direct benefit transfer dbt through post offices n.
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Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) through Post Offices PowerPoint Presentation
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Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) through Post Offices

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) through Post Offices

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Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) through Post Offices

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  1. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) through Post Offices

  2. eFMS Through Post Office NREGAsoft -Data entry of musterrolls, material & admn. Exp. Bills -Generation of wage list,material list and admn exp. list Integration of response in NREGASoft HO 1 A/C Consolidate FTO Bank having Nodal agency account HO 2 A/C Wage List FTO FTO SFTP server HO 3 A/C ….. Detailed FTO First signatory (panchayat secy/ accountant Generate FTO and digitally sign Second signatory (Pradhan/ BDO Approve FTO, digitally sign CEPT mysore Response HO1 HO2 HO3 ….. SO1 SO2 Accounts of workers SO3 …..

  3. GOI Decisions on DBT • DBT means Aadhaar enabled credit of benefits into accounts and Aadhaar enabled payments • 26 central schemes identified for the first phase of the roll out in 43 districts (wef 1 Jan 2013). In Phase II 78 more district have been added from July 2013. • In phase I districts are Hoshangabad, Harda & Khandwa and in phase II Burhanpur, Jabalpur & Bhopal Districts are added. • MGNREGA and Pensions, Schemes under M/o Women and Child Development and M/o Health & Family Welfare are to be covered by Sep 13 • Single account for all benefits but if child & mother are a beneficiaries, separate accounts can be opened • Plan schemes need to be routed through CPSMS • India Post is planning DBT roll out through CBS and RH

  4. Requirements for DBT • Digitisation of MGNREGA data • Seeding of Aadhaar Numbers in accounts at the time of MGNREGA wage payment by BPM • Electronic credit of benefits into accounts • Integration with NPCI,UIDAI and CPSMS • Identification of a central account for settlement of rejected transactions • Letter of authority to RBI for settlement through identified central PO account • Digital signature

  5. Digitisation of PO Accounts • Tagging of MGNREGA accounts with BO name • Verification of PO accounts database with Implementing Agencies’ database • Silent accounts to be revived if account appears in the list of Implementing Agency • Agreement of balance of accounts for data migration by HO • Freezing of accounts and preparation of Master Data • Migration of Master Data to Central Server

  6. Digitization: Pilot Districts

  7. Digitization: In HOs

  8. Digitization: In HOs

  9. Seeding of Aadhaar Number • Inorganic Seeding • Receipt of data from implementing agencies like M/o RD, Women & Child Development, Health & Family Welfare • Organic Seeding • Collection of Aadhaar Number from the beneficiaries at the time of payment at worksite or at Post Office • At the time of opening of PO accounts • Organize camps in villages arranged by BDO/Panchayat; attend camps organized by state governments • By EDDA at the time of mail delivery • Enrolment of beneficiaries for Aadhaar • Aadhaar seeding solution developed by SDC can be used

  10. Organic Seeding • A press note is given in the local news papers for information in the public interest that they require updating their Aadhar in their accounts to enable Post Offices for paying Govt. benefits to them. • Various Govt disbursing agencies are being approached for collecting beneficiaries database and seeded their accounts with Aadhar if they have accounts in the Post offices if not, accounts may be opened immediately. • Participation in the camps organized by the District Collectors to capture Aadhar number.

  11. Organic Seeding • Divisions are organizing camps at the village level and deputing GDS to collect Aadhar from local beneficiaries of Village and send the same to Head Post Office with their accounts details. Head offices can then compile Aadhar received from all POs/ other sources at Head Office level and enter them in data base existing with Head Post Office. • Divisions are directing Post Offices to open new account of beneficiaries after obtaining Aadhar number from the person who is willing to open account at Post Offices. • The GDS BPMs are directed to seed Aadhar no. at the time of payment of NREGS wages/ pension payments and other benefits to the beneficiaries

  12. Seeding of Aadhar : Pilot Districts

  13. Aadhar Seeding in MP Circle

  14. Aadhar Seeding in MP Circle

  15. Verification of Accounts • Obtaining details of active beneficiaries (soft/hard copy) from Implementing Agencies • Verification of details given in the Implementing Agencies' lists with POSB A/cs and correct it • Matching of details in PO accounts with beneficiary, if different • Supply corrected copy of lists to Implementing Agencies for change in their database.

  16. Freezing of Accounts and Preparation of Master Database • State Government will match their records with PO accounts • State Government will freeze the records after matching • Importance of freezing of accounts • Less rejection in electronic transfer • Eliminate wrong payment

  17. Progress on Processing of FTOs HO Wise

  18. Progress on Processing of FTOs HO Wise

  19. Progress on Processing of FTOs HO Wise

  20. Progress on Processing of FTOsAll India

  21. Problem areas in processing of FTOs & their status after 3 months

  22. Problem areas in processing of FTOs & their status after 3 months

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