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Health Care Colloquium University of Iowa College of Law

Health Care Colloquium University of Iowa College of Law. Presentation by State Senator Jack Hatch. Election fun-and-games are over. Health care costs are bankrupting families, businesses and governments. We need results: lower costs, expanded coverage, better patient results.

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Health Care Colloquium University of Iowa College of Law

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  1. Health Care ColloquiumUniversity of Iowa College of Law Presentation by State Senator Jack Hatch

  2. Election fun-and-games are over • Health care costs are bankrupting families, businesses and governments. • We need results: lower costs, expanded coverage, better patient results

  3. How the law has already helped Iowa families • Insurance companies can’t deny sick child coverage due to pre-existing conditions • Insurance companies can not take away your coverage when you get sick or place lifetime limits on your coverage • All new insurance plans must include preventive care for services like mammograms, immunizations, and prenatal care. • Insurance companies can no longer pick your doctor for you. • Young adults without insurance can now stay on their parents plan until age 26.

  4. Health insurance exchange Tax credits to small business Help close the Medicare doughnut hole High risk pool for individuals with pre- conditions Subsidy assistance to individuals Extending dependent coverage until age 26 Medicaid expansion Federal reviews of health plan premium increases Guaranteed issue Prohibit gender rating Eliminating caps on lifetime benefits More to come

  5. Winners • Lower and middle income families • Women • Young people • Seniors • Small businesses

  6. Who wants to repeal health care reform? • The most predatory, anti-government political and financial interests in our country: the health insurance companies.

  7. How they’ve frustrated progress • By profiting from undermining our social and financial security, including dismantling Medicare. • By using hyperbole and distortion to mobilize strident opposition to real health care reform.

  8. The fight shifts to state governments • Fighting to improve existing reforms while preventing all out repeal. • The battle ground has switched from Washington to our state capitols.

  9. State by State • GOP governors and legislatures, are in position to scale back reforms. • Hundred of thousands of Iowa and millions of American families may lose their government-subsidized health benefits and families on private plans will only find it more expensive .

  10. Other possible health reform attacks • Delay requirements that insurers spend more on medical care and less on corporate profits (Medical Loss Ratio). • Eliminate the individual mandate to purchase insurance. • Gut insurance regulations. • Slow down expanded access to health care. • Reject expanded state oversight of premium increases.

  11. Iowa: Already benefits from federal health care reforms • Iowa’s health reform leadership, thanks to initiatives like those that made us the strongest state in children’s health care - means federal health reform is a great opportunity for our state. IOWA

  12. Legislative Health Care Coverage Commission IOWA • Created in 2008 by the legislature, it recommends improvements to the status quo. • Recommendations go directly to the Legislature and Governor. • All stakeholders on commission. • Chaired by Dr. Dave Carlyle, a family physician. • Partners with Executive Branch in implementing the federal reform.

  13. Iowa Next Step:Cost Containment • Use Telehealth technology. • Collect and analyze health insurance claims. • Encourage health systems to develop wellness and health promotion treatment services.

  14. Iowa Next Step:Cost Containment (2) • Create an annual 'health care budget' • Improve Medicaid services through 'medical homes‘. • Better management of pharmaceutical drugs. • Create a better health care provider payment system. • Increase in-home care to reduce nursing home admissions.

  15. Writing the federal and state rules on: • State insurance exchanges • Who’s covered and who isn’t • Regulating, reviewing and otherwise limiting premiums. • Payment reform to control costs. • State opportunities to enact alternative systems, including a public option and a single payer.

  16. The fight continues • Special interest moneydoesn’t talk, it screams. • The state budget and families’ budgets are at risk if we retreat from reform.

  17. Republicans: What specifically will you repeal? Will you be part of the solution or remain part of the problem?

  18. Meet Bailey. She has leukemia. Her mother enrolled her in HAWK-I and she is now in recovery. Why reform health care?

  19. Just last week, Wellmark announced it will no longer write individual policies for kids. Good thing Bailey still has HAWK-I. Why reform health care?

  20. The End or The Beginning?

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