pozadina i analiza programa research for the benefit of smes uz prakti ne savjete n.
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“Pozadina i analiza programa “Research for the benefit of SMEs” uz praktične savjete PowerPoint Presentation
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“Pozadina i analiza programa “Research for the benefit of SMEs” uz praktične savjete

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“Pozadina i analiza programa “Research for the benefit of SMEs” uz praktične savjete - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Pozadina i analiza programa “Research for the benefit of SMEs” uz praktične savjete. Ciljevi. Osnovni ciljevi: Jačanje inovacijskih kapaciteta MSP Razvoj i komercijalizacija proizvoda temeljenih na novim tehnogijama. Neki mehanizmi ostvarivanja ciljeva ( MSP ):.

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Presentation Transcript

Osnovni ciljevi:

  • Jačanje inovacijskih kapaciteta MSP
  • Razvoj i komercijalizacija proizvoda temeljenih na novim tehnogijama
neki mehanizmi ostvarivanja ciljeva msp
Nekimehanizmiostvarivanjaciljeva (MSP):
  • Outsourcing istraživanja i razvoja
  • Povećanje intenziteta istraživanja i razvoja
  • Umrežavanje MSP u svrhu istraživanja i razvoja
  • Komercijalizacija istraživanja i razvoja
  • Usvajanje potrebnih novih tehnologija i znanja
  • Povezivanje istraživanja i uvođenja inovacija

vidjeti SME techweb: http://ec.europa.eu/research/sme-techweb/index_en.cfm

tri skupa aktivnosti u capacities sme 1
Tri skupaaktivnosti u Capacities - SME (1)

1. Potpora MSP u outsourcingu istraživanja i razvoja (Izvođači istraživanja su sveučilišta, instituti, specijalizirani SME, ..)

  • Shema ‘Research for SMEs’: namijenjena MSP s malim vlastitim istraživačkim kapacitetom ili high-tech MSP kojima treba komplementarno istraživanje.

Nužno je dokazati da projekt stvara znanje koje će potencijalno rezultirati u novim proizvodima i uslugama MSP.

  • Shema ‘Research for SME associations’: namijenjena asocijacijama koje predstavljaju MSP koje imaju zajedničke tehničke problem te mogu prihvatiti i prenijeti rezultate projekta prema MSP.
tri skupa aktivnosti u capacities sme 11
Tri skupaaktivnosti u Capacities - SME (1)


  • Research for SMEs at a glance,


  • Research for SME associations at a glance, ftp://ftp.cordis.europa.eu/pub/fp7/docs/research_smes_assoc_en.pdf
tri skupa aktivnosti u capacities sme 2
Tri skupa aktivnosti u Capacities - SME (2)

2. Razvoj i koordinacija potpore MSP na nacionalnim razinama

  • ‘Article 169 initiatives’, potpora EU nekim istraživačkim programima koje zajednički provode neke zemlje članice
  • 'exploratory awards’ , financijskapotporanacionalnimshemamakojesufinancirajupripremuprijedlogaprojekataza 1a i 1b
  • ‘ERA-NET’, koordinacijanacionalnihiregionalnihprogramapotpore MSP
  • Potporamreži NCP
tri skupa aktivnosti u capacities sme 3
Tri skupa aktivnosti u Capacities - SME (3)

3. Mjere potpore

Dodatne mjere za povećanje učinka programa na MSP i praćenje sudjelovanja

  • a. mjere za povećanje učinaka
  • b. studije s evaluacijama učinaka programa
work program elementi 1
‘Work Program’, elementi /1

Temeljni principi /1:

  • implemented by the Research Executive Agency (REA)
  • projects aim at creating new knowledge
  • projects focused on economic interest of SME participants who define specific technological needs and ensure that the research performed satisfies requirements
  • clear exploitation potential to improve or develop new products, processes or services
  • meet the needs of the participating SMEs.
  • not for short-term technological problems,
  • for acquiring technological know-how and accessing international networks
work program elementi 2
‘Work Program’, elementi /2

Temeljni principi /2:

