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What I have learned

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What I have learned. Domenica Correa. First Trimester. With Sujata. Types of software and hardwares.

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What I have learned

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what i have learned

What I have learned

Domenica Correa

first trimester


types of software and hardwares
Types of software and hardwares

Welearnedaboutthetype of softwares and hardwares thereweallaroundtheworld of technology. Weleanedtherewas a system software, a programming software and an application software. Fortheside of the hardwares, thereisthemicrophones, theheadphones and otherusefulstuffthatisoutside of thecomputer, butcanbeconnectedsomehowwiththecomputer and ithelpsyouwithcreatingstuff.

operating systems
Operating systems
  • Multi-user = Thisoperatingsystemallowsmultipleusersto use thesamecomputer at thesame time.
  • Multiprocessing = Thisoperatingsystemsupports more thanonecomputerprocessor.
  • Multitasking = Thisoperatingsystemallowsmutliple software processestorun at thesame time.
  • Multithreading = Thisoperatingsystemallowsdifferentparts of a software programtorunconcurently.

Herewelearnedthesignificance of thewww = WorldWide Web. Wealsolearnedabotuwhatis a protocol and thediferenttypes of them; HTTP,HTTPS,POP,FTP.IM.P2P,Telnet,NNTP. Welearnedtheimportance of theDomainnamesystem and eachtype of itforeach. Welearnedthesignificance and theimportance of links,URL and the Home page. Welearnedthemeanings of download, e-mail and bandwidth. Wealsolearnedthehistory and theyears of the internet and thedevelopment.


Herewelearnedhowtoadvertisefirst and toputit in practicewedid a projectonourown. The idea wasto learn more aboutadvertising . Advertisingistotellsoemonetobuysomething. Itslikethecommercialweusedtogettoourcostumers. I did a commercialaboutnailpolish. I usedpictures a greatvoice and awesomemusic.

second trimester
Second Trimester

With Sujata


A databaseis a tablewere u organizeyourinfomation. Forthisweused Access. In Access welearnedhowtoputit and welearned a fewtrickstoseewhatwewhattosee more quiclky. He did a tablewiththeinformation of ourfamilies and thenwelearnedhowtochangethefond and anothertricks. Itwasfun.


WelearnedaboutpodcastduringthesecondtrimesterwithSujata. Welearnedaboutwhatwas a podcast? whatelementsdoesithave,where do wefindit, howtomakeone, what are thetoolsfor a podcast, howtouploadit.

Wedid a project. Wehadtocreate a podcast. I diditwith Alejandra Rossignoli


Ifwe have a podcastthatwewantto share onthe internet we have tocreate a blog, thaswhat I learnedwithSujata. The blog is a personal sitewhereyou can put videos, pictures, etcto share withotherpeople. Youputyouinformationtoo and you share everythingwithotherpeople. Youcouldseewhattheyhavedoentoo and makefriendsallaroundtheworld. Wecreatedforexample a blog onwikispacestodownloadeverythignweneedforschoolthere.

  • We learned about networks with Sujata on the second trimester. We learn the different type of networks and which one to use for different cases.