory there.

6. He bought the business from the McDonald brothers for $2.7 million.

for: 以…为交换,以…为代价

e.g. They were forced to sell their house for less than its original price.

英国易捷航空公司(EasyJet Airline Company Limited),是英国一家提倡不提供不必要服务的廉价航空公司,因为其低价、简洁的服务受到英国大众的欢迎。易捷航空(easyJet)采取直接销售而不通过代理,不售票,不提供餐食和饮料。与美国西南航空公司最大的不同是,易捷航空公司没有售票代理,只接受直接预定。
It is an online travel agency and e-tailer. Specialists in flights, hotels, cars and holidays at the last minute.
It’s a global retailer of skin care, body care products, offers more than 700 natural beauty products, has over 2000 stores in more than 50 countries. It’s the second largest cosmetic franchise in the world, who is known for its vegetable-based products. It’s core values are: Against Animal Testing, Support Community Trade, Activate self esteem, defend Human Rights and Protect Our Planet.
We've believed this for years and still do. We constantly seek out wonderful natural ingredients from all four corners of the globe, and we bring you products bursting with effectiveness to enhance your natural beauty. Whilst we're doing this we always strive to protect this beautiful planet and the people who depend on it. We don't do it this way because it's fashionable. We do it because, to us, it's the only way.
  • Take delivery of : 收货,提取货物。


The company has just taken delivery of a new computer system.

2. merge: v. 公司、企业等的兼并,购并。

如: They advise their clients to take over or merge with another company.


merger: n.

如: One solution might be a merger with another toy firm.

background information
Background Information

Presenting your company


  • 个人独资: sole trader/proprietorship


  • 合伙公司 partnership


  • 股份制公司 Limited corporation


Task one

1.A freelancer: 自由职业者

2. A none-profit organization: 非营利机构

3. A public limited company: 上市股份有限公司

4. A sole trader: 个人独资企业

5. A limited company: 股份有限公司

6. A partnership: 合伙公司

7. self-employed: 个体经营

Task two

Give us a spoken presentation about your company.

Possible answers:

Today I’d like to present my new company. Its name is Newland Second-hand Books. I am a sole trader. I got/ patented the idea of business when I saw thousands of books were sold for scrap when students graduated from college. I decided to open a second-hand bookstore on my university website. I advertised on the bulletin board to attract those who have books to sell and those who want to buy books cheaply.

At first I only deal in text books, then , I expanded to fiction, biographies and more. Last year I reaped a profit of 10,000 yuan, which was a notable sum considering that I was only a second-year student in the university. Currently I have one employee who helps with the delivery. I am thinking of expanding to other second- hand items and employ more people. The current value of my company is Protect environment, Created harmony society. As for my personal value, it is invaluable.


新闻稿的谋篇方式多采用“倒金字塔”结构的特点,写作时应将最重要的新闻事实置于第一句。在提供的信息中,company name, products services, customers 都是人们已经了解的事实,因此不构成新闻。


如:announce( 而不是 make an announcement)

Line (而不是 a type of product)

Add to ( 而不是 in addition to)

High-quality product range( 而不是product range which is of high quality)

Soap Heaven is pleased to announce that a new CEO is joining the company next year. Her name is Tanya Radcliffe and she has ambitious plans for expansion into new EU markets, especially Northern and Eastern Europe. The company is based in Portugal and produce natural soaps, shampoos and skin-care products that are very popular with teenagers, both male and female.

Task one

Listen to the recording, then answer the question.

Q: What is the company’s core business?

A:Hardware and software solutions for satellite


Company structure

  • During the exam you will listen to recording twice.
  • During the first listening, you should try to understand the general meaning and try to mark the correct answers.
  • During the second listening, you should listen for the details and complete any questions that they’ve left unanswered.
  • If you didn’t hear a piece of information while listening, they should make an intelligent guess.
Task two
  • Before listening, please look at the organigram and try to remember what other departments were mentioned in the script.
  • You could also try to guess what the missing departments might be.

Here are some techniques, which you can use for any type of listening:

Listen to the recording and write:

- one key word for each topic that is mentioned;

  • All the numbers you hear;
  • All place names;
  • All people’s names
  • Words you know/words you don’t know.



1. we are leaders in hardware and software solutions for satellite technology.


2. Our latest product is a new program for optical instruments for the European Space Agency.


3. Get involved in: 介入,卷入

e.g. It’s not sensible to get involved in this project .

4. certify:vt.




e.g. This is to certify that John Smith is studying on the

Bachelor of Arts Degree.

certified public accountant: 注册会计师

Certified Tax Agent Examination 注册税务师考试

5. turnover: n. 营业额, 销售比率,人员流动率

e.g. Their business made good profits on a us3m-a-year turnover.



  • rise/go up /increase/ grow moderately: 温和上升
  • fall/drop/decrease/decline slightly 略微下降
  • rise/go up/increase/grow steadily 稳步增长
  • fall/drop/decrease/decline gradually 逐步下跌
  • rise/go up /increase/ grow sharply/dramatically 迅猛增长
  • fall/drop/decrease/decline badly/steeply 急剧下降


  • There was a sudden rise/increase/growth in costs of 40%. 成本突然上升了40%
  • The costs suddenly rose/went up/increased/grew by 40%. 成本突然上升了40%
  • The costs fell/dropped/decreased/declined to us$20,000. 成本下降到2万美元。
  • The costs fell/dropped/decreased/declined by us$ 30,000. 成本下降了3万美元。
  • There was a gradual fall/drop/decrease/decline in costs from us$50,000 to us $20,000.




  • Last year was an excellent year.
  • The first two quarters were rather slow.
  • Our production rose dramatically in the third quarter.
  • Sales went up to their previous level by the end of the year.
  • The share price rose steadily for the last two quarters.


  • Sales have reached a new peak.


  • Sales started to pick up after a considerable drop.


  • Prices leveled off after the inflation ended.



1. we are leaders in hardware and software solutions for satellite technology.


2. Our latest product is a new program for optical instruments for the European Space Agency.


3. Get involved in: 介入,卷入

e.g. It’s not sensible to get involved in this project .

4. certify:vt.