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Elements of an NSF Proposal

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Elements of an NSF Proposal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elements of an NSF Proposal. Presented by Dr. Joan K. West and Patty Q. Flowers. Registration. In order to submit a proposal to NSF, a PI must be registered with the NSF database. This should be done several days or weeks before the proposal is due.

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elements of an nsf proposal

Elements of an NSFProposal

Presented by

Dr. Joan K. West and

Patty Q. Flowers

  • In order to submit a proposal to NSF, a PI must be registered with the NSF database.
  • This should be done several days or weeks before the proposal is due.
  • Dr. West must enter your registration information. You cannot register yourself.
  • NSF will assign you an ID.
  • It is important that you keep your ID and password accessible.
general considerations
General considerations
  • Is your proposal responsive to the RFP?
  • Electronic submission via FastLane or Grants.gov
  • Minimum 1-inch margins all around
  • No more than 6 lines of type per vertical inch
  • Types of Arial, Courier New, or Palantino Linotype 10 points or larger; Times New Roman 11 points or larger
required forms
Required forms
  • Certifications (dealing with lobbying, drug-free workplace, debarment, etc.)
  • Cover sheet
  • Table of content (generated by FastLane)
  • Info about PI and senior personnel
project summary
Project Summary
  • One page summary of activities, suitable for publication (not an abstract)
  • Written in 3rd person
  • Includes a statement of objectives and methods
  • Must address in separate statements: intellectual merit and broader impact
intellectual merit
Intellectual Merit
  • How important is the proposed activity to advancing knowledge and understanding within its own field or across different fields?
  • How well qualified is the proposer(s)?
  • To what extent does the proposed activity suggest and explore creative, original, or potentially transformative concepts?
  • How well conceived and organized is the proposed activity?
  • Is there sufficient access to resources?
broader impact
Broader impact
  • Does the activity advance discovery and understanding while promoting teaching, training, and learning?
  • Does the activity broaden the participation of underrepresented groups?
  • Will it enhance the infrastructure of research and education (facilities, instrumentation, networks, partnerships)?
  • Will the results be disseminated broadly to enhance scientific and technological understanding?
  • What may be the benefits to society?
integrating diversity
Integrating diversity
  • NSF is committed to the idea of broadening the opportunities and enabling the participation of all citizens, women and men, underrepresented minorities, persons with disabilities
  • You may want to include a plan to recruit such individuals
project description
Project Description
  • Limited to 15 pages
  • Intellectual merit and broader impact must be integral parts of narrative
  • Postdoc mentoring activities must also be described (if Postdocs are included)
  • Should be self-contained (no URLs)
  • Results from prior NSF support (5 years)
  • HR info for renewals
project description continued
Project Description, continued
  • Should include a clear statement of the work and must include:
    • Objectives for the proposed work and expected significance
    • Relation to long-term goals
    • Relation to present state of knowledge in the field, to work in progress under the PI, and to work in progress elsewhere
project description continued11
Project Description, continued
  • Should include:
    • The broad design of activities
    • Clear descriptions of experimental methods and procedures
    • Plans for preserving, documenting and sharing data samples, physical collections, curriculum materials, and other related research and educational products
project description continued12
Project Description, continued
  • Should also include:
    • How project will integrate research and education by advancing discovery and understanding while promoting teaching, training, and learning
    • Ways to broaden the participation of underrepresented groups
    • How project will enhance the infrastructure of research and education
    • How results will be disseminated and benefit society
  • NSF is interested in activities that have potential for national impact or significance
  • NSF is interested in replicable models
  • NSF does not require matching funds but is looking for institutional commitment
  • NSF is looking for sustainability beyond the end of funding
  • How will you disseminate your results?
what nsf wants to know
What NSF wants to know
  • Reviewers want to know:
    • What is your research objective?
    • How will you accomplish it?
    • Can you do it (you and your facilities)?
    • Is it worth doing?
    • Why is your activity important to the research community?
    • Why is it important to society?
references cited
References cited
  • No page limit
  • Bibliographic citations only
  • Specified format
  • Not a place to include additional parenthetical information
biographical sketches
Biographical sketches
  • Required for all senior personnel
  • Limited to 2 pages per individual
  • Must be provided in order and specified format
budget cumulative and annual
Budget (cumulative and annual)
  • The ORGC MUST be involved in the development of your budget
  • Must comply with BOTH NSF and UT Martin guidelines
  • FastLane and Grants.gov have required budget forms
  • Narrative is limited to 3 pages
budget continued
Budget, continued
  • NSF regards research as one of the normal functions of faculty members at IHEs
  • NSF limits salary compensation to no more than 2 months of the regular salary for one year (this includes salary from all NSF funds)
  • Time and effort must be documented
budget continued19
Budget, continued
  • Administrative and clerical wages are considered part of indirect costs
  • These may be requested as a direct cost only when an extensive amount of administrative and clerical support is required and it can be readily and specifically identified with a high degree of accuracy
  • We have a federally negotiated indirect cost rate
current and pending support
Current and Pending Support
  • Required for all senior personnel
facilities equipment and other resources
Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources
  • Descriptions of the facilities, resources, and equipment already in place that you plan to utilize
special information and supplementary documentation
Special Information and Supplementary Documentation
  • There are very specific guidelines for what may be included and these may vary according to the RFP
more information
More information
  • The NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide is available online at www.nsf.gov
  • The ORGC is eager to assist you in preparing your proposal
  • The ORGC must be involved in the development of the budget for any proposal
  • Please contact our office early in your proposal development