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Marketing your “Living on the Land” Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing your “Living on the Land” Program

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Marketing your “Living on the Land” Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing your “Living on the Land” Program. Cinda Williams University of Idaho Extension LOL Training July 2008. Univ. of Idaho Extension. The key to your program's success is getting your audience in the door. Today you will:.

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Marketing your “Living on the Land” Program

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Presentation Transcript
marketing your living on the land program

Marketing your“Living on the Land” Program

Cinda Williams

University of Idaho Extension

LOL Training July 2008

Univ. of Idaho Extension

today you will
Today you will:
  • Learn how to use various promotional strategies in marketing your LOL program
  • Learn tips for creating interesting and appropriate marketing materials to attract an audience to your program
  • Review current promotional materials to gain ideas of effective marketing
marketing basics
Marketing Basics
  • Quality product
  • Effective promotion
  • Fair price
  • Strategic placement

Everything you do to deliver

the message about your


understanding your product
Understanding your product
  • Know how to use the curriculum
  • Know the benefits of the program
  • Identify your expected outcomes

What are the expected outcomes

for your program?

knowing your audience
Knowing your Audience

Think outside the box

  • Segment the audience
  • Know the demographics
  • Surveys and extensive evaluation
  • Focus on customer relations

What are their desired outcomes?

knowing your audience s needs
Knowing Your Audience’s Needs
  • Current knowledge
  • Particular problems
  • General Goals
knowing the habits of your audience
Knowing the Habitsof your Audience
  • Where do they live?
  • Where do they shop for farm supplies?
  • What types of newspapers, magazine or other print material do they read?
effective promotional methods
Effective Promotional Methods
  • Direct Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Publicity
  • Customer Service

Continuing Education: The Essentials

Learning Resources Network (LERN)

direct marketing
Direct marketing
  • Direct to the individual
    • Direct mail of registration brochure
    • Costs money, but high success rate
  • Mailing lists critical to effectiveness
    • This is a NEW audience
  • Timing is critical
  • Paid ads reaching audience through mass media
  • May draw more attention than press releases
  • Cost versus return rate
  • Might pay off with first time in-depth courses (LOL) or conferences
  • FREE reaching audience through mass media
  • Email and websites have rapidly joined newspapers, radio and TV
  • Identifying key placement for particular audience is essential
customer service
Customer Service
  • Marketing All The Time, Everywhere.
  • Use this method – it is our strength!
    • Every related phone call
    • County fair
    • Public meetings or workshops
  • Past participants and guest speakers
general success rates of various media based on private industry methods
General Success Rates of Various Media Based on Private Industry Methods
  • Direct mail - 86%
  • Newspaper ads - 18%
  • Public relations (news releases, community calendars, feature stories, talk show interviews)- 14%
  • Business/trade/professional magazines - 13%
  • Television or radio - 4-5%
tick tock tick tock
Tick-tock! Tick-tock!
  • Toss or keep: 4 seconds
  • Read now or later: 11 seconds
  • Start reading and determine if pertinent: 15 seconds
  • Look for a benefit of interest: 10 seconds
make it catchy
Make it Catchy!
  • Effective art can increase readership by 50%
  • Color and design should support the main message
  • Color - if not full color, then try spot color
  • Legible, easy to read
speak to the audience
Speak to the audience…
  • Identify who should attend
  • Always emphasize benefits

“LOL participants will learn a practical approach to land management”

  • Use the word “you” to personalize
  • Use simple, optimistic language and action verbs
market affectively not just cognitively
Market Affectively, not just Cognitively
  • Design promotional materials to create a “feeling” about the program
  • Attendees come for more than just new skills and knowledge

What are other reasons they come?

“You will meet other landowners who share your challenges and concerns in learning to become better land stewards.”
catch the reader s interest
Catch the Reader’s Interest
  • Include testimonials from previous attendees
  • Describe what participants will miss if they don't attend
  • Offer continuing education units
  • Include "Did you know?" facts
registration information
Registration Information
  • Include all the details in promotions
  • May want to consider:
    • Accepting credit cards
    • Using PayPal (??)
    • Registration form on web
  • Offer incentives for early registration (rather than late penalties)
the marketing budget
The Marketing Budget
  • Need to separate your promotion and production costs to get a handle on marketing returns based on efforts
  • Many guidelines suggest 20-30% of budget should go into marketing.
  • LERN book says 10-15% of income
marketing impacts the 40 40 20 rule
Marketing Impacts (the 40-40-20 rule)

40% - Offer the right product at the right price

40% - Reach your target audience segment

20% - Create effective promotions

Developed by the late Ed Mayer, considered the "dean of direct marketing."

You’re on your way to a successful

Living on the Land Program!

UNCE, Reno, NV