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Heat Surge Amish Heater PowerPoint Presentation
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Heat Surge Amish Heater

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Heat Surge Amish Heater - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on It is true that the Heat Surge is highly admired due to its beautifully hand crafted design from the renowned Amish craftsmen but many are unaware of all the other accompanying benefits. The Heat Surge not only adds beauty to home decor but boasts top ratings in safety, efficiency and best heating price.

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Heat Surge is the highly acclaimed Amish made infrared heating system that is taking the world by storm and the reasons for this mass-appeal are many. The Heat Surge Roll-N-Glow heater only uses as much energy as some coffee makers- which makes it an extremely efficient and inexpensive method for heating your home. Unfortunately, we have all grown accustomed to seeing huge heating bills as the cold weather arrives but the Heat Surge puts an end to the extra costs of heating your home.


One of the great things about the Heat Surge is its renowned craftsmanship. Most people have come to understand the high quality and craftsmanship which accompany Amish products. The Heat Surge is no exception as each heater is specifically hand crafted by Amish workers in order to bring forth the exceptional quality which is equated with Amish merchandise.


The Heat Surge has been created with aesthetic appeal in mind and is not an "eye sore" like many of the other home heaters on the market. The Heat Surge has the appearance of a hand crafted fireplace and uses their patented "Fireless Flame" technology- which gives the exact appearance of a real fire. Enjoy the relaxing ambiance of a fire without the negative aspects of a real fireplace- such as fumes, smells, ashes and the mess.


As well, the Heat Surge Roll-n-Glow Fireplace is completely safe to the touch and is approved by UL(benchmark in safety). Their patent pending "Cool Touch Heat Vent" ensures that the unit remains cool while emitting hot infrared heat. To top it off, the integrated thermostat enables you to "set and forget" your desired room temperature and is the epitome of convenience.


Currently, there is an online Heat Surge promotion which is exclusively available to online buyers. When you buy the Heat Surge online you will get a FREE remote with your order and will enjoy the ability to take part in the 30 Day risk-free trial.