2013 njsecc coordinators training
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2013 NJSECC Coordinators ’ Training

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2013 NJSECC Coordinators ’ Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013 NJSECC Coordinators ’ Training. New Jersey State Employees Charitable Campaign. Introductions. 2013 Campaign Key Dates. September 18 Coordinator Trainings at Kean University and Thomas Edison College September 25

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2013 njsecc coordinators training

2013 NJSECC Coordinators’ Training

New Jersey State Employees Charitable Campaign

2013 campaign key dates
2013 Campaign Key Dates
  • September 18

Coordinator Trainings at Kean University and Thomas Edison College

  • September 25

Coordinator Trainings at Thomas Edison College and Richard Stockton College

  • October 1 – Campaign Kickoff Event

College of New Jersey – 9:00am – 10:30am

  • December 10 – Campaign Closes
njsecc contact information
NJSECC Contact Information
  • Primary Contact Information
    • Dave Jones, Campaign Manager

410/580-1591 x21 [email protected]

  • www.njsecc.org
  • Mailing Address



1777 Reisterstown Road, Suite 354

Baltimore, MD 21208

As your Department’s Coordinator for this year’s NJSECC…


are the leader of your team and are paramount to the success of the campaign!

  • The campaign starts and ends with


role of the campaign coordinator
Role of the Campaign Coordinator
  • Remember it’s important to …

Educate & Motivate!

  • Educate – Educate your employees about the program using the campaign materials.
    • The logistics and process
    • But more importantly, spread awareness about the heart of the Campaign – the needs in the community and the vital programs and services your dollars go toward.
  • Motivate – Make sure that your team has fun with the campaign and understand that no gift is too small to make an impact.
why people give
Why People GIVE…
  • There are two reasons that people give:

1) They are asked

2) They have a personal connection to the cause

  • Please make sure that each and every employee is personally asked to make a contribution!
steps to success
Steps to SUCCESS
  • Start early and gain senior management support
  • Create and develop your plan
  • Promote and educate
  • Manage the campaign
  • Campaign completion – tying up those loose ends!
1 start early and gain senior management support
1. Start Early and Gain Senior Management Support
  • Organize your campaign committee and start working on your campaign plan early.
  • Support from senior management is critical to the success of your agency’s Charitable Campaign. Their leadership ALWAYS sets an example for other contributors and will emphasize the importance of the campaign.
  • Ways to get your senior management involved:
    • Ask senior management to send a personal letter to every employee asking for their support of the campaign.
    • Obtain permission to conduct group meetings or rallies. Ask senior management to be part of the program.
    • Ask senior management to thank donors at the end of the campaign through a letter or event.
2 create and develop your plan
2. Create and Develop your Plan
  • Don’t try to do it alone. Get others involved with creating and developing your campaign plan.
  • Ways to develop your plan:
    • Determine campaign goals (dollars and participation)
    • Have meetings and conduct training for your Canvassers or Unit Coordinators
    • Distribute campaign brochures and supplies, if needed
    • Include charity involvement, where possible, to emphasize the need in the community
    • Establish a reporting timeframe
3 promote and educate
3. Promote and Educate
  • Individuals that get to hear and learn about charities and programs are more likely to get involved and participate.
  • Ways to promote and educate:
    • Publicize your campaign dates and events through employee newsletters, bulletin boards and email.
    • Schedule a kickoff event. Use this as an opportunity to bring community awareness to your employees and educate them on the value of Payroll Deduction.
    • Have your commissioner or director send a general endorsement letter to all employees
    • Organize charity fairs for employees to learn more about services provided
    • Employee meetings are an ideal way to educate employees on the importance of their contributions.
4 managing the campaign
4. Managing the Campaign
  • After the kick-off of the campaign, it is important to manage the campaign through its completion!
  • Ways to manage the campaign:
    • Communicate with your employees weekly to provide an update and encourage them to participate
    • Monitor results and assist with locations as needed
    • Follow-up with Unit Coordinators
    • Report campaign results to your employees
    • Remember to say “Thank You”….several times.
      • Post thank-you messages BOLDLY in visible areas. Suggestions are bulletin boards, break rooms, or emails.
      • A simple “thank you” at your staff meeting is a great way to start.
      • A simple “thank you” at your staff meeting is a great way to end.
5 campaign completion
5. Campaign Completion

Last steps to perform before the campaign ends:

  • Make a final request via email for employees to visit the online pledge site and make a contribution
  • Report results to employees
  • Offer a final “Thank You” to employees and Unit Coordinators. These simple words not only show appreciation, but can also set a positive tone for next year’s campaign.
  • (Please) remember to submit pledge forms and money on a regular basis for immediate processing.
  • At the end of the campaign, make sure that all remaining pledge forms and fundraising monies are submitted…there might be stragglers!
  •  Pat yourself on the back for a job well-done!!! Your NJ community is so appreciative of all your time and effort that you put into the campaign.
campaign materials
Campaign Materials
  • 2013 NJSECC Code Book -

This directory contains information on all of the approved nonprofit agencies and federations for the 2012 campaign. The four digit code numbers are listed for each agency, as is the website, telephone number and a brief description of the mission of each organization.

  • 2013 Pledge Forms -

This three part form is available to each employee who desires to make their contribution in support of the campaign. The WHITE copy is returned to the payroll office, the YELLOW copy is for the Coordinator and the PINK copy is a record for the employee to retain.

  • Campaign Coordinator Report Form

IMPORTANT: Please complete a Campaign Manager Report each/every time you submit pledge forms and checks for processing.

Coordinate a pick-up with Dave Jones ([email protected]) or send the package to:

Campaign Manager


1777 Reisterstown Road, Suite 354

Baltimore, MD 21208

materials distribution
Materials Distribution
  • Campaign Materials will be available:
  • All materials will be delivered to your office location, probably in late September.

Coordinate with Dave Jones at [email protected] or 410/580-1591 x21 with any questions or if additional supplies are needed.

online giving platform
Online Giving Platform
  • Live tutorial:


coordinator tool kit
Coordinator Tool Kit
  • Step-by-Step Online Giving Directions
  • Boiler Plate Email Messages
  • Campaign Coordinator Report Form
  • Common Q&A’s
  • What else would be helpful?

Please, any and all questions…