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7A Unit8 Reading 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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7A Unit8 Reading 1

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7A Unit8 Reading 1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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7A Unit8 Reading 1. The fashion show. Give a fashion show. a young lady. a gentleman. [ ’leɪdɪ] n. 女士. [’dʒentlmən] n. 先生. In different times , people wear different style s of clothes. [staɪl] n. 风格,样式. 1960s. 1970s. 1980s. 1990s. Modern clothes 时尚服饰. cool [ku:l] adj. 酷的.

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7A Unit8 Reading 1

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    1. 7A Unit8 Reading 1 The fashion show

    2. Give a fashion show a young lady a gentleman [’leɪdɪ]n.女士 [’dʒentlmən]n. 先生

    3. In different times,people wear differentstylesof clothes. [staɪl]n. 风格,样式 1960s 1970s 1980s

    4. 1990s Modern clothes 时尚服饰 cool [ku:l] adj.酷的 smart [smɑ:t] adj.精干的

    5. [’p3:pl]adj.紫色的 [dʒinz]n.牛仔裤 a pair ofgreyjeans a purplecotton T-shirt [’kɒtn]n.棉 [greɪ]adj.灰色的

    6. Trainers are very popularamong the basketball players. [ə’mʌŋ]prep.在…中 popular [’pɒpjələ(r)]adj. 受欢迎的 comfortable [’kʌmftəbl]adj.舒适的 a pair of whitetrainers [’treɪnə(r)]n. 运动鞋

    7. n. (蚕)丝;丝绸 This is asilkscarf. [skɑ:f]n.围巾 Both of the two scarves are very beautiful. [bəuθ]pron.两者(都) This scarf is made of wool. [wʊl]n. 羊毛 be made of … 由…制成

    8. Many ladies like wearing boots. [bu:t] n.靴子

    9. Play a game Task1 Choose the lucky number. Which number will you choose ?

    10. Can you read these new words? ladyn.女士,夫人 gentleman(pl. gentlemen) n.先生; 君子 stylen. 风格,样式 trainern. 运动鞋<英> =sneaker<美> comfortableadj. 舒适的,使人舒服的 popularadj. 受喜爱的,受欢迎的 amongprep.在 …中,在三者或以上中分配或选择 purpleadj.紫色 (的) greyadj.灰色 (的)

    11. smartadj.衣着讲究的;聪明的;精干的 cooladj.酷的,绝妙的 cottonn. 棉;棉织物 scarf (pl. scarves) n. 围巾 bothpron. 两个(都) jeansn.[复]牛仔裤 silkn. (蚕)丝;丝绸 wooln. 羊毛,羊绒 boot n. 靴子

    12. Play a game Task1 Choose the lucky number. Which number will you choose ?

    13. Try to translate the phrases ! a grey jacket • 一件灰色的夹克衫 • 两双红色的运动鞋 • 一条蓝色的牛仔裤 • 一件绿色的棉衬衫 • 三条紫色的短裙 • 6. 一双棕色的靴子 • 7. 一条黄色的丝巾 • 8. 五条白色的羊毛围巾 two pairs of red trainers a pair of blue jeans a green cotton shirt three purple skirts a pair of brown boots a yellow silk scarf five white wool scarves

    14. Play a game Task1 Choose the lucky number. Which number will you choose ?

    15. What are they made of? cotton silk wool leather

    16. The Class 1,Grade 7 students are giving a fashion show.Let’s enjoy it.

    17. Task2 Listen and answer the questions 1. Who is the host of the show? Millie. 2. How many students are there in the show? Who are they? Five. They’re Millie, Simon, Amy, Daniel and Sandy.

    18. Task3 Read the article and complete the form sports clothes, a pair of trainers a purple shirt, a pair of grey trousers, a red and grey tie a yellow cotton blouse, a blue scarf, blue jeans a blue T-shirt, blue jeans a red silk blouse, a black wool skirt, a pair of red boots

    19. It's your turn to be the host. Task4 sports Millie is coming.She is wearing_____clothes and a pair of _____.She thinks they are light and _________. Simon is coming.He is wearing a ______shirt,a pair of ______trousers and a red and grey _____.Amy is wearing a yellow _____blouse and a blue ______.Daniel is wearing a blue______. Both Amy and Daniel are wearing blue ____.They are popular_____young people.Here comes Sandy.She is wearing a red ____ blouse and a black _____ skirt.She looks ______and beautiful. trainers comfortable purple grey tie cotton scarf T-shirt jeans among silk wool modern

    20. 1.The Class 1, Grade 8 students are giving a fashion show. 2.Young people like trainers. 3.Simon’s tie is red and yellow. 4.Both Amy and Daniel wear blue jeans. 5.Jeans are popular among old people. 6.Sandy looks modern and beautiful. Task5 Further understanding Read the text carefully again and tell T or F. 7 grey young

    21. Task6 Your show time!

    22. People wear different kinds of clothes in different occasions(场合).

    23. Discussion: To be a fashion designer! A. doing sports What to wear?

    24. B.Having a party What to wear?

    25. C. Going to the beach (海滩) What to wear?

    26. Useful expressions Ladies and gentlemen , welcome to… Trainers are light and comfortable. be popular among young people Here comes Simon/Simon is coming look smart / cool / modern Both of them are wearing jeans. Young people really like jeans. That’s all for today’s show. 1.女生们先生们, 欢迎来到…… 2.运动鞋既轻便又舒适。 3.在年轻人中很流行 4.西蒙过来了。 5.看起来精神/酷/时尚/ 6.他们两个都穿着牛仔裤。 7.年轻人确实很喜欢牛仔裤。 8.今天的时装秀到此为止。 9. 感谢到来。 Thanks for coming.

    27. Homework 1.Remember the new words and the useful expressions. 2.Finish the other exercises on page 95 and 96. 3.Try to talk about your friend’s fashion.

    28. Thank you for listening!