  • for medium to long-term business development
  • bottom-up approach
  • all fields of science and technology
  • financira MSP za outsourcing istraživanja, rezultatiiintelektualnovlasništvopripadaju MSP (razlikaprema ‘Cooperation’)
  • SMEs can outsource work to RTD–performers from any country, including third countries, if these have the right expertise and the research activity provided is cost-effective.
  • SMEs are direct beneficiaries of the scheme, who outsource research activities to RTD performers. Grant covers part of this investment. SME participants normally retain the full right of use and dissemination of project results ("foreground").
  • The relationship between SMEs and RTD-performers is “customer- seller”. SMEs buy knowledge from RTD performers
principi financiranja 1
Principi financiranja /1:
  • Program contribution for projects based on reimbursement of eligible costs, based on maximum rates for different types of activities, never covers all the costs
  • The financial support of the Community in accordance with Article 33 of the Rules for participation will be capped at a value not exceeding 110% of the estimated price to be invoiced by RTD providers to SMEs
  • RTD performers will charge eligible costs only under ‘management activities’, resources they use for ‘research and technological development activities’ and/or ‘demonstration activities’ will be invoiced to SMEs
  • RTD performers will be protected against the legal impossibility for SMEs to pay
resursi i trajanje namjena
Resursiitrajanje, namjena

Resursi i trajanje

  • The size of the consortium should typically be between 5 and 10 participants.
  • The overall budget of the project should typically be between EUR 500 000 to EUR 1 500000
  • Duration of the project should normally be between 1 and 2 years.


  • research, technological development
  • demonstration activities,
  • training,
  • dissemination and exploitation of results
sudionici 1
Sudionici /1:

1. MSP

  • At least three independent SME participants, established in three different Member States
  • (MS) or Associated countries (AC). Research centres or consultancy firms not eligible as SMEs.

2. Istraživačkeinstitucije

  • At least two RTD performers independent from any other participant. (Universities, research organisations and industrial companies, research performing SMEs).

3. Drugisudionici

sudionici 2
Sudionici /2:

Research for SME associations:

  • SME associations (3 independent associations fromthree different Member States or Associated countries. Alternatively, 1 European SMEassociation/grouping established in a MS or AC. This association/grouping must be madeup of a minimum of 3 independent legal entities established in 3 MS or AC), 2 RTDperformers (independent from any other participant) and at least 2 SMEs (as otherenterprises and end-users) established in 2 MS or AC.
evaluacija 2
Evaluacija /2:

Evaluation scores will be awarded for each of the three criteria, and not for the sub-criteria.

Each criterion will be scored out of 5. No weightings will apply. The threshold for individual

criteria will be 3.

prijava projekta 1
Prijava projekta /1:
  • Part A Administrativnipodaci
  • Part B Predložakobrascaprojektakojiuključuje:

1: Scientific and/or technological excellence, relevant to the topics/activities in the call

  • 1.1 Soundness of concept and quality of objectives
  • 1.2 Innovative character in relation to the state-of-the-art
  • 1.3 Contribution to advancement of knowledge / technological progress
  • 1.4 Quality and effectiveness of S/T methodology and associated work plan
prijava projekta 2
Prijava projekta /2:

2. Implementation

  • 2.1 Quality of the Consortium as a whole
    • 2.1.1 Description of project management structure and procedures
    • 2.1.2 Description of the consortium
  • 2.2 Appropriate allocation and justification of the resources to be committed

3. Impact. The potential impact through the development, dissemination and use ofproject results

  • 3.1 Contribution, at the European and/or international level, to the expected impactslisted in the work programme under the relevant activity
  • 3.2 Appropriateness of measures envisaged for the dissemination and/or exploitation ofproject results, and management of intellectual property
      • Project results and management of intellectual property
      • Dissemination and/or exploitation of project results
prijava projekta 3
Prijava projekta /3:

A detailed work plan, broken down into work packageswhichfollow the logical phases of the implementation of the project, and includeconsortium management and assessment of progress and results.

Detailedwork description broken down into work packages:

  • Work package list
  • Deliverables list
  • Description of each work package, and summary
  • Summary effort table
  • List of milestones
  • Graphicalpresentation of components with interdependencies (Pert diagram or similar)
  • Significantrisks, and associated contingency plans.
rezultati projekta s pozicije msp
Rezultati projekta s pozicije MSP

Detalji: Guide for applicants

primjer statistike call a 1
Primjer statistike call-a /1:

Programski odbori: rasprave o work programima, statistike provedbe, evaluacije uspješnosti, ..