roles of the different university organs n.
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Roles of the different university organs

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Roles of the different university organs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roles of the different university organs. Group 3. Membership. Hon J Kisyagi Hon T. Oluka Mr. P. Teefe Mr. JE Adoku Mr. H. Duku Dr. G.W. Nasinyama (Sec). Hon Seninde (Chair) Dr. F. Odoi Mr. A. Owinyi Dr. B. Nawangwe Prof. WB Banage Hon JP Emigu Hon J Kisyagi Hon T. Oluka

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Presentation Transcript

Hon J Kisyagi

Hon T. Oluka

Mr. P. Teefe

Mr. JE Adoku

Mr. H. Duku

Dr. G.W. Nasinyama (Sec)

  • Hon Seninde (Chair)
  • Dr. F. Odoi
  • Mr. A. Owinyi
  • Dr. B. Nawangwe
  • Prof. WB Banage
  • Hon JP Emigu
  • Hon J Kisyagi
  • Hon T. Oluka
  • Mr. P. Teefe
council section 38
Council – Section 38

Observations/Recommendations on Composition

  • Size of Council currently 27 – too big
  • Council should be a policy body not both policy & administrative
  • Political leaders not to be members of boards & councils [as provided in one of Education Acts – Hon MPs to provide the reference]
    • Council should be composed of people of stature and repute (assist universities in fundraising, image building/public relations)
size of council
Size of Council
  • Between 15 – 21
  • Justification
    • Efficiency
    • Takes care of small and large universities
    • Budgetary measures
composition size section 38
Composition & Size – Section 38

Reduced Size from 27 to 19/20

  • Chairperson
  • Vice chairperson
  • Vice Chancellor
  • One DVC??
  • Rep. of a sector relevant to the university’s objective/mission appointed by the sector
  • One member of district council
  • Member of convocation (current & old)
  • 2 senate representatives
composition of council
Composition of Council
  • 2 academic staff appointed by academic staff association one of whom shall be a woman
  • Senior member of administrative staff
  • Rep National Union of Education Institutions support staff – Admin staff suffices
  • 2 reps of students one of whom shall be a woman
  • 3 persons appointed by the minister from the public
  • 3 members from the public by university council – be deleted
  • Rep. of MoF – at the level not lower than the US
  • Rep. Min Responsible for Higher Education - at the level not lower than the US
  • 2 reps of constituent colleges – already rep. by senate so delete
  • 2/1 reps of persons with disabilities
role of council
Role of Council

Role of Council & VC – conflict

    • 40 (1 a) Council shall be the supreme policy organ of the university (includes overseer function)
    • b) Formulate the general policy of the public university
    • C) Shall have three ordinary meetings
  • Section 2: Delete ‘Without prejudice….’
    • a) Responsible for direction of the administrative, academic, & financial affairs of the university – delete – guides council to involve in administration)
    • c) Give general guidelines …. (this is covered in policy)
    • d) Delete
powers of council section 41
Powers of Council – Section 41
  • Rep the university in suits
  • Receive gifts..
  • Fix scales of fees…
  • Make statutes…
  • Establish Faculties…
  • f) Provide for welfare and discipline of students & staff
  • Approve budgets…
  • h) Approve appointment of Principals/D principals Deans/Director & D/Deans and D/Directors and HoDs
university senate section 44
University Senate – Section 44

Size & composition

g) Non Academic staff determined by Council – delete since – this is an academic organ/function and the Librarian, bursar, dean of students, US already there

  • Include ‘Such number of retired professors/professor emeritus as determined by council’
faculty boards section 48
Faculty Boards – Section 48


  • All full-time academic staff (new)
    • Inclusiveness
    • Quality of decisions
    • Representativeness of decisions
    • Mentoring young academics
departmental boards section 49
Departmental Boards – Section 49
  • This is is Ok as presented in the ACT
role of staff muasa masa student associations section 68
Role of staff (MUASA/MASA) & Student Associations – Section 68
  • Staff associations are provided for under the Law
    • Academic, admin, support staff
student association section 69
Student Association – Section 69
  • The Act covers adequately student associations
2 0 implementation of the loan scheme
2.0 Implementation of the Loan Scheme

Best Practices:

Kenya & Ghana

  • Have an Act that set up the Loans Board/Loan Scheme
  • Board manages the Loan
  • University admits the students
  • Every student has a unique pin number
  • Students then uses admission to apply for a loan
  • Board is:
    • Transparent
    • Student indicates people recommending him/her
    • Have national identity cards with pin numbers
  • Loan recovery after gainful employment
loan scheme
Loan scheme

South Africa

  • Loan Board
  • Funds sent and managed by universities
  • Every student has a pin number
recommendations on loan scheme for uganda
Recommendations on Loan Scheme for Uganda
  • Need the Law and a Loan Board
  • Need National identification (unique identity card No./pin given at birth
  • Student must be admitted to a public university
  • Admitted student applies for a loan
  • Surety/security
    • Student must present credible surety
    • use the current social system to identify and track student loan grantees
    • Use passports as identifiers and tracking
  • Pilot the loan system on 1st year students in the science disciplines